5 Mistakes That Block Your Facebook Campaigns + Solutions

Imagine yourself sitting at your desk, satisfied with your work: you have created a Facebook campaign that you like a lot!

Everything seems to be in the right place, the choice of the image cost you more than a few hours, the choice of words to use too, in short, you can’t wait to start it , for see how it goes… and yet, does not go.

What’s wrong? After all the time you spent on it? After all the effort made to find the right balance between the various elements? Don’t be discouraged, let’s see what the errors that block your Facebook campaigns can be.

The errors that block your campaigns: let’s be clear

At first glance, everything might seem fine, but your campaign does not start, it doesn’t want to get clicks, views or engagement, it depends a little on what goal you have set . Here, let’s start right here.

1. Are you sure you have chosen the right lens?

Don’t be scared, you may have confused the type of Ad you’re making. If you are sponsoring a direct link to your website, for example, you should choose the goal “Traffic”, rather than “Interaction”, but I understand the reason for your confusion.

Especially if you are still familiarizing yourself with the Business Manager, Facebook’s advertising platform, it is easy to run into these small mistakes that could compromise the performance of your Facebook campaign.


2. The definition of the target: too small or too broad?

Making a mistake in defining the target, that is, in choosing the audience to show your Facebook campaign to, can be a real problem.

The risk is that your ad will be shown to people who are not interested in what you do, therefore the campaign does not perform and you get white hair.

If the target is too large, the ad could get lost in a sea of ​​people not directly interested in you, if the target is too small, the results obtained may not be as satisfactory and the cost per click / view / conversion spent will probably be too high, compared to what was expected.

3. The budget

If you think that with a couple of euros your business will take a boost, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you are off track . Of course, it is true that the Facebook platform allows minimal investments, for your Ads, but you have to balance your budget well.

If you invest too low a budget, compared to the type of Facebook campaign you want to launch, you risk that your ad will stop even before it has reached 5 people.

4. The duration of the campaign

Among the errors that block your Facebook campaigns, there may be a tendency to let a campaign stay active for 1-2 days.

Too little, trust me.


Obviously I’m not talking about sponsoring a post on the page, in which you can invest even just a couple of euros, which will help you increase its engagement, but a real campaign.

Please note that it takes at least 3 days for the campaign to settle and define the audience.

5. The landing page

It is not always the Facebook campaign that has errors , but the landing page of the link. There are those who direct users to the homepage of their site, which I personally do not recommend, since there is too much information, all at once.

The landing page is an important tool and must be built by dosing every point and content, without exaggerating too much with the calls to action, but not forgetting to insert them.

I use the Optimizepress plugin to build my landing pages, like the one I created to offer my consulting service to get the best out of your Facebook page .


If you notice that your campaign gets many clicks, but few or no conversions, the reason is closely related to the landing page, to the landing page of the campaign.

What to do in these cases?

Try to review the structure of the page you created, write texts with the people around you, ask those who are not in the sector what they think: the eye of an outsider could enlighten you about things you take for granted.

Have you encountered other types of errors blocking your Facebook page?

Share them with me in the comments!

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