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By now we are practically all of us on Facebook, except those of the last generation who, a little at a time, are abandoning the platform to convey to lighter shores and, above all, with fewer “adults” in circulation. Mark has conquered us and borrowed our lives, making them virtual. And by leveraging our vanity.

How many people have commented on our new profile picture? How many likes did that post receive? I don’t understand why Michela has more friends than me. If it is true that these are things that leave the time they find if we talk about people and therefore personal profiles, the situation changes completely as soon as we venture among the Facebook Pages. Because yes, even the companies have been captured by Mark. Companies, celebrities, various brands and any type of business that is somehow on the market. Being on Facebook just to do it, because everyone does it, however, doesn’t make much sense. Facebook, by a company, must be considered like any other marketing tool . And what do we do when marketing enters our business? Strategies are built, objectives are set, the tools and channels to be used are decided and, above all, the results of our actions are analyzed.

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We see Facebook as a big medium, where we dress resources every day in terms of budget, time and people. These resources must hit our target. If once we entrusted the image of our brand to a magazine, for example, we then had data such as circulation and type of readers available. But it all ended here, because, in general, traditional media hit a bit in the crowd. With social media, things for marketing men (and women) are much easier, because every action taken in the digital world can be measured. This is where Facebook’s Insights come into play. Keep in mind, however, that, being data, provided directly by the portal, they are intimately linked to the algorithms and the reading key that Facebook itself gives them. Therefore, the risk is that it can create a bit of confusion in the analysis phase. Let’s do a rundown of the various features together, through the menu on the left that you find in the section dedicated to Insights.

Insights legend and navigation guide

  • Overview
  • In the initial part, under the menu item Insight, you can see a general overview of the data collected by Facebook for our page. By default, the portal sets the time interval of 7 days, which can however be changed to have data up to 28 days. Data that can be exported to different formats, such as PDF and Excel. In the overview you will find the comparison with the past period of actions performed on the page, views and other data, such as reach and interactions with posts. Below is the overview of active or past promotions, the progress of the most recent posts and a screen with the pages of the competitors to keep under control, if you have previously activated the function.

  • Promotions
  • Here you will find all the data relating to the last three promotions activated, with a convenient button labeled “view results” that takes you to the specifics of each promotion.

  • People following the page
  • As you know, there is a difference between those who have decided to like the page and therefore become a follower and those who choose to follow it. In this section you will find the data relating to this second category, with a focus on the trend and, very interesting data especially if you invest a large part of your budget in advertising, on the place where people have started following your page, such as, for example, on page suggestions or, precisely, through advertisements.

  • I like it
  • The “Like” section is completely the same as the previous one, only in this case it refers to the actual followers.

  • Coverage
  • Coverage provides information on how many people actually reached the page. Here you can read the coverage of published posts, the number of times your page has been recommended to other users and the total coverage of the page. Furthermore, a significant data of this section is represented by all those graphs that go to draw your engagement, that is the reactions, comments and shares that you have collected in a given period of time.

  • Page Views and Page Previews
  • View is the number of times your page has been viewed by different Facebook users. In this case you can differentiate the data by also choosing the target divided by age or origin and also know the origin of the display, which can sometimes also be external, such as when the page appears in the Google SERP. Same goes for previews.

  • Page Actions
  • Facebook pages can be customized with a whole series of buttons, based on the objectives you want to achieve. This section shows just how users behave on our page. That is, here you can see how many times the “click on directions” button or the button relating to a call to action, such as call or book, has been used, for example.

  • Post
  • Posts are the daily bread of a content marketer and this section is important, as it highlights the data of individual posts for a specific time frame. Here there is also the so-called Facebook whale, a graph that shows the trend based on the times of the day, an important element in the planning phase.

  • Events
  • In case you have a scheduled event promoted on your page or in collaboration with another subject, in this section you can view the data.

  • Video
  • The world of communication is evolving at the speed of light and the latest research shows that videos are almost always more effective than images and classic posts. In the section dedicated to videos, you will find all the insights relating to their viewing, as well as a part also dedicated to AD Break, or the advertising inserted in videos and live broadcasts (we will certainly have the opportunity to talk about it on other occasions). In any case, Facebook only takes into account the data of the videos viewed for more than three seconds.

  • Stories
  • The stories, after the success of Snapchat and Instagram, we could not miss even here on Facebook and this section shows the related statistics. One caveat: they are only available up to 14 days after their publication.

  • People
  • This section is a key part of the page’s editorial strategy, as it reports the demographics of fans, those who follow the page, and even those who have been reached by the page or its posts. Gender, age and origin: very useful tips for setting up an editorial calendar or for correcting its shot.

  • Messages
  • Facebook gives a lot of importance to connecting with people, that’s why there is this section dedicated to statistics on conversations with your audience, with the response speed rate, which is shown publicly, just as evidence of the value that Facebook gives to this functionality.

    As mentioned before, all data can be exported in different formats for different time intervals. Of course, Facebook does not give us a ready-made report with lots of reading: that part of the work is up to us and our ability to analyze and sensitivity. Insights are available to anyone who manages a page, but they can also be found in external tools, usually for a fee, but which often have the advantage of also providing us with competitors’ Insights.

    Giulia Salis

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