Best Instagram hashtags to use

Let’s face it … You have started using Instagram but you have absolutely no idea which are the best hashtags to use. This is completely normal, as it is one very powerful tool but also very difficult to use.

To understand which are the best hastags for instagram, in fact, you don’t just have to choose the one you like best. There are, in fact, numerous criteria to be taken into consideration, as the best instagram hashtags change from profile to profile.

If, for example, you have a profile with 1000 followers , you should use a certain type of hashtag. If, on the other hand, you have an account with 10,000 followers, then you should move towards other types. Everything, in fact, varies according to the positioning of your profile and the type of followers you have.

However, there are several variables that, as we will see below, allow you to understand what are the best hashtags instagram.

Furthermore, you should know that this tool, which may seem trivial, allows you to increase your visibility. By positioning yourself on the best instagram hastags, in fact, you will be able to get noticed on the feed of a huge slice of users.

But let’s try to understand together what hashtags are .

Best Instagram hashtags: what are they?

If you are used to social networks, you know very well what a hashtag is. However, not all social users are aware of this tool. A hashtag is nothing more than an inscription that labels a certain movement, trend or fashion, preceded by the symbol #.

hashtag migliori di instagram

Let’s say you post a photo representing a maritime landscape and want to have it identified among millions of photos on the social network. You would most likely use the hashtags #landscape, #sea, #beach, or something similar.

In this way, instagram itself will position your photo along with all the ones it contains “Landscape, sea, beach” inside them.

On the other hand, the user who clicks on the “search” button and wants to find a beautiful landscape, will simply have to use one of those hashtags. In a few moments, you will find a very large list of images representing what you were looking for.

In this sense, using the best instagram hashtags allows you to be found in numerous categories, if they are exploited in the right way. Furthermore, those who move between hashtags are often very active users who, if they become your followers, will significantly increase the level of engagement on your profile.

That’s why understanding what are the best hashtags for instagram can make a difference .

The best Instagram hashtags: how does it work?

We said that each hashtag is related to a certain topic, and that it allows you to categorize your post. When you enter the best hashtags on Instagram, know that you cannot put more than 30 under your content.

Therefore, they must be chosen with care and criteria, and must be studied thoroughly before being used. First of all, try to identify the salient themes of your post. Then, try to make a list with the best instagram hashtags you find.

How do you find them? Very simple. You must know that each hashtag has a certain number of posts on which it has been used. Let’s explain it better.

Let’s say you want to use the hashtag #landscape, as we said before. Before using it, go to the search bar and type this word. Press enter and select the hashtag entry.

You will notice that #landscape has been used on 166 million posts at the time of writing this article. This means that when you use it, your post will be included in a really big list.

hashtag migliori instagram

The trick to to understand if a hashtag can be right for you is the following: click, in our case, on #landscape, and look at the last post that was published with that hashtag, going to the “recent” section.

You will immediately see that content with this type of tag is published every 2 or 3 minutes. This means that in a few moments your post will be lost in the midst of a myriad of other photos and videos.

So, although #landscape may seem like one of the best instagram hashtags , is perhaps not the most valid option you could use. Same thing goes for all hashtags with a large amount of posts, especially if you are a small profile.

How do I make a list of Instagram’s best hashtags?

If you can’t think of a certain number of hashtags, it is always possible to rely on applications that you will easily find on the Play Store or the App Store. Just type hashtag in the search bar and, in a few seconds, you will be spoiled for choice.

Basically, all apps are reliable. In any case, you can always rely on the score obtained in the Store and on the comments of users who have already used them. Furthermore, you must know that when you choose the best instagram hashtags, you will always have to readjust them to your profile .

If you are unable to get a large number of interactions, avoid using only hashtags with lots of posts. This is because your profile would just get lost in the crowd, as we saw with #landscape .

i migliori hashtag su instagram

Instead, try to identify the best hashtags on instagram by mixing them together. Many web “gurus” suggest mixing 10 small hashtags (under 10,000 posts), 10 medium hashtags (under 100,000 posts), and 10 large hashtags (from 100,000 posts upwards).

This way your content will be positioned on different small, medium and large sections, and you will have more chances to get noticed. In fact, if you get many likes and comments within a small hashtag, you could end up in the “most popular” section and get even more!

Here’s the strategy

If we wanted to think of a strategy, the ideal would be to buy Instagram likes and comments, post your photo and tag it with a small or medium-sized hashtag. In this way you will get many interactions in a short time, and you will stand out among everyone in that particular section.

Logically, avoid using those that only once were the best hashtags on instagram, such as # follow4follow, # like4like etc. In fact, these were once considered the most valid, but they have been such a great abuse which now only lead to a decrease in visibility.

