Clubhouse, what it is and how this new social network works

Clubhouse is a social network based on audio content. It is divided into rooms and those who have had the good fortune to register can attend the rooms in which these contents are exchanged. And this is the first definition of the new social creature that is becoming popular among fans of SMM .

Because the industry is now saturated, we already have all the social networks available. Or at least this is the appearance , this is the starting point.

Facebook allows us to advertise, reaching all sorts of target Target refers to a group of potential customers to whom a company wants to sell its products or services. The Target is therefore also … . YouTube is perfect for creating video content marketing strategies and Instagram gives everything you need for visual storytelling.

But then what? Opening a new social network capable only of replicating the classic formula based on sharing posts intended as a mix of links, text, photos and videos can be a real suicide . For this there is a need to revolutionize the concept of social networks. Will Clubhouse succeed?

Will it be yet another meteor that arrives, makes a noise and then is incorporated by the Zuckerberg on duty? Here is a small guide to address this issue.

What is Clubhouse, definition and explanation

This is a social network in which you communicate through voice content. Updates are represented by audio messages left by subscribers in specific thematic rooms. The official definition:

Clubhouse was designed to be a space for authentic conversation and expression — where people can have fun, learn, make meaningful connections, and share rich experiences with others around the world.

So we can define this platform as mobile based – therefore usable only via app as with TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat – as a place where you can learn, create connections, have fun.

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How-to-join and join Clubhouse

It will be our commitment to update this paragraph. At the moment, in fact, membership in Clubhouse is still limited . Indeed, there are several stakes:

  • By invitation only.
  • Only for iOS.

There are limited places and not everyone can access the social network network. It will be like this? Most likely not, it’s just a web marketing strategy.

Also because if on the one hand there is a lack of access (among other things based on a limitation of the now anachronistic app, no one develops more apps without thinking about Android), on the other hand we have a huge request . Which is also linked to the presence of important personalities such as:

  • Oprah Winfrey.
  • Drake.
  • Kevin Hart.
  • Chris Rock.

Zuckerberg has also appeared on this platform, without forgetting the peak reached thanks to the arrival of Elon Musk . Which allowed Clubhouse to reach mind-boggling numbers in one day.

In short, a little for the technique of influencer marketing and a bit for the theory of scarcity everyone wants an invitation to Clubhouse. To date it is the only possible solution to enter this new social network.

Who hides behind this social?

This platform was founded by Paul Davison, an entrepreneur, and Rohan Seth, a former Google employee. Together they founded Alpha Exploration , a company founded in February 2020 which opens the social network in April.

And in May of the same year, he raised $ 12 million in funding from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz . Other numbers? It seems that 600,000 users were reached in December 2020 and a value of about 1 billion dollars (source Wikipedia).

Where is the app? And is it only for iOS?

That’s right, it only works on iOS, you can download the application here While on Android the service is not yet active . It will probably be available soon, but at the moment it can only be used on the iPhone.

Download the app from the iPhone store.

In reality this solution has also led to a increase in curiosity and the drive towards the search for a solution. Which, I repeat, should arrive shortly. In the meantime, only those with iPhone can invite and enter.

Clubhouse, 4-points to understand how it works

Of course, everyone wants to join the voice messages social network but first it would be better to be clear on how to manage this tool. Where does your journey begin? Here’s what to know.

1. Profile

Once you have received an invitation you can access the platform through the official app and set up your profile . The operations are more or less similar to those you already know and that you can activate on other social media.

You can add your personal photo, an official name and a bio. Clubhouse leaves room to write a full description of your business.

Remember that the first lines of the biography (about 120 characters) are used as a preview to be displayed in the various rooms. So, as happens also in other circumstances , it is advisable to add in the first passages of the bio the essential concepts of your profession or of the brand .

In the preview of your profile, in addition to photos and snippets of the bio, there is space follower and following . That is who you follow and who follows you.

