Collaborating on Instagram: 7 reasons why I stopped collaborating with brands

Have you ever thought about collaborating on Instagram? Get free branded products shipped to you?

Imagine that as you scroll through the images on Instagram you see a crazy dress.

You click, you inform yourself.

You would like to buy it.

It would be perfect for your friend’s birthday or next Saturday’s beach party.

Only problem.

It costs too much!

An ordinary girl would put a stone on it and she’d let it go.

But not you!

You who dreams of becoming a fashion blogger, who have read this article on my blog and you know that you have the way to becoming an influencer.

I also found myself in this situation.

In the next section, I’ll tell you how I solved it and how I started finding new ways to get things I couldn’t afford before.

In this new article I want to explain to you that you are starting, that you do not know what is behind the world of fashion bloggers and influencers, because at a certain point I decided to say enough.

When I was full of clothes, bijoux, creams and various trinkets, I decided to take a break from collaborating on Instagram.

Are you crazy?

I know, I know.

This may all sound strange to you.

My friends thought I was stupid.

As many think it’s all roses, I want to dispel this myth of collaborating on Instagram.

There are dark sides.

Ready to meet them?

I’ve also prepared this video where I’ll explain a little more to you.

How I started collaborating on Instagram

It was the distant past… December 1st 2018!

What did you expect?

A long career as an influencer?

That I hadn’t used my wallet for years because they sent me everything for free?

Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t.

I started collaborating on Instagram relatively late.

I saw other accounts with fewer followers than me posting sponsored posts every day and I was frustrated.

Why do they get all these cool things for free and I don’t?

Why is no one contacting me?

Those were the questions that bothered me.

I felt somewhat inferior to them, a good-for-nothing.

All my work was not appreciated.

Not only that!

I found a profile a bit ridiculous in which each post makes a clumsy advertisement for this or that product.

It didn’t reflect this at all.

But, at the same time, I wanted to start taking the first steps to collaborate on Instagram.

You know I’ve always liked the world of Instagram.

Taking pictures, showing my personality.

Do you like it too?

I’ve always secretly dreamed of turning this into a job.

Not just a job, but my dream job.

Spending my days not at school listening to people repeating nonsense, not sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day writing who knows what on the computer.

I wanted to live out there. Among the people. On the street.

Spending my time taking pictures, creating something, making art and inspiring the people around me.

This was and is my aspiration.

But how could I turn this into a job if I didn’t start collaborating on Instagram?

I know many of you may think that bloggers often sell out.

They begin to carry the flag of that brand and that of the other … or whatever brand you pay for them.

But it must be said that it is the only way they have to earn a living.

Also, there are ways and ways to offer products to your followers.

The best way is to do it ethically.

I know very famous and talented bloggers who didn’t start collaborating with brands right away.

And even when they started, they only chose highly selected brands that their followers would surely appreciate.

Sometimes it may not seem like it, but bloggers care a lot about their audience.

It was like that for me too.

I didn’t want to disappoint the people who followed me and throw myself into the fray of fake influencers who show pictures on their profile just because they sent them a little something free at home.

Unfortunately, I finally gave in.

I started contacting and being contacted by a lot of small brands.

low-cost clothing brands, creams and cosmetics brands, sportswear, jewelry, hairdryers, straighteners.

I mean, my thing quickly filled up with everything.

The beautiful Pixibeauty boxes have also come to me. Here I have explained to you how to get them too!

Do you remember the story of the gorgeous dress I told you earlier?

Well, it has become a real disease.

When I saw something I liked, computer in hand, I was immediately ready to contact the brand to discuss the possibility of collaborating on Instagram.

And you can’t imagine the joy and satisfaction I felt when she finally said yes!

This is how the beautiful dress ended up at my house at no cost.


Maaaaa… if everything was so good, don’t be here writing this article.

I wouldn’t even tell you it’s often a bad thing.

I want to be totally honest.

Follow me in the next paragraph, I’ll explain the 7 reasons why I stopped collaborating with brands on Instagram.

io dietro il duomo di milano

7 reasons why I stopped collaborating on Instagram

Have you ever imagined such a thing?

You know many people who want to collaborate on Instagram, build relationships with brands and can’t wait for free products to arrive at home.

But there are crazy and unstable people, like me, who at some point decide to give up on all this.

I want to tell you a second thing, if you are planning to collaborate with brands on Instagram.

Nowadays it is essential to have a uniform Instagram profile to get started.

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I hope the 7 reasons below will convince you that I’m not a crazy hysteric, but that sometimes a few less trinkets around the house are better than a lot of hassle.

If what you find below isn’t enough for you, my friend Brigita talked about her experience with Instagram collaborations in this article.

# 1 They don’t pay you

Sorry, I didn’t want to start so hard.

But that’s the sad reality.

At the time of writing this article, I have over 16k followers and I’ve never been paid a cent to post or make a story.

I know, it’s disappointing.

But in the beginning it is like this.

They all tell you that they have no budget but are ready to send you the products you want most.

In the beginning it might be enough.

And I know from personal experience that this is exactly the case.

I liked receiving nice things without spending a euro and I didn’t worry about the fact that I was literally working for free for someone else’s business .

But when the requests start getting high, the stress builds up and you start wondering:

How much do I make from all this?

Well, the answer is zero!

And then you start reviewing the whole strategy.

I decided to talk to you about this first and not leave you in suspense until the very end because this is where my inner struggle was born.

