Account blocked on TikTok: what to do

For some time you have subscribed to the popular social network of the moment with the black icon of the musical note but for some days you have been having difficulty logging your account? I’m sorry to tell you that you most likely have a locked account on TikTok . What to do in these cases? What is the best procedure to overcome this unfortunate situation?

The TikTok social platform may have decided to block your account for a possible violation of one of its guidelines. If you too have been “punished” for violating one of the rules of the service – perhaps without your knowledge – I advise you to carefully read the contents of this guide.

In the next paragraphs, in fact, I will explain what to do with a blocked account on TikTok. I will show you the moves you can try to put into practice to try to unlock it and thus be able to fully regain possession of your account. Unfortunately, with social media it can happen, indeed it often happens, to violate bans in a completely unconscious way. So don’t worry, stay calm and try to follow me step by step.

Make yourself comfortable and follow my instructions to be able to recover your account . I know well that after having experimented with ballets, POVs, challenges, slow motion videos, duets and working hard to see one of your content end up in the coveted For You section, not being able to access your account is a real lightning bolt clear sky. Do not despair, as I told you you have come to the right place. To be fair I want to tell you that in this case it is not a quick and super easy operation but not impossible for this.

Having said that, let’s not get lost in further chat and let’s get to the action right away. Try to dedicate some of your free time to me and put my tips into practice. I just have to wish you good reading and above all good luck!

Table of contents

TikTok account blocked: possible reasons

First to get to the heart of this guide together to find out what to do to be able to unlock a TikTok account , let’s see what may be the main reasons that led the service to prevent you from accessing the platform safely.

Accounts that continually violate the TikTok community guidelines are blocked. However, it is possible for an account to be locked out by mistake . Do you think this could be your case? What can you do to fix it?

If your account is blocked by TikTok, you will receive a banner notification the next time you open the application from your smartphone informing you of the change happened on your account. If you believe your account has been blocked by mistake, please file an appeal to the service. To submit an appeal, just follow these simple steps:

  • Open the notification received from TikTok
  • Tap the Appeal
  • Follow the instructions to submit the appeal to the platform

As I told you a few lines above, TikTok – like any other social network network – presents certain guidelines that regulate the behavior of the community and that are compulsorily applied to all users of the world who use TikTok.

These are general guidelines on what is and what is not allowed to do on the social platform that drives the very young and not only crazy, necessary warnings so that the service remains a safe virtual place that puts you in a good mood. Here are some possible causes that may have contributed to blocking your account:

  • excessive use of TikTok bots to pump likes or for other illegal purposes
  • Under 13 years old – here you will find instructions for changing your date of birth
  • Using different IP addresses for access
  • Choosing a nickname that does not comply with the rules of the service
  • Insults to the administration of the application, support staff or other users
  • Posting offensive videos , pornographic or other prohibited content

Now let’s see what to do if you have a blocked TikTok account. I anticipate that the recovery of a blocked account is possible but it is certainly not a road without obstacles. However, you should know that if the service has decided to block the account because it has violated the guidelines and therefore the rules for using the service itself, it is very unlikely that the account will be returned.

In this case you will need to create a new account by registering on the platform again and committing to respect the rules provided by the social platform.

What to do to unlock the TikTok account

Do you want to recover your locked TikTok account ? As I mentioned earlier, if the TikTok platform has decided to block your account, obviously something must have gone wrong and you may have violated one of their guidelines.

If this is the case, there is no way. that’s a lot you can do other than contact TikTok support to expose your problem. Know that since this year all the accounts of children under 13 have been blocked, if you fall into this category it is clear that you are going against the rules implemented by the service.

However, in any case – especially if you think your account has been blocked by mistake – please contact TikTok support to report your issue. Here’s what you need to do:

There are two ways to get in touch with TikTok support, you can use the application directly or contact the social network support by sending an email . In this case, finding ourselves in front of a blocked account I would say that the most suitable way is the second.

To get in touch with the assistance of the well-known social network, just send an email to the following address e- mail: [email protected] I recommend that you indicate in the subject of the message the problem for which you are requesting assistance (for example: “Account blocked”).

In the body of the email remember to provide all the details necessary of the case and explains well the situation in which you find yourself so as to allow the service technicians to intervene in the best possible way to solve your problem. Finally, don’t forget to indicate your username, email or phone number with which you registered with the popular social network.


In this article I tried to explain what to do if you find yourself with a blocked account on TikTok and the reasons that may have pushed the platform to such a drastic choice. As you will have realized by reading the previous paragraphs, there may be several reasons why the administration of the platform has taken the drastic decision to block your account.

Did you violate one or more guidelines? Or is this a mistake? Whatever your case is, I hope I have provided you with all the information and indications you need to be able to understand more. I hope I was helpful and I invite you to contact me for any questions.

I am always ready to answer your questions and clear your mind on any unclear points. We have come to the end of this guide. I just have to wish you good luck!

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