6 Lies they told us on Instagram: let’s reveal the false myths

There are so many lies on Instagram and, most of the time, they come directly from overseas, where any guru has his say on just about any topic.

Recently, I happened to read the article about the new Instagram algorithm on the Later blog and the TechCrunch post they refer to, to see if there was any information to update about my article on the Instagram algorithm 2018. There was no new news, but the TechCrunch article gave me the idea for this post.

I thought, therefore, of making an unusual article, where I do not praise the new features of the platform or explain its potential, but a post where the focus is on false myths, information that has emerged no one knows where and invented by no one knows who.

Let’s get started.

1. The Instagram feed will again be based on the timeline

How much we liked the feed that showed us the posts of our followers in chronological order … some say it will populate our screens again, but alas, that’s a lie. Instagram itself declares that it has no intention of returning to the old system, so as not to create confusion between the feeds and further complicate the platform.

A real shame when we think about it, since the posts of our friends with little engagement will match the last places at the bottom of our feed, even if they are just published.

2. Instagram does not listen to user complaints and reports

Maybe you too are among the many who wrote to me saying that Instagram’s support doesn’t give answers, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take user complaints into consideration.

When you contact Instagram support, every message is saved and taken into account. Facebook knows how important it is for users to feel good on its platform and so does its little brother.

(There’s no doubt that it’s nerve-wracking not to get an answer.)

3. Instagram hides the posts of the users we follow

With the new algorithm, people’s feed will show 90% posts from friends and family, versus 50% when the feed was based on history. These are the data that Later’s blog reports and which proves the fact that the posts of the people we follow are never obscured, even if the account is a victim of Shadowban .

You will have to scroll through the feed for a couple of hours before seeing them all, but even if they are at the bottom, the contents are shown to us.

4. The Instagram feed prioritizes photos and not videos

Another lie shot on the web. The Instagram algorithm on this topic does not follow its older brother, who prefers videos and live videos, and does not make preferences.

The post types you will see in the feed are the post types you interact with the most . For example, on Instagram I prefer to see photos than videos, which is why most of my content is given by photos and not by videos, which I can always search for in the search bar of the platform.

5. Instagram favors users who take advantage of all its functions

I have to admit, I believed this too.

Instagram, however, does not favor those who use all its features and honestly I also find it very correct. Instagram stories, for example, are full of different features that help you increase your visibility and engagement, but it’s not by using them or not that you will be “preferred by Instagram”.

Creativity is unique in each of us and it is nice to let it free to show itself in its simplicity and its highest level of whimsy.

Ah, speaking of Instagram Stories , I’m preparing the slides for a webinair to make the most of them and increase the visibility of your profile, if you like it as an idea , let me know in the comments!

6. Instagram penalizes business accounts

We thought that Instagram business accounts end up in the same way as Facebook pages in terms of organic reach, but that’s not the case. There is no kind of thinking or diversification between personal and business accounts in terms of visibility.

So you don’t need to go back to having a personal account to increase your followers and likes on Instagram.


There are many different things that are said on social media, the important thing is to identify the right source from which to learn them.

The purpose of this article is to make you see things from a different point of view, because it is not only by learning new ways to exploit the platform that you will be able to use it at its best, but also by distinguishing the right information from the less right ones .

Do you know any other lies on Instagram? I’m curious to read them in the comments!

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