Chiara Ferragni on Instagram, how has she depopulated?

When it comes to influencers, the first name that comes to mind to the major followers of Instagram and stories , is certainly that of Chiara Ferragni on Instagram , the Cremonese blogger awarded as the most influential character in the field of fashion .

Everyone follows her, everyone would like to be her and any aspiring instagrammer dreams of owning at least half of its numbers. But how is it possible to imitate the status of the number one in the world?

How Chiara Ferragni influenced her on Instagram entire web market?

chiara ferragni instagram stories

The fashion system claims it and takes it into consideration his every point of view, making his outfits, even the most bizarre ones, a state affair, to become a real case study, as happened to Harward.

The Blonde Salad, was already famous before the advent of the most popular social of the moment and in 2009 the Lombard blonde perhaps did not yet expect the stratospheric success that a few years later she would have obtained.

Today, her 10.4 million followers have made her the undisputed queen of the fashion world on the web. Her presence at every event and party, documented with care and sim patia on social networks , has allowed her to expand more and more her parterre of followers, attracting wild fans and haters. After all, even those help the climb to success.

Chiara ferragni Instagram stories

Chiara was able to combine a truly flawless style with a truly soap and water look. Yes, in short, the hottest fashion, with a natural and never vulgar make-up. The girl next door? Too bad for the zeros on the bank account.

chiara ferragni instagram

Chiara Ferragni on Instagram is his success

At the dawn of his success on Instagram there is certainly also the professional help of his ex- boyfriend Riccardo Pozzoli who currently still collaborates with the influencer. Each project, each frame and each combination, is always carefully studied and has a backstage investment of time and strategies behind it.

Chiara Ferragni su Instagram

How to follow the wave!

Chiara Ferragni on Instagram has combined the skill of the spread in the right place at the right time with being able to open up to an ever wider audience, spanning many generations. Just think of the line of t-shirts inspired by the Milanese over fifties “sciure”.

A category often mistreated and far from the common imagination of fashion . Furthermore, it is precisely his continuing to leave his mark, from the logo on the Evian bottles to the line created for Superga. To make the “Chiara Ferragni phenomenon on Instagram” viral every day. It is almost impossible not to find her touch or her signature in the brands most clicked by young people.

And not only that. To avoid falling into redundancy, she has decided to go even deeper into her private life, posting stories of her life as a mother and wife of rapper Fedez.

The followers can, therefore, enter three hundred and sixty degrees into his life and also see his more human and homely side. By creating blood content thanks to the presence of his son Leone. Become, by now, the main protagonist of the videos she posted.

Her experience of her, increased every day more. she allowed her to understand perfectly what the user wants, that is, to imagine that in addition to the outfits there was also a woman like many others, with a life, friends, and days at home to watch the TV series. The perfect example of “simplicity is the best weapon”.

Chiara Ferragni: the rise of a ‘influencer

Chiara Ferragni is therefore one of the most famous Influencers in the world, the blonde who, starting from the bottom, was able to win the attention of instagrammers overseas.

But do you really know the reason for this success? What does Chiara owe her rise to? And above all, what were the highlights of her Instagram profile?

Starting with her blog The Blonde Salad where she gave advice on fashion, Chiara is now more of a simple blogger but a true influencer on ‘entire panorama of fashion. But Ferragni was not satisfied with this, who then became a successful entrepreneur, a stylist who has signed several fashion collections.

All this has led her to have assets of 10 million euros and a company of 25 employees who manage her e-commerce.

2009 the first steps as a fashionist

The winning idea of his blog The Blond Salad was born after a video call with what in 2009 was the love of Chiara Riccardo Pozzoli. Initially opposed to fashion blogs, he discovers their potential when he moves to the United States where they are now depopulated.

An initial investment of only 10 euros for the purchase of the domain and 500 euros for a digital camera, these were the expenses that Chiara had to incur to start her empire, surely it cannot be said that it has not paid off, right?

Ferragni’s strength lies in ‘being the typical girl next door, beautiful, but also simple, the counter friend who advises you what to wear on the first date with the guy you like.

The influencer simply tells her life, divided between Milan and Cremona, between a shopping session and lessons at the university. In short, the typical days of a university girl.

With the passing of the days the photos with her outfits are more and more and above all they see an increasing number of sponsors. The girl is taking off in the social world.

The queen of blogs

In 2010 Chiara is still attending university and the New York magazine gives her her first recognition indicating her as One of the biggest breakout street- style stars of the year .

The following year, Vogue crowned her Blogger of the Moment, with over 1 million blog visits and 12 million monthly impressions.

Chiara continues her rise and in 2013 her blog reaches 1.6 million followers on Instagram and becomes an eBook, the following year, for the third consecutive year she is awarded as Bloglivin ‘Awars. In this way, his blog The Blonde Salad has become what it is today: a blog, an editorial project, an e-commerce.

