5 methods to increase instagram stories views

aumentare visualizzazioni storie instagram

Instagram Stories are an extremely powerful tool for social media marketing and personal branding. Whether you’re an instagram newbie or veteran, you won’t be able to increase instagram story views without applying one or more of these strategies.

Increase stories views by Instagram may seem almost impossible at times, but today we will give you the advice and reveal the most effective tricks to increase the views of your Instagram Stories.

Below we will see 5 methods to get more views on Instagram stories.

1. Creative content always wins

If you’ve been trying to turn your new and old followers into fans of your Instagram stories for a long time, and still haven’t succeeded, you need to start publishing creative content .

Although Instagram Stories were created to outperform Instagram’s main competitor, SnapChat; that emphasizes shots and videos from everyday life, Instagram Stories can be professional or homemade, whichever you prefer.

When creating content for Instagram Stories, treat it like a regular feed post. Of course, change the dimensions to 1080 pixels (width) by 1920 pixels (height), which is an aspect ratio of 9:16.

Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity, it’s very important when it comes to Instagram Stories

To get the most views in Instagram Stories, it is important to have high quality content that is well edited. Having low-quality IG Stories will cause them to be ignored in the long run.

However, the beauty of Instagram Stories is that the content is only active for 24 hours.

So for those who want to test out new strategies or types of content, Stories are the perfect test to try out the content to put on your feed.

aumentare visualizzazioni storie instagram
increase instagram stories views

What content should you post in your IG stories?

If you’re trying to figure out what is the best content for your instagram stories , then you have to take a look at the Instagram Analytics & Insights, present on every Instagram business profile.

In this section of your account, you will be able to see the most important statistics of your profile, such as:

  • Coverage and Impressions : A large amount of coverage and impressions on a particular content shows a peak of curiosity to be part of your followers and potentially the Instagram community. This is the perfect signal for a content creator, because it lets them know that the content is doing its job.
  • Previous, Next, Next Story, Releases : these are perfect indicators for determining the stories your audience doesn’t find interesting. A large amount of exits indicates content that causes you to lose interest and consequently a large amount of Instagram Stories viewers, for the Back action, however, it could mean that the previous content was of great interest and should be reviewed for a post on the feed or an IGTV to provide more details about the content.
  • Calls, emails, website clicks, link clicks – a large number of these actions on any one story it could mean that content is a perfect lead generator. These actions indicate that people were very interested and willing to go a step further to find out more. These are very hot leads you won’t want to miss!
  • Replies, followers, shares : Stories that have a large number of these actions indicate content that interests your community and people that weren’t yet your followers.

Use these stats to optimize your content based on your main goal.

2. Constantly post new content

How often do you post in your instagram stories?

If you’re like most Instagram users post only once a day, if that’s okay, in this way you are drastically limiting your ability to reach audiences with IG Stories.

When it comes to instagram stories the quantity is the most!

maybe you don’t know but Instagram Stories are placed in chronological order, so when a user sees the bar with the stories at the top, the most recent stories are the first they see.

The keyword is “ recent ” as only 4 stories can be viewed simultaneously on the home page. This means that in order to consistently stay in front of your audience, you must always be seen by your followers.

However, not many of us have the time to apply this method. We have busy lives and can’t spend 5 minutes every hour posting content in our instagram stories.

Don’t be afraid!

While posting constantly delivers to stories the maximum potential to reach your audience, posting at the best times will also allow you to reach more people than you usually do and increase the views of your instagram stories.

the secret is the middle ground, if you can’t post 9-10 or more stories a day, but have enough content for 4-5, try to leverage them strategically by posting at the best times to publish on instagram

Algorithm update of Instagram explore page: Now allows to show IG story in feed

During 2019, we saw many updates in Instagram’s algorithm, many of which were to combat third-party applications, reduce automated processes, and return to having more meaningful interactions between influencers and followers.

In addition to these updates, we have seen others important Instagram Stories features, one of which allowed Stories to be viewed in the Explore page Feed

This allowed brands and influencers to increase their Instagram stories exponentially, knowing how to enter the Instagram Explore page gives your account incredible visibility that it wouldn’t normally have access to.

There is no guaranteed method to promote your content on the Explore page. Although there are strategies that allow you to greatly increase the possibility.

3. Ask questions or take surveys

Have you ever wondered what your audience thinks about your content? Well, ask them!

My absolute favorite features of Instagram Stories are questions and polls .. Now, whenever you want to know something about your audience, you can just ask them, it doesn’t just help you tremendously. to optimize your content according to their tastes but create interactions that go beyond the simple disinterested like.

What do you think of our latest product?

Do you prefer IGTV or one-minute videos?

Want to see behind the scenes of this content?

These are just some ideas for questions or surveys to ask your audience, their answers will allow you to better understand who you are dealing with and what their tastes are.

It’s the a digital marketer’s dream come true

Instead of guessing which products your audience will like the most, you can now quickly get their honest opinion.

This kind of information is extremely valuable , especially for those who sell products or services

4. Hashtags

If you know the techniques to increase engagement, you already know how many and which are the best hashtags to use for your posts. Hashtags are extremely powerful because they open up your content to reach an exponentially larger audience pool.

Thanks to recent Instagram algorithm updates, it is now possible to follow hashtags.

This means that huge communities have been created around hashtags like: #luxury #fitnessmotivation #harleydavidson. These communities are full of users, active and engaged.

Using these popular hashtag types in your stories will help increase views, followers, leads, sales and more!

Plus , Instagram has begun to rank Influencer content based on niches such as fitness, home improvement, food, music, etc. On these exploration feeds they promote the best trending hashtags for each niche.

These hashtags are positioned at the top of the explore page, allowing them to gain a significant amount of exposure, consequently that the content they are present in these hashtags, whether they are posts or stories, they receive an incredible amount of traffic and followers.

5. Host giveaways and promotions

If you are a brand or influencer who wants to increase Instagram Stories views, you need to consider your Stories community as a special community made up of your most active followers.

To show your appreciation and love for your community, you can reward them with special giveaways, promotions and discounts that are only available to people who follow and check your stories every day.

Plus, you can even use them to your advantage to generate more shares, making sharing a requirement for joining your Stories giveaways. This allows you to generate new views and followers.

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