Bots on Instagram: what they are and the risks for those who use them

Especially after the latest news regarding bots on Instagram , perhaps it is time to clarify a moment. Surely many of you have been alarmed, with good reason, since Instagram has announced its open battle against all forms of automatism.

But let’s see together what bots on Instagram really are , what are the pros and cons regarding this discipline and how to find out (at company level in particular) who is using the bots and avoid investing money where it is not needed.

What are Bots on Instagram

Bots are software that automate people’s actions, in terms of likes and comments. There are several software that allow these operations, first of all (because I consider it one of the most precise and effective bots among those I have been in this period of time) is StimSocial.

stimsocial - dashboard

To clarify your ideas for a moment, StimSocial works like this:

  1. You sign up for the account by connecting your Instagram profile
  2. Set a series of parameters that will define the target you will hit through the use of this bot (age, type of hashtag account most used, competitor profiles, number of fans and minimum posts for each account to follow, etc.)
  3. You pay a monthly subscription which starts around 10 euros
  4. Start the machine and enjoy the results

Bots are nothing more than that, machines that automatically (and much less precisely) perform actions that you would otherwise do directly, on your account.

Increase likes and followers with Bots on Instagram

The common opinion is that using bots will certainly increase the performance of your account . True and not, but we will see this in the next paragraph.

In this section we see how the bot actually leads to an increase in followers and likes on the profile.

As I have explored extensively in the article “ How to increase likes on Instagram with or without bots” the likes and followers can be acquired through these automation platforms, but we cannot expect that the work of a “machine” is equal to that of humans.

Besides, we are always and only talking about vanity metrics , so about all those metrics that are “cool” to have, but that don’t bring bread home.

The method to increase your engagement rate organically (because this is the value that really makes the difference) is to:

  • publish consistently on your profile
  • use high-performance hashtags
  • cultivate your community
  • Interacting with users
  • post instagramstories

Bots emulate part of these actions, following certain rules that we set ourselves within the platforms, which can often be summarized as follows:

  • like posts
  • follow / unfollow users
  • comment on posts

The mere fact that Instagram (and the users themselves) perceive us as an active account, makes our posts increase their visibility and thus also the likes and followers. But let’s see in the next paragraph what are the pros and cons regarding the use of bots on Instagram.

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Bots on Instagram: pros and cons

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Instagram is the first to condemn the use of these automation software , in favor of a genuine and spontaneous use of the platform.

Having said that, if the pros are therefore an evident increase in followers and likes to posts, the cons are much more. First of all, the likes and followers acquired through automation are not as accurate as those we choose ourselves, albeit with the same parameters set in the software, furthermore the annoying and repetitive follow / unfollow action of profiles risks damaging our profile even more. creating an unpleasant experience for users who suffer it.

But let’s see all the pros and cons of using bots on Instagram in this table

Pro Cons
Number of actions that no human could emulate Instagram condemns bots
Time saving The target also if well defined it will never be chosen as by a person
Lower cost than hiring a professional Annoying follow / unfollow action
Easy to use Annoying comments ” standard “(if you don’t set the platform well)
Immediate increase in followers and likes

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How to find out who is using bots on Instagram

Last understood of this article on Instagram bots: how to find out that it uses it thanks to two free tools. I have personally tested the two platforms I am talking about below, but if you know of other and more functional ones, do not hesitate to leave me a comment with their name, so I will immediately go and try them!


When bots were born and I started testing them with my travel profile @ lizau87 (which I now use as a gym and as a small window into my private life) I used Socialblade to see who else, like me, made use of it.

I don’t deny that I have discovered many profiles of famous influencers, who sell visibility to companies, who use these programs.

Below I show you two screenshots, the first referring to my Instagram profile that uses bots, and the second to the other profile ( @elisa_pasqualetto ) which instead I have chosen to grow organically .

Bot Instagram: Socialblade caso 2

Bot Instagram: Socialblade caso 1

At a glance you understand that on the first profile there is “something wrong” since no human being would be able to do such a consistent following operation.


I recently discovered Ninjalitics, also considering its recent birth.

Ninjalitics compared to SocialBlade is much more accurate and updated , moreover it has very recently introduced a “notification” that immediately communicates if the use of bots is suspected in that analyzed profile. Really useful information for those who, like me, need to look for industry influencers for their customers.

Below I show you the screen for my profile that uses bots, as you can see, the last line mentions “Possible Follow / Unfollow activity: Very High”, this is the data that interests us when we are going to choose which influencer to collaborate with.

Bot Instagram: Ninjalitics


As you may have guessed, I am not one to condemn bots regardless, although I do not suggest this practice to any of my clients, out of fairness.

What I think is basically this: it is okay to use bots, but wisely. Try to set the platform as detailed as possible, it indicates:

  • the hashtags of your industry
  • your industry competitors
  • the amount of actions you want the platform to perform each day
  • the times your platform is active
  • the type of account you want me to interact with (profile picture yes or no, at least 1000 posts etc)
  • the contact whitelist
  • the blacklist of contacts
  • the type of actions you want the bot to perform (comments, links, follow, unfollow)

By setting all these parameters as accurately as possible, it is easy for the followers you acquire to be genuinely interested in what you are actually posting on your profile.

Now, let me know what you think!

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