Alternative solutions to social networks

alternative ai social network

constant, and unstoppable, decline of interaction platforms
social, has led companies and freelancers to identify
alternative solutions to social networks.

from social networks is essential not only to find new ones
business opportunities, but also to safeguard the project of
digitization defined in the strategic phase.

in the event that one or more social networks close theirs
activities, companies could find themselves without a digital space
where to promote your products or commercial services.

to protect the economic and financial investments made in
over the years, every marketer has a duty to identify one or more
strategies capable of enhancing, in the digital environment, the whole
enterprise system.

SEO as an alternative to profiling on social networks

The first, and valid, alternative solution to social networks is definitely the Seo .

Search Engine Optimization includes all those activities aimed at
improve the positioning of the contents of a website on
major search engines.

this moment, for me, SEO offers more benefits than
advertising campaigns conducted on social networks.

my observation stems from the latest events involving the
social interaction platforms.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been accused of manipulating the
algorithms to increase advertising revenue.

a good number of accounts registered on these social networks are fake
and this determines economic results (Roi) not always

luck in this last period Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, is
optimizing its platform with a strategy oriented to
quality, but this is not enough to give credibility to a system by now
in decline.

Therefore, companies that want to improve their visibility on the web must collaborate with SEO experts in order to climb positions on Google (find out why you are not first on Google) and obtain new sales opportunities.

The blog as an alternative to social networks

Another alternative to social networks is blog and its quality content.

blogging activities, combined with an excellent SEO strategy,
they can be an excellent way to promote products or
business services.

For example, in 2018, the blog (managed by me) of the CF Metal cooperative society was visited by about 10 thousand users, many of whom asked for information on the services offered by the company staff.

extraordinary result given that the company operates mainly in
local area, and especially in a very sectorial market e
hardly digitizable.

this small case history, I wanted to emphasize the importance
blogging strategies to sell the goods or services provided on the

Sem as an alternative strategy to social networks

To promote a business, marketers can also rely on an effective Search Engine Marketing strategy.

Search marketing is a discipline of digital communication that
allows you to publish advertisements on the engine for a fee
of Mountain View search (Google n.d.r.).

an advertisement with title, description and call to action
captivating is just one aspect of this digital activity.

Sem can be a viable alternative to social networks above all
when geolocating ads in certain geographic areas.

with the advertising geolocation, the user will view
the ad only when it has entered the keywords in that
determined territorial area.

So search marketing is an excellent ally to influence decision-making on the web (discover the decision-making process on the web) and to improve commercial revenues.

Local cards to promote an activity on the web

Among the many alternative tools to social networks, we also find the local tabs (local directory).

Google My Business business cards (find out how to sell on
Google My Business) or those of Bing are great tools
for those who want to do local marketing on the web.

companies can publish their working hours, photos of theirs
products, the website where you can search for information as well as
publish informative and advertising posts on My Business.

The appearance
most positive of these platforms is that both are free and
can be optimized
in Seo optics.

The marketing app: the new frontier of digital communication

The last alternative to social networks can be the marketing app .

The app
marketing represents the evolution of digital strategies
communication and this is pushing more and more companies to invest
in a proprietary app.

a business application means offering an exclusive service a
all those users who want to join a project of
sharing of value.

for this reason it is necessary to define all the details of the app,
create a simple and intuitive platform as well as optimize the
content from a Seo perspective (also for apps you can do Seo).


alternative solutions to social networks are: SEO, the blog
company, Sem, local cards and the marketing app.

these strategies can be combined with each other, that is, they can
be used individually to satisfy needs and desires
of network users.

Of course
companies can, and must, continue to invest in
social interaction platforms
they also have the obligation to work on several levels so as to
safeguard the digitization process and related

The web is also sharing

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