Caption Instagram: How to increase likes and comments under your photos thanks to the description

Do you like to write, express yourself with words and want to use the Instagram caption to communicate your personality to the fullest?

You are in the right place!

If you think that only pictures count on Instagram, well I have to tell you that I thought so too!

Until a friend of mine had the brilliant idea of ​​doing a good story poll.

“How many of you read my captions?”

About 70% of the people who took part in the survey answered Yes!


If before I used it as a way to express myself, without filters and constraints, I started to change my mind. People really read my thoughts and everything that went through my head.

The Instagram caption could really be used as a powerful means of communication, to create an authentic community that revolved around my ideas.

If you also have strong ideas that you want to convey to the world, have your own way of seeing life or simply want to entertain with your own words, you absolutely must not underestimate the caption under your photos!

From now on, you can unleash your love for writing on Instagram and, indeed, use it as a means to increase likes and comments under your photos and turn your followers into real ones. own fans .

I wrote this article for that very purpose, to explain:

  • What is the purpose of writing a good caption under your photos for Instagram;
  • The 6-step method to write an Instagram caption from God;
  • All mistakes to avoid!

I decided to share with you all the experiments I’ve done and everything that worked best.

Don’t miss the next few paragraphs!

caption instagram - Monica Pirozzi

What is the purpose of a good Instagram caption

Never think about leaving this field blank, or about writing emojis and shit and all sorts of things. And do you know why?

You would really miss an opportunity.

If Instagram has given the possibility to write a long enough text under the posts, there must be a reason.

Before I explain what his goals are, I want to answer a question that I’m sure you have come up with.

Better in Italian or English?

This is the dilemma.

I already talked about the Italian / English problem when I told you how to write an instagram bio that attracts followers.

The speech is similar, that is, it all depends on the audience you are targeting.

You don’t have to think about speaking to the whole world , especially if you are not a star, because the result will be that no one listens to you!
precise , talk about their problems and provide practical solutions… in the language they understand best.

Do you remember when I explained how to choose your niche on Instagram? If you have already done this exercise, you will have a bit clearer ideas about what your profile topic is and the audience you are targeting.

At this point, Italian or English is a consequent choice.

Of course, I’ve never missed anything.

I started writing all the captions in English and relied on international Instagram PODs to get more comments.

So, I had no way to monitor the situation and understand how my caption worked.

When I had my calling and decided to start this blog and radically transform my Insagram profile, I realized I was stupid in making that choice and I decided to start with a smaller audience .

I started writing captions all in Italian.

And you know what I noticed?

That there were so many foreign friends that I had built on social media who kept commenting on my photos.

I absolutely had to give them one more reason to interact too.

Now, in most of my posts, I use this type of mixed Instagram caption .

I start with the first catchphrase or quote in English and then the topic in Italian, so that everyone can answer me.

Mind you! It’s just a trick to get some more interactions and be naturally promoted by the Instagram algorithm, but this won’t allow me to reach my ultimate goal, which is to find qualified people to read my blog!

Always keep in mind what the goal is! ?

In the video below I explain the story of my Instagram account and all the topics I’ve changed! ?

But back to us, an Instagram caption must have a very specific purpose and know that you can reap a lot of benefits if you start writing engaging texts every day that can be useful to your followers .

Here are 6 goals you should always have in mind when writing an Instagram caption.

1. Intrigue

Imagine scrolling through the Instagram feed and seeing a photo you like. Read the very first words of the caption that are shown to you.

Let’s go in order, what’s the first thing you need to keep reading?

You need to feel some curiosity .

Of course, we’re naturally curious, and as soon as we’re given bread for our teeth we can’t hold back.

2. Get your followers to stop

Of course, curiosity isn’t everything. I remind you that we are bombarded with millions of stimuli every day, both on and off social networks, and it is increasingly difficult for us to give our time away.

The Instagram caption must have the great function of intrigue first and then give your followers a strong enough reason to stop .

How ?

▶ ️ By saying something highly interesting or persuasive like, the lazy are smarter, I’ll tell you why!
(yeah, these headlines always work!)

▶ ️ Promising a solution to a problem;

▶ ️ Providing inspiration to overcome life’s obstacles!

Which of these fits your profile the most?

3. Create interactions

Since Instagram decided to hide the like count under posts, comments have become essential to be promoted by the algorithm.

Now, we have two ways to gain feedback.

▶ ️ Take sensational photos , a bit like @franckreporter’s, which you cannot leave out of comment!

▶ ️ Write an interesting caption for users to comment on.

The second is undoubtedly easier and soon I’ll explain how you can increase the engagement of your followers and more!

4. Make your personality known

A photo can say so much about you, but your deepest personality, what you believe in and the things you fight for every day, can be expressed much more effectively in words.

Instagram is now full of gorgeous profiles featuring beautiful girls, fantastic photos of the highest quality.

What can really make a difference is the font. I always use the example of @paolaturani. She has character and manages to move and make her followers interact thanks to the incredible stories she writes under her posts!

5. Turn simple visitors of your profile into fans!

What is the ultimate purpose of all this?

Turn followers, visitors, casual users who happen to visit your profile, into real fans .

