Can Tinder be used for personal branding?

Those who know the application will automatically be answered, but of course not! Yet, in the age of social networks, where real-world life is often moved to the digital world, almost everything is possible . And so, even an application created to make new friends and to broaden one’s circle of acquaintances can be used to create personal branding .

In reality, Tinder is an application that has a slightly more specific role. It was, in fact, one of the first programs dedicated to appointments . On Tinder you go to find love or in any case to meet and date someone interesting. We can define it as an evolution of the old online dating sites, with a much wider audience and a presentation showcase worthy of the most modern social networks . Its main purpose is to connect people virtually, through chats and then, if desired, continue the knowledge with a live meeting.

Seen in this way, Tinder is nothing more than a social network that is a little smaller in terms of the number of participants, which connects people who have some common interest and who, above all, are close to each other. One of its strong points is the geolocation , which allows you to find the people closest to where we are. Given the premises, someone has seen fit to also use it as a marketing tool, and it works. In fact, it seems that the trend is having great success.

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Let’s get a little better at how you can use Tinder for personal branding. First of all, to use it, you need to sign up for the application and create a profile to which you can add some personal information and some photos. A whole series of preferences are also required to be entered in order for the algorithm to put us in contact with the right people. Once the registration is completed, all the profiles of people who hypothetically could fit our tastes will appear in the home page. Every time we meet an interesting person it is possible to put a like, if this is reciprocated we have a match and we will be able to start a conversation.

If we assume that wherever there is the possibility to communicate and connect with other people you can do marketing, Tinder is a perfect place. The profile represents your brand. It is important to take care of the presentation, because all interactions depend on how it is perceived externally. It is the way in which you choose to present yourself that generates curiosity, curiosity that drives you to want to have a contact and therefore to start a conversation. The purpose of this conversation is to get a live date. But, why not, you can also have other goals. A little more marketing-oriented goals, for example.

Let’s say you want to make your IG known. The practice is to insert the direct link in the Tinder profile and in this way convey the people with whom you have a match on another platform , often IG, where new acquaintances will go to implement and increase your followers.

This is exactly what is happening. In this way, Tinder becomes a showcase in which we present ourselves in the best possible way, according to the goal we want to achieve. And if, among all the encounters, you can also find a person a little more interesting, with whom you decide to establish a relationship outside the app, so be it.

A warning, however, is a must. While it is true that these practices have a high power to increase the engagement of one’s profile, it is also true that it can be a double-edged sword. First, if you use Tinder for this purpose, be very clear when introducing yourself. It is important not to let your own, let’s call it public, feel that you have used them or wasted their time . The people who are on the app are mostly looking for a connection, a bond, a certain emotional affinity, but they don’t want to be the victim of a marketing campaign. Honesty first of all , combined with a good dose of ability to stimulate curiosity and entertainment. After all, don’t forget the main purpose of the app.

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