ATTACK Fake Instagram Followers: Defend Yourself and Use It As a Growth Strategy

Why are some profiles the victim of a fake Instagram follower attack? Why are there people who spend money to buy fake followers to other profiles? If you are a victim, how can you fix it without damaging your account?

For the past few weeks, I’ve been passively scanning the world of Instagram and seeing some really weird things happening.

All this visibility is driving some people crazy.

Instagram has become a means of dissemination, to find work and make a career. For this reason, and especially in rather uncomfortable situations, I do not exclude that real wild fights arise between competitors .

Will it really be like this?

Follow me, in this article I want to explain why some accounts are victims of a fake follower attack, how to solve if you find yourself in this situation and give you a new perspective on the matter, in the authentic spirit and a little irreverent about this blog.

As usual, we can see the glass half full or half empty. We can be the victim of attacks or decide to turn everything in our favor… or even pretend.

Read on because at the end of this article I’ll explain how this type of penalty can be turned into a growth strategy on Instagram!

Did I intrigue you?

Why are some accounts the victim of a fake Instagram follower attack? Can it happen to YOU ​​too?

The first time I heard about this strange occurrence was in the stories of a famous American influencer, she made me smile and at the same time think about how envy can make unthinkable things happen.

Still, Instagram has become a struggle in some ways.

For all those who, instead of playing on equal terms, roll up their sleeves and try to do better, think about penalizing others.

Who could be the victim of such an attack?

If you have a small, personal account, with few followers, or even private, in which you only post photos of your life, believe me, you can also stop reading because it is very likely that this thing will never happen to you.

However, if you want to know how some accounts have used it as a growth technique on Instagram or just want to understand more about it, then read on.

In reality, the accounts most at risk are characters who have been particularly exposed to some of their positions, products they have launched or simply for their success.

The goal is to penalize.

A certain number of fake followers who come to the profile so suddenly end up lowering the engagement and reach of the posts (if you don’t know what these two mean terms take a look at the Glossary of Influencer Marketing Terms).

It means that this will have less communication strength precisely because it can reach fewer people.

It may seem strange that having more followers leads to fewer people … let me explain.

Instagram shows your posts on the wall based on quality and relevance. This may seem like an extreme simplification, it doesn’t matter!

The aim is to make you understand the dominant logic, that is, to show the post that is most likely to be liked by the user.

Whenever a new follower starts following you, new posts are shown first to them and then to old followers.

If the first ones like it, then the second ones will be able to see it too, otherwise the content will disappear forever!

In the event that the new followers are all from hidden places around the globe, or are inactive accounts, it is clear that they will not interact.

Instagram will evaluate this as a bad omen and low quality of the account, decreasing the reach of posts.

>> I wrote a little more about how the Instagram algorithm works in this article: How It Works l ‘Instagram Algorithm and 9 Ways to Beat It

There are so many accounts that are victims of a fake Instagram follower attack, both Italian and foreign. One of the most famous American travel bloggers suffered it but never spoke about it. At the end of the article I’ll tell you how she reacted.

It also happened to some prominent personalities of the Italian digital formation.

But I wouldn’t want to waste any more time talking about this, if you want to know the details of the attacks suffered by @ aggie and @ lucamastella write me in the comments and I’ll tell you.

What to do if you are the victim of a fake Instagram follower attack?

Assuming you’re a suuuper famous! character on Instagram and you are envious of some of your competitors or business rivals, you probably want to know how to prevent this incredibly aggressive fake Instagram follower attack. / p>

The truth?

This cannot be prevented and there is nothing we can do to get other people to buy fake followers from us.

This is because, on any online follower purchase service, just enter the nickname of the profile to find them all loaded after a few hours.

Assuming you’re lucky enough to notice right away, before the big damage is done, you can follow these two steps.

Follow me !

1/2) Make the Account Private

If you find that your followers are increasing strangely and you only have foreign people among your new followers, then immediately make your profile private.

This will act as a filter, you will then have to manually reject all requests that come to you.

The problem with this first strategy is that by returning to the private account you will lose all the statistics of your posts, it will be impossible to get them back and, after your profile is back to the public, it will take some time before you have complete statistics.

This can be a problem if you work with Instagram and need data to show to the companies you work with.

