7 reasons why your hotel is a must on Facebook

Are you saying that I am taking the longest step by telling you that your hotel is a must on Facebook ? No, I think not, I rather think I am saying, by now something obvious, but, since I continue to discover structures that are not yet present on social networks, perhaps it is not so obvious.

I want to ask you a question, before telling you why you should open your hotel’s Facebook page : why haven’t you done it yet? Let’s see and I can guess…

  • Don’t have time to follow her?
  • Do you think you don’t need it?
  • Do you think this is a waste of time?
  • Have you ever informed yourself and don’t care?


Now that we have clarified why your hotel is a step behind the others, we can move on to the reasons why your property is a must on Facebook.

In fact, you are in a disadvantage position compared to your competitor, to see it in a trivial way, he is grabbing a slice of the market that you completely lack, the social one.

Did I put the flea in your ear? Now are you, at least a little bit, curious to find out the reasons why you can no longer pretend nothing has happened?

1. You can tell the story of your hotel

You have to start seeing Facebook as a sort of huge living room , where people talk, talk a lot and about everything, where people of all kinds are confronted on always different topics, including the type of structure to choose from on vacation. Through a Facebook page you can make your hotel known, talk about its history, its peculiarities, its strengths, in short, you will have one more chance to distinguish yourself from your competitor, because remember that every structure has its own history, but you have to know how to tell it.

2. You can make known the beauties of your territory

In addition to talking about you, your staff and your structure, you can use the Facebook page of your hotel as a channel to make known the beauties of the surrounding area , giving ideas for trips out of town, cultural afternoons and leisure opportunities for your potential customers. Try to think about it, you could become a useful resource for your potential customers and not just a “place to sleep”.


3. You can offer customer service

Through the Facebook page you can also offer a customer support service, thanks to the possibility that users have to write private messages directly to the pages. Your prompt assistance could be that extra added value that makes the potential customer choose your property instead of another. Through the private and direct message, you have in your hand a tool that could make a difference, in a certain sense you have one more chance to sell your product, albeit indirectly.

4. You can publish your hotel offers

One of the features I like most is the ability to post offers quickly and easily. If you have a particular offer in mind for the long weekend of April 25th, thanks to the Facebook page you will be able to reach a much greater number of people than with the website alone.

The visibility of offers on the Facebook page has a wider coverage than a simple post, also for this reason they are convenient, plus they have an integrated button (Call to Action), which will bring users to your site.

5. Your customers can book directly from Facebook

Maybe you didn’t know this huh? Yet it is a function that Facebook makes available and is of enormous use, for two reasons:

  • you are sure to get a booking without intermediaries (unless you are using the Booking Engine of an OTA)
  • make the booking experience for the customer, easy, fast and comfortable, in a platform that they surely know very well and feel comfortable in


6. You can create events

If your hotel usually hosts events open to the public, Facebook can become the vehicle to spread the news and have an estimate of the participants, as well as have an interaction on the subject by potential interested parties, from which you can obtain important information, also for the organization of future events.

7. You can show your customer reviews

I bet you also go to Tripadvisor to check user reviews before going to eat in a restaurant, and don’t say you don’t think they are important, because I wouldn’t believe you. Even by opening a Facebook page you will have the opportunity to have a space dedicated to the reviews left by your guests, with relative rating stars.


Did you know that in the search results, your Facebook page will also present the rating stars? Just as you can see in the image below.

Want to know how to add your customers’ reviews on the Facebook page? Then I suggest you read this article by WebInFermento .

So, do you understand why your hotel cannot be missing on Facebook ?

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