Best Instagram fonts, let’s find them now!

You will surely have happened to spend time inside an Instagram profile and, out of the blue, ask yourself what are the best Instagram Fonts.

What we mean with Font? Very simple a Font would be the type of writing that is adopted when inserting a caption. In this sense, it indicates exactly the representation of the letters, which can be written in plain capital letters, in italics, in bold, and in many other ways.

This fashion is very in vogue, especially in profiles dealing with beauty, make-up, but also in other business accounts that want to stand out from the crowd. Knowing perfectly which are the best Fonts for Instagram, in fact, could help you a lot in obtaining visibility.

Logically, a good font stands out for being legible, clear and pleasing to the eye. Try to imagine a kilometric caption that, due to a wrong type of writing, is practically illegible. Users would immediately exit your post and, possibly, never come back.

That’s why, in this article, we will show you the best Instagram Fonts to use in 2021 . On the other hand, using them is not very difficult, as you do not need any particular technical skills.

All you will need is a great deal of patience, a good dose of creativity and, above all, consistency. In fact, constancy, in addition to being the so-called virtue of the strong, is also one of the main keys that allows you to get the most out of social media.

This is why most profiles most famous post valuable content every day, regardless of the choice of the font of the caption. But let’s find out together which are the best Fonts for Instagram you can use!

First, however, let’s start from the Font definition.

What is a Font?

The term Font, first of all, derives from English, and is strictly used in computer and technological language. As we have already anticipated before, this is the type of font that you will use to write the caption of a post, a story, or any content used on social networks.

I migliori font Instagram

However, the term Font has been used for many years, for example, in classic software such as Word. You know all the times you choose the font when writing a document? Try to think of the very famous Times New Roman, or the Calibri.

Again, you have surely seen fonts written in Font Verdana, Rockwell or Bodoni. Here, all of these belong to the Font category, that is to the type of font used. However, among the best Instagram Fonts, you will find somewhat different types of writing, which we will see immediately!

The best Instagram fonts for stories: updates

Have you ever posted a story with lots of text inside the image? Here, in those cases you will surely have had to choose a font. In the most classic cases, you will surely have opted for one of neon, classic, modern and typewriter, or the 4 most famous types of fonts on Instagram.

However, you will certainly have noticed the presence of the Font Strong, that is a bold that highlights the words. In addition, other types of fonts have recently been added that have revolutionized the way of making stories .

One of the most popular is definitely the two-level Font Strong, which highlights the words even better, giving a better effect to the eye. You can also choose the color of the second layer in order to create contrast and make the words even more evident.

There is also a new version of Comic Sans, characterized by a background colorful / gradient very fun, perfect for the summer time. Again, you should definitely try one of the best Instagram fonts of the moment: the New Serif.

migliori font Instagram

This, unlike the classic one, has a slightly more italic look, great for a class story where you are advertising a beauty product, for example.

Sans-Serif is also not bad, although it must necessarily be capitalized. This, however, will give you the opportunity to capture the attention of those who are reading even more. On the other hand, there is also a second version of Sans-Serif which, in turn, is available in both upper and lower case.

How to choose the best Instagram Fonts for your post?

The first advice we can give you to choose the best Fonts for Instagram is to not overdo the particularity. In this sense, we want to say that it is not always the post with the most sought after Font that wins.

On the other hand we know, sometimes simplicity is one of the most effective keys to achieve success. As we said before, filling a post with illegible writing would make no sense if the user then struggles to understand its meaning.

Opt for typologies of writing that are clean and captivating at the same time, in line with what you want to convey. If you want to give a strong impact, try to opt for a bold or an all-masiucolo font. Use colors well, matching them with the background and main theme of your post.

You would never put a purple, for example, next to a brown, unless the intent is not really to create amazement. Everything will therefore depend on what you want to communicate. If you are a company and you want to give a professional cut to your content, you could use a very basic, almost minimal italics or block letters.

At the same time, if you talk about beauty , then you may decide to opt for a more particular writing, perhaps illuminated or with some sought-after effect. A style recommended for professional cutting is certainly Novecento, while the Font Helvetica is great for highlighting a product.

If you want to get a more textbook effect, as if it were written in pen, then you should go to the Stalemate Font, one of the best Fonts for Instagram also used by some influencers, even if difficult to match.

The ones we have just listed, logically, are part of the post category, and not the Stories we have already talked about before.

i migliori font per instagram

And what about the strangest fonts?