You are looking for the best Instagram hashtag for your profile? Try these apps

As we anticipated above, it’s all about being able to mix the various hashtags while also making use of some useful apps available on the various online stores. Obviously, Instagram’s algorithm always updates, so you should try to keep up to date.

In fact, many strategies that once worked now only penalize you. In addition to the classic # follow4follow, which no longer work, an old hashtag that can still be used is the #throwback.

As the word itself says, which means remember, l ‘hashtag #throwback is perhaps one of the best hashtags on instagram. Usually, users, even the most popular, post an old content, for example from last year, putting this tag under the post.

In this way, those who see the The photo or video will immediately know that it is a thing of the past and will probably even start combing through your profile.

On the other hand, getting people to spend a lot of time on your profile is one of the keys to obtain maximum visibility. This is why identifying the best instagram hashtags and using them in the right way can make the difference if you want to make your online business popular.

App for hashtag

Among the most popular apps to find the best hashtags on instagram we find:

  • in Tags: very easy to use, it allows not only to find the best instagram hashtags, but also to create customized lists so as not to lose the ones you use the most
  • Hashtags for instagram : totally free, like inTags, you just have to search for your hashtags, copy and paste them under the desired post
  • TopTags : if you have an iOS device, this is without any doubt the app for you. It works exactly like the two we just mentioned and, within seconds, allows you to find the best performing hashtags

Remember, of course, not to insert too many. Even if the limit is 30, in fact, it is always advisable to limit yourself to a maximum of 25, so as not to clog up too much the caption of your post.

The right hashtags are the ones that are consistent with the content

Although some hashtags may seem interesting in terms of potential visibility, always remember that the main concept you need to have in mind is only one: consistency.

It would not make sense to post a photo of a landscape and insert an inherent hashtag, for example, to the world of animals or the world of restaurants. Although some are less popular, in fact, it would make no sense to end up with a photo of a mountain in the #dogs section.

So, in case you have trouble finding a hashtag consistent but not too popular, try to insert it in Italian. In fact, hashtags are mostly used in English, which is why changing languages ​​could be very useful.

Hashtag Difference

In this way, the hashtag will still be consistent, but not too popular and, consequently, you will have more chances to stand out in a certain section. Also, always try to make engaging posts with beautiful graphics.

On the other hand, being hashtag masters and creating poor quality content won’t help you that much. Consistency will also help you.

Followers, in fact, love profiles that are always present and active within the social network. It must be shown that you dedicate a lot of time to your business and, above all, that you put all the passion in your body into it.

Only in this way it will be natural for you to enter not only the best instagram hashtag, but also the best content you are able to create.

In case you want to take advantage of a greater push, try to buy some followers or some interactions within of our platform. As we have seen before, receiving lots of likes and comments, using the right hashtags and creating quality content, all at once, is the real key to success.

After that, the whole path will be downhill, especially if the activity you are involved in is in line with the tastes of your followers.

Small list of some very popular hashtags

And here we are at the end of this short article on the best instagram hashtags. In a few minutes we have seen not only what these tools are and how they work, but also how to choose them based on the popularity of your profile and the hashtag itself.

If used in the way correct, they are a really powerful tool that can make a difference, especially when you have recently started within the social network. In addition, hashtags can be used not only on instagram, but also on Facebook, Twitter and any other channel.

Spread a hashtag that represents you and make it go viral, to for example, it is perhaps the ambition of all the great influencers and digital entrepreneurs.

We therefore want to leave you with a small list of hashtags divided by categories:

For the generic posts section, that is, those that don’t have a specific category, you could use hashtags like #followbackteam, #tagstragrammers, #picoftheday, #morning and the like. You could also rely on the time you are posting, such as # 4pm and so on.

If you take pictures of food , you will definitely want to try #yummy, #seafood, #meat, #steak, #ilovecooking etc. It is also possible to put the hashtag of what you are eating directly, such as #frenchfries

Work out? Very well, then opt for the best hashtags on instagram in the sector, among the such as #workout, #gym, #training, #powerlifting, #pushups, #squat, #abs and so on.


Finally, if you are a lover of homemade , crafts or do-date, then you can not help but use some of the most famous Italian hashtags such as #fattoamano, #creazioni, #artigianato. In English, however, we find #handmade, #handcrafted and the like.

Now, you just have to identify the best instagram hastags for your profile, select them carefully and, in a few seconds, insert them under the captions of your posts. beautiful.

Remember that, if you have a business profile, you can analyze the number of interactions obtained from the hashtags using the appropriate button on the photo or video. Just go to “view statistical data”, where you will also find the impressions obtained from the home and other channels.

If you want to discover other tricks or you need tips to grow your social profile, visit our blog!


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