Bot TikTok: the best ever in Italy

TikTok, as it is now known, is the most popular app among the very young. Many would like to know the secrets to increase the number of followers, one of the most used methods is undoubtedly to use a Bot TikTok that allows you to automate some operations.

The diffusion of this Social seems unstoppable, it is no coincidence that many Instagram influencers have already switched to this promising platform. If it is true that for Instagram there are valid bots, the same thing can be said for TikTok.

There are several companies, in fact, which given the explosion of TikTok public, have begun to develop automatic systems also for this social network. These are basically some companies that are already behind some bots for Instagram.

Below I will give you a list of all the ones that I have tested and that I currently believe to be the best on the market. It must be said, to be fair, that TikTok continues to be more difficult and subject to limitations, much more so than Instagram, which is why bots are currently still harsh.


What is TikTok for

Before going into the world of bots, it is good to familiarize yourself and learn more about TikTok to understand if it is right for us or not. First, then, let’s do some clarity. TikTok, known in China as Douyin , is a Chinese social network, on the market since September 2016.

Its operation is really very simple. Through TikTok it is possible to create short video clips , with a duration ranging from 15 to 60 seconds. By adding filters, music and effects , you can easily create viral videos.

Its ease of use and its immediacy immediately relied on the very young. The target, in fact, is very low. We are also talking about children who, even without an account, can see the funny videos on TikTok.

Although the target, at the moment, can hardly embrace Marketing needs, it is true that the platform is experiencing a period of strong expansion and, considering that platforms like Facebook have been on the crest of the wave for over ten years, it is good to start producing content on this Social too, without thinking too much about the actual age of current consumers.

It is no coincidence that there are many, the characters of a certain level, who have already decided to switch to TikTok. Personalities such as Marco Montemagno, Fiorello and the Roma Football Club have already opened their TikTok channels, enjoying great success.

In this phase, in fact, as happened also for Facebook and Instagram, it is very easy to obtain followers. This is because this Social is not yet saturated. So I advise you to plan for the future, look ahead, and be among the first to create a TikTok channel.

The InstaSprint Bot

Now that we have understood the importance of this new social network, let’s try to understand if there are tools on the market that can help us grow In the past, we’ve talked about the importance of a bot and why using a bot isn’t the same as buying followers.


I won’t go into this explanation again, those who want to learn more can do it by reading this article.

In short, a BOT is nothing more than a software that allows you to perform simple actions in a completely automatic way. The actions, therefore, that you would do manually on TikTok, will be carried out by the bot for you. The bot, therefore, will be able to like, leave comments, follow and unfollow profiles.

The Bot, however, is only a valid help. You will still need to produce quality content for this to work. Success comes from trials and sacrifices and no bot will ever give it to you.
The substantial advantage of using an account is BOT is to be able to set it up by making it perform certain actions in a fully automated manner.

At the moment , the actions you can perform with the bot made available by InstaSprint are the following:

  • Get new followers
  • Get more likes on your videos
  • Receive more comments
  • Receive more views

You can also take advantage of a free 3-day trial.

The Instarazzo bot


One of the best tiktok bots is undoubtedly the one offered by Instarazzo, a company that has already gained great experience on Instagram and that, relatively recently, has chosen to invest in the new social network.

The Instarazzo bot allows you to increase the number of your followers through three simple and linear steps, but at the same time extreme highly effective: choice of target, automation of interactions and consequent growth in the number of followers.

The pricing is very affordable. Currently the cost is 15.99 / month. For all the details on pricing, which may be subject to change over time, I refer you to the official website.



Warning : TeekTop is currently disabled (12/12/2020 Ed.), however, on the site they say they will be back soon. We’ll see.

TeekTop isn’t exactly a bot, but it’s good for me to report my extremely positive experience anyway.

But how exactly does it work? TeekTop technicians do nothing but interact exclusively with profiles potentially interested in your content. No magic tricks, therefore, only experts who study your sector to find the best market niche for your business model.

As for pricing, however, the service is extremely cheap. It starts with a Basic plan that allows you to get from 300 to 3000 real followers per month.



Another bot that seems to be, at least from first impressions, quite interesting, is called AutoTokker.

AutoTokker allows you to increase your followers on TikTok through advanced targeting of your audience, guaranteeing a growth of hundreds of new followers per month. Just select some accounts that are fairly popular and similar to yours and AutoTokker will take care of the rest.

This bot, like the others, makes massive use of Follow / Unfollow , a technique which always bears its fruits. It limits itself to following accounts and then stop following them in the following days. However, they guarantee a fairly high scrap rating, that is the 30%-50%.

The cost to access AutoTokker is $ 29.99 per month . With this package you will have the following features:

  • Follow / Unfollow
  • Intelligent algorithm
  • 24/7 Hosting and Support (in English)

TikTok Boom

tiktok boom

Another noteworthy bot recently released on the market, it is definitely TikTok Boom. A bot designed for entrepreneurs, influencers, brands and companies who want to grow on TikTok and get a high number of real followers and increase likes and views.

With TikTok Boom you will have the possibility to get new real followers, improve interactions and consequently have more chances to go out in “ for you ” and you will enjoy greater security as all the actions that the bot performs are carried out in respect for your privacy .

The platform is the work of an Italian, Luca Bardereschi, a photographer passionate about social media – as he himself tells on the site. The TikTok Boom strategy is divided into three steps:

  • Analysis : Luca and his staff will study and analyze your profile in relation to your niche, building a strategy and defining the target audience.
  • Growth : TikTok Boom will try to intercept people who may be interested in your profile through tailor-made strategies to increase visibility and number of your followers.
  • Engagement : The bot will try to turn your followers into users who will interact with your TikTok account: they will like, comment and much more.

You can try TikTok Boom free for five days . Pricing is based on the needs of the individual user: it ranges from a light plan from € 45 / month, up to a top from € 90 / month.

The Secret Bot

The first BOT that I am going to introduce you, which as you can see I have called “secret”, is an automatism that I currently believe is the best on the market. This is because I had the opportunity to test it for more than a month and to obtain excellent growth. The BOT continued to work throughout the trial period, guaranteeing me new followers: all real and interested in what I was posting.

To this we must add that the price is extremely affordable: we start with cost plans of € 9.90 / month to be clear. Unfortunately, due to the conditions of use of the BOT, I am not allowed to publicly disclose its name on my site.

If you want, fill out the form below with your email address and I will send you the name and a 5-day free trial with which you too can test the potential of this tool in the field. I will not use your email for other purposes, I will simply send you what you requested.


In my opinion, the time is ripe to start produce content on TikTok. Despite being a relatively young platform, it has already proven its capabilities. In the future it could certainly rank among the most used social networks in the world, like the most famous Instagram and Facebook.

If you know other working TikTok bots , write me and I’ll be happy to add them to this list.

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