6 LinkedIn automation tools you absolutely need to know

Tackling the topic of automation tools for LinkedIn is increasingly important for those who want to tackle a truly effective work of social media marketing. Especially when dealing with this topic.

LinkedIn is not just any social network: it is a real ecosystem in which people can find jobs, clients, possible professional opportunities. On the other hand, there are the head hunters – those who select personnel for important companies – who start working right here, on this social network. That’s why we can’t improvise today.

It takes the right tools. Namely those that also allow you to speed up and optimize the times on this platform. What are the best automation tools for LinkedIn? Here is a selection that you can have for reference. And use to rate your next SMM .

Linked Helper, the starting-point for everyone

The first tool to highlight when looking for a good automation tool for this social network is called Linked Helper.

Its purpose is already in the name: it helps you manage your profile and LinkedIn page professionally . How? The features are many but I anticipate two: you can automatically approve your contacts.

Then there’s the automated messaging system to keep your messaging activity going. This point is especially useful if you have connections in different parts of the world .

Working with different time zones is not easy but sometimes it is indispensable. You need to work on communication 24/7 and 365 days a year . How to do it without really going crazy?

With Linked Helper . Which is not only a passive tool but can move towards your marketing activities in the first person by proposing:

  • Connection requests to people potentially important to you.
  • Add contacts to the groups you manage useful for your business.
  • Auto-responder to avoid leaving messages without interaction.
  • Integration with i CRM such as, for example, Zapiere Webhooks.
  • Auto-endorse in different ways according to your personal needs .

In short, LinkedIn Helper is able to do and carry out several rather boring jobs for you, thanks to the contribution of artificial intelligence. To use it just go to the official website inkedhelper.com.

Why is Linked Helper special?

One of its core functions: Automatically visits a selection of LinkedIn profiles on a frequent basis. Target? This way you can show your interest and get profile views.

Lead generation on LinkedIn, sometimes, is also a matter of psychology, without forgetting that in the end you can export the contacts in the integrated CRM or download them in a CSV file to get all the benefits from this tool.

Which, of course, gives you the opportunity to take a free trial but then requires the payment of a monthly fee and related to the type of commitment required by your social media marketing activity on LinkedIn

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IFTTT, for your content marketing and social

Why settle for simple manual work when you can automate social media marketing activities with various content?

You can do it with LinkedIn (and more) thanks to a powerful and easy-to-use tool: it’s called IFTTT, a solution that is based on recipes . That is, combinations of activities that suggest chains of actions.

For example, you can connect Facebook activity with LinkedIn and make sure that when you post on the former you are also online with the latter.

The same goes for Twitter. It is certainly not a tool to use to lead generation with LinkedIn but can be very useful for content marketing. Also because with this automation tool for LinkedIn you can also manage the work of company pages and not just profiles.

Expandi, a simple but complete tool

Do we want to get serious? Need great automation tools for LinkedIn? You found them and now I introduce you to Expandi. What exactly are we talking about? Why is this so important?

A tool (you can find it at expandi.io) that shares with the previous one the ability to describe its fundamental characteristics already through its naming. What does this mean?

It means that through Expandi you can maximize professional presence and activity on LinkedIn . How does this happen?

Generating connection campaigns with useful profiles for your business, personalizing your messages, taking advantage of advanced targeting options. Here are some features that can make a difference when you work:

  • Unlimited campaigns.
  • Automated sequences.
  • Schedule multiple campaigns.
  • Response tracking.
  • Target of search results.
  • Engagement-based target.
  • Monitoring of campaigns.
  • Analytic dashboard (A / B testing) –

It may seem like a complex world, difficult, particularly advanced and suitable for professionals of the lead generation on LinkedIn. Actually no .

Because it’s one of the easiest tools to set up. And you can also connect it to other tools dedicated to digital marketing.

In any case, this remains a detail compared to what Expandi can really do for your work on LinkedIn. With this tool you can create personalized follow-up and engagement campaigns based on essential steps. For example, here are two workflows that involve using this automation tool for LinkedIn.

As you can see there are different workflows that take in consideration of the sources to collect contacts and send different contents according to the needs, the characteristics of the target.

Why is Expandi special?

Simple, because it automates but with intelligence. Apart from the fact that you can customize everything in order to communicate presence and care for the user, you can stay safe from any social network stances. Can all these automatisms make LinkedIn suspicious?