Maybe you might want to use some strange or sophisticated Fonts to see the effect they have on your followers. Well, in this sense you can find a myriad of particular Fonts, simply by searching Instagram Fonts on Google.

Among these, we certainly mention creepify, one of the best Instagram Fonts when it comes to particularities. This, in fact, remotely recalls the classic logo of Matrix, famous for being very intriguing but at the same time “scary”, as the name of the font suggests.

In fact, it is formed with letters and symbols that are arranged vertically, but follow one another both downwards and towards the other. Since it is very difficult to use, however, you should be careful about the post you use.

While some content might give you the much desired WOW effect, in others it might take you in the opposite direction. Therefore, we recommend using it on a test post to see the effect it has on the community and, only afterwards, try to adapt it to your profile.

Definitely, the The main effect you will get will be to stand out from the crowd. In addition, if you want to indulge yourself in other ways with the best Instagram Fonts in terms of weirdness, try using a tool called character generator.

Once inside the platform, just enter your text in the appropriate bar at the top of the page. It will instantly generate the same text but with other special characters, almost impossible to find.

You will find bolds, italics, bolds mixed with italics, symbols, letters replaced with emojis or numbers, colored fonts, and a host of other effects that will allow you to stand out. Of course, as with creepify, you should make sure that the writing is suitable for the post you are interested in.

Applications to choose the best Fonts for Instagram

Truth be told, dealing with Fonts via websites, platforms or Instagram itself can be boring, and can take a great deal of time. Precisely for this reason, several apps have been created over the years through which you can choose the best Instagram Fonts.

These, in fact, allow you to perform the same task immediately , on both iOS and Android devices. All you have to do is download the app of your choice on your Smartphone and, depending on how it works, indulge yourself in creating unique captions.

Once created , you just have to paste them on the stories or under your posts. Below, we’ll look at some of the apps we think are the best.

Font for Instagram

As the name of the application suggests, this is created exclusively to provide you with the best Instagram Fonts for free. Available on both the App Store and Play Store, it allows you to customize your profile to your liking.

You can also buy, if you want, the premium version to access an even more list wide of Fonts, so you can be sure to stand out from the crowd!

Download it, press Get Started and you will be faced with a list full of Fonts for your stories and your content on the feed. Type the text, and wait for it to be generated automatically by the application. Once you have chosen the one you prefer, click on copy and go to Instagram.

There, just paste the message which, this time, will be one of a kind!


The Fonts app is also great for discovering the best Fonts for Instagram, both on content and on stories. It works exactly like the one we just saw. Download it, install it and start it to have access to many types of fonts.

Then enter the text in the appropriate field that you will have available and, in no time at all. , the game is done. You will have generated a message written in several Fonts. Choose one, copy the text and paste it directly on your story or in your caption!

Cool Fonts

In this case, the situation will be a little different. Cool Fonts, in fact, is only available for iOS. Furthermore, when you install it, you will have to allow access to third-party keyboards, since you will have in your hands a real tool for creating the best Fonts for Instagram.

Once you have downloaded and configured everything, you will be able to access the app. The only sore point is that there are several advertisements which, however, serve the team of developers to support maintenance and upgrade costs. Also, emojis are missing which, however, you can add later with your default keyboard .

If you want to get rid of ads and get emojis, along with new Fonts, just buy the premium package. In any case, once you are inside the app, you can directly write by choosing the type of font you prefer.

In this way, you bypass the moment in which you have to copy and paste the text, as it will be ready in front of your eyes within Instagram itself.

Can I change the font colors?

You should know that Font colors can only be changed if you are using a font proposed by Instagram. So, if you are posting a story and, for example, using the Typewriter Font, then you can edit it without problems.

Conversely, if you have pasted the text using another Font , the color of this cannot be changed unless you have done so previously. On the other hand, colors are very important for stories. Precisely for this reason, a small suggestion could be to use the default fonts for the stories, and the alternative ones for the captions.

Some also use particular fonts to insert them under the titles of the stories in evidence, creating a totally customized profile.

Now you just have to choose the best ones Fonts for Instagram!

In this short article we have shown you which are the best Instagram Fonts, based on what to choose them and which tool to use to do this. This is a very important aspect within a social network, as we have seen that it allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, you will surely know that to stand out from the crowd means having the opportunity to get more visibility, that is, interactions and followers. A profile equal to all the others, however valuable and interesting it may be, may not catch the attention.

This is why we recommend you visit the other sections of our blog, so you can discover all the methods to get the most out of your social networks!


I migliori font Instagram, scopriamoli ora!

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