2/2) Do nothing!

Probably the last thing you want to hear is this, however, Instagram has been doing very well in recent months to avoid attacks by fake followers.

The algorithm is now able to detect an unusual increase in followers, especially if they are of low quality.

Within a few hours, they will naturally begin to disappear from your profile and everything will be back to normal.

This second option allows you not to waste time refusing all requests from followers that come to you, as well as eliminating those who inevitably managed to follow you.

Not only that.

Most importantly, it allows you not to lose statistical data and useful information on the performance of your content.

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OK, there you have it.

This could end here if you weren’t passionate about all the dark sides of Instagram.

Yes, it is useless to make fun of ourselves, just as bots, automatisms and systems were born to give a bogus boost to engagement, there are also accounts that can take a cue from the misfortunes of others and turn them into a growth technique.

Does that sound brilliant to you? (to me yes, I admit it!)

Let’s see it together.

How you can increase followers by using a fake Instagram follower attack

I think it’s the first place on the web where you talk about this technique for growing Instagram followers.

It comes from my personal study of observation of everything that happens on the social network. I admit, sometimes I enjoy making certain mental films.

And I often find that reality surpasses fantasy!

Perhaps what I’m about to write may seem a little irreverent and discussions could arise from the next words.

Do you know what it is? I created this space precisely with the aim of giving you a new and authentic perspective on the world of influencers and it seems super coherent to discuss it in total serenity.

When panic is rampant.

Over the past few months, I’ve seen several scenes of general panic in the stories of some medium-sized Instagram accounts.

These were mainly profiles talking about techniques to be successful on Instagram and, in general, Instagram Marketing. I deal with digital marketing, I know the industry and have been following these people for a while, in all honesty, I don’t think they are a threat to anyone or that they have huge competitors.

Oh well, you’ll think, really anything is possible and human envy can reach any level.

And that’s fine.

The truth is that in the space of a few weeks I have seen so many attacks by fake Instagram followers on profiles that you wonder about “ Really?!? But doesn’t it make sense to attack this person?!? ” which, at some point, I started to think it was a real technique ( brilliant, if I must say! ).

Increase Followers and Engagement with a Fake Instagram Follower Attack is possible.

I have no evidence in my favor to support my thesis, just a little knowledge of Instagram Marketing and body language that made me realize the lack of sincerity of these people in being sad about the attack they just received. / p>

The question is this.

As soon as these phantom influencers receive the attack, they close their profile and put it private. They start posting alarmed stories, post screenshots, and get tagged by friends and partners who appeal to common sense and legality on Instagram.

In the following days the misfortune itself becomes an object for new contents that have elements of virility because they are reposted left and right, thanks also to the requests of the influencer to interact as much as possible to support the recovery.

Honestly, on a few occasions I have smelled of insincerity and, whether true or not, I thought it could be used consciously as a technique to increase your followers.

I can attest, from the stories shown by some of them, that the followers actually increase in this situation, both for the numerous repost stories received, and for the negative nature of the topic ( which attract and involve a lot of more than the positive ones! ).

In short, it would be the influencer himself, according to the mental blowjobs I had, to buy followers and then stage a theater consisting of continuous shoutouts with other highly interactive accounts and posts.

If you’re interested in learning about some influencer stories and discussing them together, I’ll wait for you in the comments below the article.

The most elegant way to respond to the purchase of fake followers on Instagram is silence

Why ?

Those who are truly influential in their industry are periodically attacked by people who are envious or who try to annihilate them.

They’re so used to it that it’s part of their mentality to react softly and let it all flow off them. I thought it was not possible, until I saw the stories of @ aggie, one of the most famous American travel bloggers.

With total ease and in a single 15-second story, she announces that for the umpteenth time she had been bought fake followers on her profile, warning and reacting with detachment.

That’s all.

No scenes, no posts that affect her publications.

Her flow of positivity and motivation is always there, authentic and incredible people like her don’t need to stage anything. They will be able to continue their successful career as if nothing had happened.

What do you think of buying fake followers? Do you think it can be an effective technique to grow on Instagram? Have you noticed any suspicious behavior from some influencers you follow?

I’ll be waiting for you in the comments for a comparison.

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