Bio Instagram: How to write a bio that attracts followers

Maybe you’ve had to write your Instagram bio and don’t know where to start.

What am I writing to now?

Talking about yourself, introducing yourself and being better known is certainly not an easy thing. Especially if you have to write a description that strikes the interlocutor within 3 seconds!

Yes, 3 seconds is the time it takes users to evaluate whether to follow an Instagram profile or not by looking at the profile picture and reading the bio.

In the course of my 4 years on Instagram I have really changed by the hundreds of them.

Maybe I’m a bit exaggerated or I have some identity crisis. But all this really helped me to understand what kind of bio worked best but above all to adapt it to all the graphic changes that have been made on the platform.

Because yes, a bio isn’t eternal, like everything on Instagram. The platform evolves, you evolve and everything has to change accordingly.

But one thing will never change.

A good strategy for writing a great presentation of yourself on Instagram.

Which is what I will reveal to you in this article. I’ll explain:

  • What good is a well-made Instagram bio;
  • What features it must have to make it work best for YOU;
  • The steps to follow to create it at its best.

All in the next lines.

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What is the purpose of a well done Instagram bio

Sometimes I happened to go to Instagram, discover a beautiful profile that is really well done on a photographic level, I went to read the bio to understand something more about the person, what he did in life, what his skills could be to evaluate possibility of collaboration but… nothing!

I didn’t understand anything about what was written on it.

Maybe I found a jumble of super generic interests such as lifestyle, travel, fashion without understanding what the account owner’s profession was or what he was in charge of.

So I started asking myself questions, looking for the best way to introduce myself online.

Because that’s what a well-written Instagram bio is all about.

Make people understand, in a nano second, what you do, how you can help them, what are the possibilities of collaboration, which part of the world you are in at that moment and how to contact you.

Instagram is becoming a meeting place for doing business and if you propose yourself as a figure who wants to find collaborations you must absolutely specify all these things.

Not only that, you have to make sure that all of this is immediately understandable to the people you are addressing. This also applies to the captions under your posts.

I know you’ve probably thought about this question several times.

Is it better to write it in Italian or in English?

There is no definitive answer.

It all depends on the audience you are targeting.

As I told you before, the purpose is to present your information in an immediately understandable way to the people you care about.

I know you’ve probably read that it’s better to write it in English because that way you can reach a wider audience.

Very true, numerically they are absolutely right, but this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make on social media and, in general, on the web: trying to reach as many people as possible.

If you talk to everyone you don’t talk to anyone.

And I didn’t say this for the first time, unfortunately, but Seth Godin, one of the world’s leading experts in marketing .

Back to us, if you are mostly targeting an Italian audience, for example, you use Instagram to bring people to your blog which is all in Italian, then better use your local language.

If, on the other hand, you have a site in English or in any case a type of business for which the language is irrelevant, then throw yourself into English.

Now I want to dispel another myth related to Instagram bio that has been going on for a while.

The classic list no longer works!

I don’t know if you remember, but some time ago (and it still persists), the bio list was in fashion.

One emoji per line with an interest or information about you.

This was perfect for presenting all the information in an orderly manner and also creating a little eye-catching graphics.

Until Instagram changed the graphic of the bio. Now, in addition to having the limit of 150 characters to manage wisely, it only shows the first two lines .

The rest is hidden by the …more.


What does this mean?

That we must try to concentrate as much important information in the first two lines and the list no longer comes in handy.

With it we can only show two or more characteristics or information about ourselves and we don’t play it well at all.

So, back to linear bio , but above all I’ll explain how to make the most of those first two lines!

Avoid strange characters!

I know you want to be original and try to do it in a variety of ways.

How about writing an Instagram bio with all stylish fonts instead of the usual dry keyboard letters?

There are a lot of sites that allow you to write text in a particular font.

I advise you NOT to do this!

Do you know why?

You don’t know how many times I’ve come across illegible Instagram bio . Special characters and special fonts cannot be read by all phones.

What some people will see will simply be white rectangles in place of letters and all will be totally useless.

What I do when I find profiles like this is simply drop out, because I really don’t understand what they are about or what they want to tell me.

If you really like some elegant symbols in your bio, you can use the messletters site.

However, I always recommend that you write with the normal letters of the keyboard!

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Name before Instagram Bio: Let everyone know who you are

The Instagram bio is preceded by another very important thing.

The name.

Perhaps it may seem obvious to you to enter your name and surname but it is not exactly like that and I will explain why.

Your profile name, in addition to your nickname, are the only two things Instagram uses to make you appear in searches.

For example, if you press the magnifying glass and want to search for all the profiles that talk about travel, type travel in the white bar.

At this point, the profiles will appear first that:

  • They have the word travel in their nickname ;
  • They have the word travel in their name .

Do you understand now?

We can use it as a tool to appear in searches and be found by users more often.

Not only that.

We may also be singled out for partnerships or work with companies. This is why it is not to be underestimated at all.

How can you best use it?

In addition to entering your name, also write your profession or sector .

For example, you work in photography write Photographer , if you are an influencer write it there, a blogger and so on. This will make it easier for anyone looking for this category of people to find you too.

Now I want to explain to you this way I came up with to structure an Instagram bio that works best.

Are you there?

Creating your Instagram Bio in 4 Steps

This strategy will be useful to you no matter how Instagram decides to show the bio.

Know that the first things you should always keep in sight, Whatever happens, are your identity and what you propose to your followers .

