7 trending effects on TikTok

Millions of videos shared every day that have now conquered everyone, young and old, in this way TikTok has become one of the most used social networks in the world. The videos go viral and turn into real catchphrases. Often what makes them special are the effects, which social media allows you to apply automatically and which makes the content fun and very creative. On TikTok even the effects can go viral. Because if there is one thing that is pleasantly allowed and encouraged on the social network in question, it is the slavishly reproducing the funniest videos that are on the platform. p>


The effects are very easy to use and actually fun. You can also waste hours trying them all and finding the right one for the content you want to create. For functionality they are similar to Instagram filters, although Tik Tok divides them into two different categories, filters, which change the color or chromatic temperature of videos and effects, which instead include animated objects, backgrounds and the ability to change facial features or hair color .

You need to choose the effect before starting to record the video. The reference icon is located at the bottom left, right next to the REC button. The effects are divided by category, to better navigate the multitude of proposals present, and are named as Trends, New, RA, Fashion, Vlog, Mood, Animals, Pride.

Through the effects function you can choose to shoot a melancholy video with noise and pouring rain with Raindrop . You can decide to shoot a video with a few more wrinkles thanks to the Old effect and still modify the face with Beautify, changing the shape of the face, the size of the eyes or adding make-up. Effects can also be saved directly from other videos that use them. Just click on the name next to the magic wand and save it to your favorites or use it directly to record a clip.

Among the trendiest effects there is certainly the Green Screen , which, just like the green screens of the cinema, allow you to choose a video or photo as a background and mount the clip on it. It is not very easy to use, but with a little practice, success is guaranteed. The videos that can be created with this method are often among the most viewed. It is enough to unleash all our creativity.

The effects in the trend section change very often, also because they are related to the challenges, very popular on TikTok. The challenges are videos in which challenges are launched, the participant must play the same video with the same actions and, if this is present, use the same effect.

For this reason there is always a lot of movement in the trends section and the filters change often. The most popular to date, in addition to those already mentioned are
Trophy Tour , which gives everyone the thrill of lifting a cup like a true winner, Bling the filter that makes you shine like a star , Comedy Caffè , brick background, worthy of a Broadway bar, and microphone close to the mouth to instantly transform into a noteworthy stand up man.

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