10 Italian make-up artists to follow on You Tube

When I was a teenager, I had to ask my mom, an older cousin or an experienced friend to learn how to wear makeup. Or arrange and mess around. Today anyone who wants to discover secrets about make-up – from the simplest to the creation of complicated tricks – can simply go to YouTube and find a huge choice of beauty gurus to follow. Leading the way in Italy about ten years ago was ClioMakeup, whose channel now has over a million subscribers and has allowed her to write a book, have her own television program on Real Time , a his line of tricks and much (deserved) success.

10 make-up artist italiane da seguire su YouTube

Taking a tour on YouTube you will find so many make up artists that you can follow with reviews, tips, contests and columns of various kinds. We suggest 10 of the most interesting and well-known on the web, real influencers in the sector.

  1. MakeUpDelight: with over 243,000 subscribers to the channel, Giuliana Arcarese born in 1975 is one of the most popular beauty gurus on YouTube. Sicilian but resident in the United States, she is also a mother and dispenses tips on how to wear make-up on every occasion and in general gives advice on skin and body care products, shopping and family life in an ironic, elegant and fascinating way.
  2. Mikeligna: her channel has over 300,000 subscribers. Michela Parisi started years ago as a student of Economics expert in nail art, so much so that she also conducted a dedicated program on Real Time called Nail lab and collaborated with big brands such as Pupa , Clinique and Benefit . Today Mikeligna publishes highly popular videos dedicated to the world of beauty, make-up, clothing shopping and more and healthy eating (being she vegan).
  3. Alice Like Audrey: pseudonym of Alice Venturi, from Tuscany, since 2008 she has been posting video tutorials on YouTube in which she explains the makeup of many movie stars. Today she has over 320,000 subscribers who follow her makeup advice videos for many occasions as well as many other topics. In the meantime, Alice has also become a television personality by participating in Detto Fatto and Beijing express .
  4. Alice Venturi

  5. Miss Strawberry Fields: Lolla is a Sardinian beauty guru who since 2009 publishes videos with make-up, beauty and skincare tips with sympathy and simplicity. Her channel has over 140,000 subscribers.
  6. Adriana Spink: after a make-up course started almost for fun, Adriana decided that her passion was to publish make-up video tutorials. From there she opened a YouTube channel dedicated to the female world with videos on hairstyles but also on makeup, shopping and various other issues with particular attention to hair. And she did it, today her channel is very popular and has over 480,000 followers.
  7. Sweet beauty 1990: Marta Cerreto, originally from Caserta, started publishing make-up tutorial videos about nine years ago, achieving ever greater success (to date she has over 165.00 subscribers to the channel). videos are detailed and very precise and show all her expertise, so much so that she has even opened a makeup academy.
  8. La Cindina: Sandra Sold started posting the first makeup videos on YouTube in 2008 at the age of 16 and over time she has earned a position among the beauty gurus of the web. Her channel now has over 240,000 subscribers and taking advantage of the popularity gained on the web, she founded a company of make-up products called Mulac Cosmetics , which is also very successful.
  9. Miss Creamy Creamy: Daniela Cremona is a graphic designer and creative who creates well-kept and original content on YouTube, including makeup and beauty in general, so much so that she has become one of the most courted beuty gurus by companies. All followed by over 170,000 faithful subscribers to the channel.
  10. Cheryl Pandemonium: we could call her the dark lady of the make up artist on YouTube. She is a brunette, a lover of strong, dark makeup and the horror genre. She makes makeup tutorials for various occasions, reviews, product recommendations and much more for the more than 167,000 subscribers to her channel.
  11. Bianca Sparkles on the Bianca Sparkles channel since 2012 there is a lot of talk about make-up and various other issues related to the female world in a lively and fun way. Today she has over 280,000 subscribers who follow her simple and affordable make-up tutorials.

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