Automatic replies on Facebook: the different types

Risposte automatiche su Facebook

After-sales services, especially those relating to customer service, can be provided through one or more digital platforms or through the old, and now outdated, customer care strategies.

In the past, I have already talked several times about customer support services for small businesses (find out how to do customer support for a local business) and in particular I focused on the usefulness of Messenger, and its chatbots ( do you know how to configure a chatbot in Italian?), for all those companies that want to provide technical and commercial support in an increasingly demanding market.

Although these strategies are still valid for all entrepreneurial realities, today I want to enrich this topic with a new article dedicated to automatic replies on Facebook.

Automatic replies on Facebook

In recent months, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network has “enhanced” this service with a series of really interesting news for those who manage a company page for commercial purposes.

In fact, based on the type of page, each administrator can set automatic replies for:

  • Greet your customers;
  • Share information on the Facebook page;
  • Respond to feedback;
  • Send communications about job offers;
  • Send communications about appointments;

How to activate automatic replies on Facebook

To activate automatic replies on Facebook, you must be an administrator of the company page so that you can access the mail section.

In the side siderbar of this section, at least for the desk version, the entry of the same name will be listed which will allow you to configure all the automatic replies useful for providing a quick and impeccable customer care service.

Greet customers automatically on Facebook

The greet customers option is particularly suitable for those who want to offer assistance while browsing the company page.

Any administrator can:

  • Set up a custom message;
  • Create an instant response;
  • Ask a series of questions for customers;

The first two options are very useful for ensuring a certain level of information during closing times, on public holidays and during the summer and winter holiday periods.

Instead, the third option can be optimally configured to filter customers based on their interest in a particular product, or service, offered on the market.

Share faqs on Facebook

Automatic replies on Facebook are also very useful for configuring faq .

Each administrator can create 5 questions, with their answers, which will be displayed in the Facebook chat.

Each customer, or potential buyer, can click on one of the 5 questions in order to view the answer and possibly ask a new question.

Respond to feedback on a Facebook page

In the respond to feedback section you can:

  • Send a message to those who recommended the page;
  • Send a message to those who advised against the page;

In short, with this section you can take care of everything that characterizes buzz marketing strategies in the smallest details.

Send communications about job postings on Facebook

The section sends communications on job offers should only be configured by companies that have posted a job posting on Facebook.

The automatic message can be customized not only in textual content but also by inserting a button, with an external link, and an attachment consistent with the relevant announcement.

Send Facebook appointment communications

The last section – sends communications on appointments – dedicated to automatic responses on Facebook is that relating to pre and post consultation reminders.

In the first case, the administrator can configure a message to be sent, via Messenger or text message, the day before the appointment.

On the other hand, in the second case, the message will be sent after the appointment to encourage the purchase of the product or service offered.


Automatic replies on Facebook are a very useful tool for making customer care through Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.

With the correct configuration of the answers, you can guarantee a certain level of effectiveness and efficiency of the customer assistance service as well as you can manage some phases of business marketing such as that inherent in word of mouth.

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