The links are from Twitter and Instagram, apps that can be linked to your Clubhouse profile through the basic steps of the account.

2. Room

Chat rooms are the real revolution of the Clubhouse concept. They represent the real difference compared to other social realities. How does this discussion system work? We are talking about more or less themed sections created by users in which you can see:

  • The name of the room.
  • Who is present.
  • How many people are there.

The rooms are public, everyone can participate. However, it is also possible to create private rooms to interact only with a limited number of contacts. Clubhouse also shows you a list of all the people online, if they are on the platform and which room they are in.

3. Roles

Clearly there is no maximum freedom of interaction, otherwise every room would be under siege by troublemakers, trolls and characters in the mood to ruin the party (at best with spam and commercial content of various guy). When you enter a room you are simply a listener.

This means you don’t have access to the microphone , you can’t speak under these circumstances, but you can hear the conversation as it unfolds.

While in the audience, you can tap the All Rooms option at the top of the screen to see if there is anything interesting to listen to alternatively, in the meantime continue to sit in the audience of the previous room. Here you can raise your hand (virtually) and ask to speak. But you have to wait and that doesn’t necessarily happen all the time.

Next comes the Clubhouse app speaker role: you can be one if you have opened the room or if you are designated by an internal moderator.

In this case you can decide whether to keep the microphone on or off in order to intervene. Obviously the moderator, the third role that may be present in the room, must give the guidelines to be respected.

Anyone who does not abide by these rules (shifts, duration, moderation of language and more) can be led to silence by the moderator .

4. Privacy

One of the things that made Clubhouse’s fortune: privacy. In a virtual way in which there is increasing attention to dissemination of data and images, Clubhouse suggests this: all messages are deleted the moment the room is closed, they are encrypted and sanctioned.

This happens when they have violent language , abuse, bullying and harassment. Also on Clubhouse you enter with your name and identity verified.

Does clubhouse work? What are the advantages?

Do you like the idea of ​​being involved in this new adventure? I understand, it’s certainly a good idea but above all it represents an ideal starting point for a content-based social network. That is to say?

On something less frivolous than many visual extremes that however maintain the simplicity of use. You don’t have to read, you don’t need to dedicate precise time to learning: Clubhouse combines the simplicity of use of a social network with the depth of a podcast.

Lively fruition

The interesting aspect of this reality is the possibility of programming a delayed listening: while you do something else, you learn, listen, deepen.

And you do it with the fizz of a lively discussion. It is not like the podcast , like the lesson of the teacher who goes up to the desk and talks to the students.

Of course, in certain contexts it can be fine. Indeed, it can be the winning formula. But Clubhouse has on its side the ability to keep the attention alive thanks to an always open discussion.

Without forgetting the liveliness of the Room system which allows you to decide which room you prefer, which are the topics to be addressed, which are the people to follow to always find new content.

Promotion and branding

This is one of the reasons that led many enthusiasts and web professionals marketing to dive into the world of Clubhouse: promotion opportunities. It is clear how the potential is defined in terms of branding , disclosure and advertising of your business.

Clubhouse App
Clubhouse App: how to best use it?

Those who train can create rooms and start in-depth sessions, companies can present products or set up QeA sessions for potential customers . These are just two examples that illustrate a clear theme: the contents are always at the center and with Clubhouse they take on a slightly different but equally useful look.

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Are you using Clubhouse? How?

For sure this can be a great way to get a big following from an attentive and loyal audience. Could it be a way to reevaluate podcast work? Will it replace these tools?

I don’t think so, podcasting is something different. Maybe Clubhouse is something completely different and take advantage of that sector not yet occupied by other social networks. Namely the use of voice messages to create content.

There is already Telegram that with its public channels allows you to exploit the voice as a possible vehicle for the diffusion of value. Do you think it will be battle ?

Zuckerberg has already set foot on the platform, perhaps just to study this phenomenon and figure out whether to buy or replicate it. Shall we bet?

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