In 2020 on Instagram it is possible to see only two lines of the bio and then, by clicking on the button … more , to see the other two.

But that could all change tomorrow.

Know that the information I gave you above and that you will find until the end of the article will allow you to act even in the event of changes in the views and, why not, also to write the bio on other social networks (such as TikTok which recently seems to have a lot of success!).

So, let’s start by looking at 4 information, the 4 steps you should never skip if you want to write a bio that really entices people to follow you.

1/4) Who you are and what you propose to your followers

First line, in plain sight, your identity must always be present.

Who are you, what do you do in life, what is your profession, vocation, why are you on social?

All of these things you MUST SELL in a nutshell, in the very first line of your bio.

But above all, doesn’t have to be a part of self-praise, unless he’s a super famous character who has really done something amazing in his life. Try to write everything with your readers’ point of view in mind, what might be useful for them.

For example, in the first line of my Instagram bio I chose to write:

“Influencer coach, motivation, lifestyle”

I tell you who I am, that is, I publish content that can help people train and work as an influencer, not only that, I also give you lots of motivational content, which are essential to embark on this journey and I show you my lifestyle to give you inspiration and motivate you further along the way.

All in a few words.

Anyone who reads them knows exactly that in life I deal with marketing-related issues, that I have a strong motivation and that I share all this with others.

Very well, let’s move on to the second line, the last one that will be shown and just as important.

Perhaps the most important.

2. Call To Action (CTA)

What the hell is a Call To Action ?

Something that must always be in any persuasive text you write on the web.

Literally it means Call to Action and that’s what you want users to do.

What you have to do is always push users to do something for you and to understand what this something is, you need to reconnect to your social goal.

For me, it’s getting people to read my blog, buy my e-books and become attached to me as a person.

I want them to become true fans outside of Instagram.

How can I do all this?

By getting them to subscribe to my newsletter so they can receive weekly updates on the great content I prepare for them even without having to log into Instagram.

Indeed, tomorrow’s social network could also be destroyed in a misfortune, I would still have a contact with them.

For this reason, in the second line of my Instagram bio, I immediately want to give them a taste of what my contents are and, in exchange for their registration, I give a guide in which I explain the 8 techniques to increase the Instagram followers and create a following worth thousands of dollars.

All with these few words:

“Become an influencer in 2019, go to the link?”

Simple, but it makes you understand immediately what I can offer you and the action you need to take to get it!

If you are interested in having it, you can fill in the fields below! ?

bio Instagram Monica Pirozzi

3. Motto and other Info

At this point, you have a line to indulge yourself.

The really important things have all been said above and here you can play it on the undecided. Those who must study everything before contacting or following you.

You can enter what your motto is, your characteristic, a small list of your passions.

Anything related to your account that you think will enrich it.

I have chosen to leave this line blank and play the fonts to give it a more appealing look.

After all, even graphics communicate something, your personality, but they are choices that everyone makes according to their case.

4. Location and Contacts

Last but very important, I recommend that you dedicate the last line to reporting where you are in the world and how they can contact you.

If you may not have space to enter the complete email, you can write some small call to action , such as email me or DM me to make it clear that you are available for collaboration.

Hashtags and tags help?

Some time ago the ability to insert clickable hashtags and tags in the Instagram bio was added.

And then the mania exploded.

I’ve never really liked them so much graphically, so I tried to find a real usefulness.

As for the tags to other accounts, it is really useful if you have created a movement, a venue, a brand or any other account related to you that you want to mention to elevate your status.

At this point, it’s great to tag it in the bio also because you could bring users from your profile to the other and vice versa.

As for hashtags, however, the aim would be to make Instagram understand what your profile is about.

Honestly, I don’t think Instagram doesn’t scan our bio on its own, so adding the hash sign behind the word, which also steals a character, I didn’t find it very useful. I have been posting hashtags for a while with no relevant results or benefits.


I noticed that when I removed them, Instagram kept sending me advertisements that contained words that matched what I wrote in the bio.

This proves the fact that he goes to find the info himself if he wants them!

Ok we’re almost at the end, but I want to tell you something that really shouldn’t be missing in your bio.

I tear my hair out when I see that this is missing, because the profile really misses a great opportunity.

Link in Bio Instagram, most important of all!

I have already told you a thousand times, Instagram is not an eternal social network, it will have its own development and I have already fantasized about the future of Instagram.

Your number one goal should be to take users who have become fond of you off of social, on other channels that can also make you something economically.

Obviously, always giving the user quality products that can really be useful.

And what better way than to insert a nice link in bio?

I know it sounds trivial, but I’ve seen quite a few accounts with blank fields.

If you want to do it right at the top, the call to action should point to the link in the bio, through which you invite the user to leave the platform.

This is exactly what I do with my call to action, pushing the unfortunate poor to end up on my blog, on the New page? Start here! in which I explain the spirit of my blog and invite you to download the free ebook to officially join the community! ?

Do you understand how it works?

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What is written in your Instagram bio?

I’m curious to know! You can write it in the comments, so I can help you apply the strategy I explained to you in the article and I’ll help you understand how to improve it!

Never write your bio thinking it is set in stone and will never be changed again.

We evolve, we change interests or what we propose and we must always be there to review the presentation of ourselves.

Even Instagram can change from day to day and we must always find a way to put important information in full view.

Not only that.

The bio is also one of the most powerful tools to get a lot of followers on Instagram.

I hope this article has given you some ideas to always be on the crest of the wave.

See you next time.

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