You can look like a bot but not in this case. Expandi’s automated campaigns are designed to adhere to LinkedIn’s security rules. This means that the number of connections you send each day will be limited to avoid suspicions on your account.

All this without forgetting that Expandi has a mailbox designed to solve the problems of the native solution . Here you can increase customer engagement and make sure you never miss a chat with your most important leads again (that would be an unforgivable mistake).

Tex-Aut, social automation for all

If you work on several social platforms you can consider a very interesting solution, namely Text-Aut. That is to say?

This is a service capable of automating activities on different social networks, but also question and answer sites, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Quora with over 150 combinations concerning :

  • Adding likes to the comments of your choice.
  • Sending specific messages to contacts.
  • Inserting endorsements of skills.
  • Extraction of chat and related contents.
  • Removing old profiles from LInkedIn.

Obviously this list is limited to LinkedIn and only a few solutions. Currently Text-Aut is one of the best solutions possible if you need a company capable of automating other social networks as well.

Dux-Soup, lead generation becomes easy

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool to instantly improve your lead generation on LinkedIn business, you’ve come to the right place.

With Dux-Soup, in fact, you can simplify the operations to find leads, but not only. Here you can articulate your work of lead nurturing to get you closer to the fundamental goal for all marketers : the conversion .

Dux-Soup, la lead generation diventa facile
Use this tool also with the Google add-on.

The first strong point that pushes you to try the Dux-Soup card: the management of internal mail . Using LinkedIn messages has always been a problem for many professionals but if you exploit the potential of this automation tool for LinkedIn you can make the mechanisms more human.

For example by personalizing messages and inserting multimedia elements such as contextualized images. Thanks to this tool , however, you do not limit yourself to this: you can find, attract and engage your potential customers. In fact, among the many advanced features of this tool you can find:

  • Automatic display of prospect profiles.
  • Confirm their skills automatically.
  • Follow the activities by interacting with what they post on LinkedIn.
  • Finally send messages to interact with these people.
  • The campaign stops when the prospect replies.

As you can well understand, it is not just a question of having an autoresponder but of exploiting artificial intelligence to find useful people for your purposes and start a path of rapprochement and relationship that can go far.

Now, have you collected enough leads ? Perfect: upload the emails to your CRM to simplify management and share it with your team.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator, to find names

Those who use this social network to do an accurate research work of leads certainly have a fixed point to solve: obtaining good results with advanced research of leads and companies. People have to be found.

But not only that, you also need the contacts of the right companies to be able to contact the profiles that allow you to do a good job.

Both from a B2C perspective and B2B , without working with the classic door-to-door work. But by carefully evaluating the single message. You don’t have to shoot at zero but work on the concept of inbound marketing.

In this context it may be interesting to take a look at LinkedIn Sales Navigator. That is to say a family tool aimed at those who already use this social network but want to unlock advanced features.

What are its core functions? Who is this for automation tool for LinkedIn ? Basically to people who need some very important details to proceed:

  • Advanced search for leads and companies in line with your needs.
  • Discover specific contacts with personalized suggestions.
  • Integrate contacts and leads into various proprietary CRMs .

So, we can say that this LinkedIn Sales Navigator automates part of the work and facilitates those who want to use the social network in question as a preferred tool to find potentially interested contacts .

Which then must be inserted into a customer relationship management software to be followed and contacted in different ways.

Why is LInkedIn Sales Navigator useful?

Offers 3 interesting profiles with different solutions. It is part of the LinkedIn family so it is already aligned with this world and also combines perfectly with the aforementioned automation tools for LinkedIn.

It must be said that it is recommended for those who already have good experience with this social network and use it very frequently to find customers and contacts: the prices are not really affordable but they justify themselves without problems if you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in a virtuous way. That is to monetize.

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The best-automation-tools for LinkedIn

Are they really needed? Yes, if you have decided to work seriously with these social media marketing promotion and optimization activities.

But the real need for these tools must be carefully considered. Often you go after the perfect tool without focusing on one point: you don’t have to confuse what you do with the point you need to reach.

The automation tools for LinkedIn are just means – very powerful and suitable for a thousand situations – to reach an end. So, before evaluating the best toolbox to make the most of LinkedIn you need to understand what your goals are, what you need to achieve. Then select the useful tools to get the final result. Do you agree on this point?

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