Anonymous Instagram: How to see Instagram Stories anonymously

storie instagram anonimo

If you were looking for the solution to see instagram stories anonymously you have come to the right place

Everyone at some point in their digital life has “spied” a other account on Instagram.

Whether it’s keeping an eye on an ex-partner, a former friend or your professional competitor, there was probably a time when you wanted to check out the content of the Story of someone you don’t know

Spying is easy to do, as long as the person you are digitally stalking has their accounts set as public and hasn’t blocked you. difficult of Insta-stalking is bypass the list of Instagram Stories viewers and NOT get caught. (Because unintentionally touching someone’s Stories is almost as bad as liking a very old photo by accident.)

So … how can you see someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously without them knowing you are them viewing? Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible.

We have discovered three different ways you can spy on someone’s Instagram stories without getting caught. Take a look below.

Note that most of these techniques will only work if the account you are trying to spy on is set to public and hasn’t blocked your Instagram account.

How to see instagram stories anonymously

1. From computer / span>

This is by far the easiest way to watch someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing.

Go to, type the account username in the search bar and hit enter.

If you spelled the username correctly this should appear under the search bar (with the account profile photo), along with the number of Stories currently visible on the Instagram profile and when the last photo or video was uploaded.

Click on your profile photo and scroll down. You will be able to view all of their Instagram Stories anonymously, and you can also save them by clicking the “Download” button under each story.

The best part about this method is that you don’t need to download a third party app or have an Instagram account to view their stories . And if the account you’re trying to spy on has blocked you, you’ll still be able to view and download its stories.

This method is especially useful for digital marketers, influencer agencies, and brands looking for to save Instagram stories directly to their computers.

2. From the iphone

If you are not interested in anonymously viewing someone’s Instagram stories from your desktop or laptop, there is a way to do it from the comfort of your iPhone.

Download Story Reposter from the App Store and log in with your Instagram account details.

In the search bar, type the account you want to view anonymously. If you misspelled the account name (or are not entirely sure of the correct account handle), don’t worry.

storie instagram anonimo iphone

The app will give you a list of accounts that match the keyword you are looking for, so chances are t you will find the account even if you made a spelling mistake .

Select the account you want to spy on from the list by tapping on the username.

You will then be able to see a folder indicating how many stories they posted in the last twenty-four hours, along with when they posted their last story.

visualizzare storie instagram senza visualizzare

Click to view individual stories anonymously, without the account owner knowing you are watching them.

This method will not work if the Instagram user you are trying to spy on has blocked your account. If you’re stuck, consider creating a second Instagram account specifically for Story Reposter or watch their stories from a computer with

3. From android

Are you trying to spy on the stories of another Instagram account from your Android phone?

You will need to download Story Saver for Instagram from the Google Play Store.

Open the app and log in with your Instagram account data.

Once logged in, you will notice a search icon in the top right corner. Tap it and type the username of the Instagram account you are trying to spy on.

Once the account appears below the search bar, tap the profile picture to view anonymously. Instagram stories in feed format.

If you want to see a particular story, simply tap on it

ig stories anonimo

Then you will be prompted to” Republish “,” Save “or” Share “that Story.

guardare storie instagram anonimo

Press“ Save ”and download the story to your mobile device.

You will be therefore able to look at it in your gallery , without the Instagram user knowing that you are viewing his stories.

Alternatively, you can repost or share the story on another platform outside of Instagram, you also have that option.

This method will not work if the Instagram user has blocked your account. If you’re stuck, consider creating a second Instagram account specifically for Story Saver or watch their stories from a computer with

why would you want to look at someone’s Instagram stories without them knowing?!?

There are a number of reasons why someone would like to anonymously look at another account’s Instagram Stories and it has nothing to do with keeping an eye on an ex or seeing what someone you have a crush on does.

Brands and marketers might wanting to conduct anonymous research before reaching out to an influencer for a campaign. An influencer may want to secretly check another account’s stories, especially if they think someone is stealing or copying their content.

And if an individual believes they are publicly slandered or being bullied in the Stories of another Instagram account, may want to discreetly keep a record of offensive content without notifying the account owner. > Knowing how to anonymously view someone’s Instagram Stories can be quite helpful for these reasons.

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