Can Tik Tok be used in an influencer marketing campaign?

In the era of the digital revolution, we are now ready for anything . Not a day goes by without a new application appearing to try or without our social networks updating while we sleep, making us find new functions and possibilities the next day. And certainly all this flourishing of new technological tools in some way also changes the way we communicate.

I’ve always said it … Social networks have had the merit (big or not, I’ll leave it to you) to create new forms of marketing. Among which influencer marketing is perhaps the most interesting variant today.

It is in this perspective that the app Tik Tok also fits, which has supplanted the previous one, and perhaps best known, Have you already heard of it? Maybe if you are more or less fifteen or twenty years old, yes.

I’m not going to be here to explain how this made in China application works, or to give you all the features. Suffice it to say that Tik Tok works like any social network, complete with stories, which are so fashionable now and not putting them everywhere seems almost a shame. And, like any self-respecting social network, even with Tik Tok you can follow the profiles that most pique your interest. And, of course, you can produce content like every user.

The difference is that here we communicate through music and videos. In practice, posts are made up of small music videos lasting about 15 seconds . A social network for young budding videomakers. And I don’t use the word young at random. Since they are the main users of this application.

Can Tik Tok be included in an influencer marketing campaign? His numbers are certainly important. In fact, it has about 500 million users, which if, for example, compared to those of the now near death Google Plus, which has 300 million, are figures that make you think. But. But there is a but.

Facebook continues to hold the record with more than two billion active users and its ribs is YouTube , on which enlightened marketing managers should surely address their their attention, followed by the image social network par excellence, which is Instagram . Influencer marketing is undoubtedly experiencing a golden moment and I believe it will continue in this path for several more years. I don’t think the same fate, however, falls to this new social media .

In fact, if we go to see the soap bubble in which Snapchat burst, I can assume that this time too, things will not be so different. Of course, you can think of using Tik Tok in your web marketing and viral communication campaigns, especially if the target to hit is the very young . Here too we find real celebrities. Profiles followed by many people, who are trying to build their communities in some way. But with a closer and more precise look we can realize that there are no real conversations. Which happens on other platforms.

Facebook and Instagram are certainly a source of dialogue with people. And so is YouTube, which is a source of inspiration and daily information for an increasingly large audience. Tik Tok does not convince me . At least not yet. I associate it with a passing meteor, which will somehow be forgotten sooner or later. Maybe I’ll be wrong and I’m ready to rectify and apologize.

Especially to investors and Alex Zhu, first founder of and then vice-president of Tik Tok. Experts have described it as the most successful start-up of 2018 and actually it was also the most downloaded, surpassing even Twitter, which is now almost dedicated to an elite audience.

Its value has been estimated at $ 75 billion . However, despite all these beautiful premises, I need to understand how long this luminous trail will last. Tik Tok responds more to people’s need to show themselves off in the digital world, to get involved, rather than to a real communication need. And I don’t know if investments in influencer marketing can be justified in a few seconds.

Anyone think differently from me?

Giulia Salis

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