What does it mean to have real fans?

Having people who are fond of you, share your mission on the web, follow you on all social channels, but above all on your blog or any alternative channel you propose.

These people come looking for you if the algorithm doesn’t show them your content, and that’s a very powerful thing because whatever Instagram decides to do, you will always be on the crest of the wave .

Before moving on to the 6-step method of creating an Instagram caption that makes interactions splash under your posts, would you like to help someone by sharing this post?

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6 STEPS to write an Instagram caption from God!

Have you ever had to write the caption for your post and don’t know where to start?

Usually, I refer to something that is in the photo or that happened to me during the day, or, if nothing comes of it, I look for some motivational phrase to get inspiration.

Well, finding the theme of the caption is only the first step , because then you will have to follow these 6 steps to make it really engaging and increase the interactions under your posts.

Let’s go see! ?

1. Clearly define your audience and niche on Instagram

You can’t write all captions that don’t have a link to each other.

The common thread must always be the topic of your profile.

Not only that, you should always have in mind who the typical person you’re writing to is, what their interests are and what they might be interested in.

This is the only way to really grab her attention and get her to interact.

2. Write an attention-grabbing sentence

The first two lines of the description are the only ones that will be shown by scrolling in the feed, so you have to create a headline that rocks!


Um, no, I didn’t misspell it. Creating the first two lines of the Instagram caption is just like writing an article title.

It must be captivating, intrigue and immediately capture attention.

You can ask an inviting question like:

“Do you know what are the three secrets to creating an Instagram profile with millions of followers?”

Or write a statement, an inspirational phrase or that catches your attention, like:

“Instagram is about to close!”

Ok, maybe these are a bit extreme examples, but I wanted to make you understand exactly what I mean.

For this reason, if you are a person passionate about Instagram, who wants to grow his profile and turn it into a job, by reading both the sentences I wrote above, you will surely have felt a bit of curiosity … admit it! ?

But don’t relax now, once you have captured the attention of your followers you have to … keep it!

3. The body of the Instagram caption: Tell a story

The time has come to keep our promises.

In the first line we wrote something that left some doubts in those who have read and want to know more.

Now we need to tell him that something.

The body of the caption must therefore point to argue that stone you threw in the first few lines .

Did you set expectations, did you want to spread some notions or news?

Well, now it’s time to explain everything and fully satisfy those who have stopped to read. Never leave things unfinished, if you only write titles that capture clicks, you won’t be able to keep your attention for long!

An effective way to retain an audience is to tell a story. Whether it’s about you, happened to someone you know or even made up, it doesn’t matter.

It must be a story that supports the topic you have chosen to address!

Don’t think that anyone reads these stories, I like many other girls I’ve met, they like them a lot and we enjoy reading them if they are engaging.

4. Divide into paragraphs

No blocks of text!

They just discourage you from seeing them and they don’t work.

I really like reading captions but I assure you that when I see jumble of text without spaces I feel bad and I don’t really start reading.

To divide the text into paragraphs, just go to the top twice and you will find a blank space between one paragraph and the next.

Sometimes it happened to me that the space was deleted after the publication of the post. If this happens to you, go back and add a dot or any symbol you like.

So you can be sure that the text is well ordered and divided!

Is there a limit to the length of the Instagram caption?

The only limit you have is the attention of the reader. As long as you can make yourself read and keep it high, there is no word limit that cannot be exceeded.

5. Add a final question

How do you get people to interact and comment?

Give it a reason!

Once you’ve written a catchy headline and expressed your point of view on any topic, you can post a final question and invite to respond in the comments.

Sometimes, the simplest way to get something is to ask!

6. And now it’s up to the hashtags!

If you already know how to use Instagram hashtags to increase views of your posts, then you’ve already started adding them in descriptions rather than comments.

I know it really sucks to see the hashtag block at the bottom of a neat Instagram caption, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

After some tests I did I noticed that hashtags in comments are not read by Instagram and I got very few views.

So, leave a space after the last line and enter as many hashtags as you can at the end of the description.

Now you can write and schedule all your captions in advance with the Instagram post scheduling tool released by Facebook. In this article I’ll explain how it works: Programming Free Instagram Posts from Computer.

What you absolutely must avoid in your Instagram caption

Nobody likes banality .

If there is something I really recommend you to avoid, it is the classic clichés, or worse, just insert a few emojis or leave it blank.

The caption is really one of the most expressive parts of the post and you have to play it all to really show what your hallmarks are.

What do you write in your Instagram caption?

I’d love to hear from the comments! ?

I love to motivate, push action. Every time I try to give practical ideas not only for those who want to become bloggers or influencers but also from a motivation point of view.

I believe our state of mind is one of the most powerful tools we have for achieving any ambitious goal we set in our heads.

If, once you read one of my captions, you get up and start acting, and never go back to my profile again, I really feel like I’ve achieved my goal.

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That’s it, I hope to see you again soon! ?


Firma Monica Pirozzi

P.S. If you want to grow your followers and create a successful profile, I am preparing an Instagram guide that explains, step by step, all the strategies to use to start and lead an Instagram account to success.

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