Because followers on Facebook are decreasing

perché diminuiscono i seguaci su Facebook

When we use our Facebook profile, we can view some personal information provided by the same social network such as: number of friends or people who follow our updates.

It is this last parameter that is a mysterious object for those who work on the web since often the number of followers tends to increase, or decrease, for no good reason.

In reality it is an unreliable index as there are numerous variables that can influence this value, especially essential for those who use social media for professional purposes.

Before explaining all the specific actions that can affect the trend of followers on Facebook, it should be noted that the social network itself is not able to quantify, in detail, the number of people who have decided to follow the public updates of a particular private profile.

In fact, it is sufficient to view the followers section to detect inconsistencies determined, almost certainly, by a bug within the platform.

However, as I have already reiterated at the beginning of this article, the number of followers is also determined by other actions taken by the holder of a Facebook account.

Why followers on Facebook are decreasing: publication of vulgar or racist posts

The first action that can lead to a loss of followers on Facebook is certainly that inherent in the publication of vulgar or racist posts.

In fact, this type of content is not appreciated (rightly n.d.r.) by the majority of users of the social network who will be able, in addition to reporting the post, to decide not to follow public updates anymore.

For this reason it is advisable to publish content in line with Facebook standards in order to avoid unpleasant situations in terms of reputation and use of the same platform.

Why followers on Facebook are decreasing: personal profile (of the follower) deleted or disabled

Another action that can affect the trend of followers on Facebook is that relating to the cancellation or disabling of your personal profile.

In fact, if one of our followers decides to unsubscribe from the social network, or to disable the profile temporarily, Facebook will immediately decrease the total number of followers.

This is a rule that is already applied to company pages where the number of likes is also influenced by the use of the Mark Zuckerberg platform.

So given that the average user considers Facebook less and less engaging, it is very likely that the number of followers will fluctuate constantly.

Why followers on Facebook are decreasing: follower banned

In addition to deleting or disabling a Facebook account, banning a user also results in a drop in the number of followers as it will prevent that specific person from following their public updates.

In this case, however, the number of followers will not be determined by an involuntary action but by a voluntary one.

As you well know, the blocked users are grouped by the social network in a specific list where it is possible to monitor the total number of banned users and possibly remove the relative block.

But if the block is removed, the user will no longer be a follower but will have the possibility, in the future, to follow our updates again.

Why followers on Facebook are decreasing: Fake account

The number of followers on Facebook is also determined by fake accounts or by those fake profiles that have been created to spy on a specific user or to put into practice one of the many scams on the web.

There are currently several scams on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, although the most popular is the one involving virtual sex.

This scam is leading to the creation of numerous fake profiles and for these reasons every time a fake account tries to add us, it is automatically added to the list of followers.

Only if we accept the friend request, the account will be removed from the list of followers, while in other cases, the fake profile will be counted as a simple follower.

So in order not to distort the total number of followers, it is necessary to remove the connection request and report the account to the security center in order to permanently remove it from the platform.

Why followers on Facebook are decreasing: remove a friend request

Finally, another action that can affect the total number of followers on Facebook is that of removing a friend request.

The mechanism is very similar to that just described for fake profiles with one difference: the account that sent us the connection request is a real profile.


So the loss of followers on Facebook is influenced by numerous voluntary or involuntary actions and some personal attitudes.

For example, the publication of violent content that is not in line with Facebook standards can generate a sudden collapse of followers as well as the cancellation or disabling of some private profiles.

Furthermore, even the ban and the reports of fake accounts can generate a variation in the overall followers but in this case they are not very qualitative followers that will not influence our professional activities and possibly our personal branding strategies. / span>

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