Chiara Ferragni the tendency of being a mother

Leone Lucia is born on March 19th 2018 in Los Angeles Ferragni, son of Chiara and Fedez. With the arrival of the baby, the popularity of the two only increases, especially on Instagram, where several profiles dedicated to the newborn baby are born.

Some of the profiles are simple fan pages, others define themselves as official profiles and some cause considerable perplexity considering that they manage to reach thousands of followers in a short time. In any case, Chiara denies and states that she has never opened official profiles dedicated to the child.

The wedding The Ferragnez

Just as Leo’s birth went viral, so was his parents’ marriage. The numbers speak of 67 million interactions with the event for which there was no shortage of Instagram direct and romantic posts. All this has moved a capital of almost 40 million dollars.

It was the media ceremony of the year with sponsorship posts, direct, web articles, in short, the internet did nothing but talk about the marriage between Ferragni and Fedez.

The invitations were made through Chiara Ferragni Instagram Stories, a 3D ticket with the future spouses at the center of the classic Californian environment. Bebe Vio, Gilda Ambrosio, then moving on to Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi: in short, wedding invitations have never been so social, but on the other hand we could not expect anything different from a couple like this.

As if that weren’t enough, a long line of companies took the opportunity to dedicate part of their production to the event:

  • BMW was the official sponsor;
  • Alitalia has made available an airliner to transport the guests;
  • Among the guests are the major Youtubers and influencers, not just the well-known faces of music and entertainment;
  • Versace and Dior designed the bride and groom’s dresses and Alberta Ferretti those of the bridesmaids;
  • Trudi for the occasion dedicated two soft toys inspired by Chiara and Fedez;
  • Diesel prepared t-shirts with The Ferragnez writing;
  • Prada dressed Ferragni for the pre-wedding evening.

In short, a wedding that is anything but private, not just the union of two guys in love, but the showcase for many brands that have been able to carry out ferocious marketing.

Harvard, Financial Times, Forbes and Barbie, all for Chiara

Since her beginnings, Chiara has linked her name to authoritative names and during the growth of her career she has certainly not contradicted herself.

For Harvard she has become a real case of studies, the Financial Time has included her in the list of female protagonists of digital luxury, finally the influencer has also taken the form of a Barbie.

Then it was the turn of water. Evian has launched an exclusive luxury line with bottles of water with customized packaging with the Ferragni logo. Price: 8 euros per bottle, and despite the criticisms, the 12-bottle family packs at a price of 72.50 euros are immediately sold out.

What then, after all, it is not even the most expensive water in the parterre than those that have famous and luxury brands.

A documentary film on Chiara Ferragni: Unposted

Unposted, a fil documentary on the life of the young influencer but did not have particular success. His story is already so well known that the film gave nothing extra to his fans who were not thrilled.

They probably expected something more, to see a Chiara a little less influencer and a little more human, perhaps struggling with the change of diapers and the regurgitation of Leone. In short, we still need to study, unfortunately the feature film was just an advertisement for the influencer with she is always perfect and never out of place.

But what the fans wanted was an insight into the woman, rather than the successful blogger, on which to know everything you just need to connect to Instagram. After all she is a human being too, beyond the millions earned and the likes she receives every day, she will also have weaknesses.

Unposted was produced with the collaboration of Amazon Prime Video, but it seems that the collapse of e-commerce this time is wrong.

Despite this announced failure, according to the Media Impact Value, the algorithm created by Launchmetrics that calculates the value of a single quote made via print, web or on social media, Unposted is worth 10 million dollars.

The analysis on this is done by measuring the width of a placement and then the cost in terms of advertising. Then we consider the mentions that there are and based on this calculation the value that was generated is 9.98 million dollars. 8.1 million, equal to 82.5% of the total, derive precisely from publications on social networks, while the rest from online media.

According to the Launchmetrics algorithm, Chiara’s publications would have generated about 800 thousand dollars of Media Impact Value, after her Dior, with more than 750 thousand dollars and then the sisters of the Ferragni family, Valentina and Francesca, with little more than $ 700,000 each. In fifth place a great friend of Chiara, Veronica Ferraro with her $ 200,000. So Chiara would be a real King Midas of social media.

Chiara Ferragni and the Leone d’Oro for civic engagement

Chiara Ferragni received the Golden Lion in Venice for civic engagement. The entrepreneur, blogger, influencer and model, told the beauties of Italy, showing lesser-known realities and rediscovering Italian culture in the world.

Chiara Ferragni published the recognition on Instagram obtaining over 400,000 likes, this is the her message:

As many of you know I am a great supporter of Italy and its hidden treasures especially in this difficult time for tourism , and in these days I am in Venice to show you some places still little explored. For having chosen the city of Venice as a treasure to make known to my international public in these three days in the lagoon and for the civic commitment shown for Italy in this period of emergency, reminding everyone of the beauties of which art, the Italian culture and tradition are rich, I was awarded the Golden Lion by the city. This is just the beginning ??


Chiara Ferragni su Instagram, come ha spopolato?

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