To collaborate or not to collaborate? This is the dilemma.

(Now I paraphrase Shakespeare too!)

And the fact that I wasn’t making any money made me revise everything.

Not only that, I also started to feel tremendously insecure. Here I’ll explain how I got over my insecurity.

Enough, now I don’t want to collaborate with anyone anymore! Goodbye brands, goodbye free things! I’m fine too!

This is what I thought a few nights ago when the stress far outweighed the pleasure of having lots of good things for free.

But that’s not the only reason.

Follow me !

# 2 They don’t appreciate your worth

You know, when they contact you they are all nice, with their super polite text messages but the truth is that they don’t understand what you are worth.

We always return to the same place.

They don’t understand that being an influencer is serious work!

What I offer to brands is advertising through a community that I have built over time and with a lot of effort.

Too bad they sometimes treat you like the girl who has fun on social media.

How should they treat you instead?

Like a pro!

What you actually are doing this job.

I started to feel like my work wasn’t appreciated.

These are just photos you post on social media.

But no! If you have read this article, you know that there is much more to a simple photo.

There is study, work, post-production and knowledge of all the equipment to be used.

All value that needs to be appreciated.

# 3 They try to exploit you in every way

Exploitation? Oh no, not even here!

Already at work we are used to being exploited in every way.

Did I tell you that being an influencer is a job?

See, here’s another proof!

Like all self-respecting jobs, collaborating on Instagram also has an exploitative component.

Let me explain.

You know among the many things I do in my life, pseudo fashion blogger, aspiring influencer, photographer, creative, destroyer and blogger, I also deal with marketing .

I’m just not the right person to bargain with on these things.

I want to tell you something, very important.

Everything you have on your Instagram profile has value.

And by value I mean, a nutshell, euro.

Your stories, the posts you publish, the links you can publish with the swipe up and your link in bio.

Depending on how many people interact with all of these tools, each one has a value.

So if they ask you to publish posts + stories + links in bio you realize that it has more value than just publishing one post.

Right ?

Too bad that many are not aware of it and in order to receive free products they are willing to agree to whatever the brand asks.

And what do they do? They take advantage of it!

More than once I have received very long requests with a thousand points where there was everything.

Post loads of photos, plenty of stories, swipe ups, bio links, hashtags and mentions.

They know what all these things are worth together, but you don’t!

Actually, I’ve almost always agreed to everything.

Except for one thing.

The link in bio!

Girls, only recommendation, if you have a blog, facebook page or anything else in your Instagram bio link, don’t give it to anyone!

At least don’t give it away for some free product, get paid !

It’s one of the most precious things you have on your profile, especially if you don’t have swipe up in stories.

I realized it needed to calm down when a brand asked me to link to their site for a month in my bio.

What ay? They went crazy!

I thought.

Of course I mentioned this. I told him my link in bio wasn’t available and that’s it.

But why is it so valuable?

First of all, if you don’t have the swipe up in your stories, it’s the only link you have on Instagram.

So it is the only way to bring the people who follow you off the social network. On a blog or website for example.

Second, is the only way you can really offer something more to your followers !

Have you ever clicked on my link in Instagram bio?

Refer to this page, where I explain everything I can offer on my blog and invite you to download my free guide on the 7 secrets of fashion bloggers.

By the way, if you haven’t read it yet, you can download it by filling in the fields below!

Without that my profile is just a photo container and not a community, which is what it aspires to become!

# 4 They contact you everywhere

You know, sometimes it’s stressful.


Open Instagram to find some entertainment and you will find messages from people asking when you publish this or that photo or this or that story.

They contact you and ask if the package has arrived ( but you don’t have the tracking of the shipment, sorry ?! ).

Go to your email and it’s full of messages asking you for explanations and stuff of various kinds.

Can you send us your photos?

When will you publish them?

Remember we still need 2!

You can imagine it’s not exactly the happiest thing in the world not to have even a channel where they leave you alone.

I know it’s part of the job, but it takes some discipline.

You know I learned that you have to educate the people you work with.

Slowly I tried to get less and less contacted by private message on Instagram and I moved everyone to the email.

Why ?

So I have no pain in the ass and can only decide to reply to messages when I plan to open the email.

A big reduction in the stress and tension that organizing all these sponsorships can bring.

We’ve passed half of my complaints.

Do you still think it’s great to collaborate with brands?

If I convinced you at least a little why don’t you share this post with some of your friends? Would you let her discover this background that no one tells you about the world of influencers!

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Let’s move on to motivation number 5.

# 5 They impose their standards with little professionalism

Something like this happened to me once.

A brand contacts me via email.

I say I’m not interested in the type of product, but they insist that they have this for this month but then they could have offered me products more in line with my style.

I think, okay. After all, I like to show something new in photos.

In short, they ask me for my address, they send me things but they still don’t tell me anything about what to do.

The instructions come along with the email telling me the package was already on its way to me.

But what? Do they also call this professionalism?

Sometimes I feel like I’m dealing with real idiots!

Even children know that before doing a job you have to agree, understand what both parties have to do but above all understand if you are able.

Those over there send me things not even if they were gold and then they expected me not to negotiate the terms even a little.

Be careful!

Brands try to impose their standards in every way to get more exposure.

They want you to put their hashtags and mention to their account in plain sight.

The photos must have a certain style and a certain color because, if they look good, then they post them on their website.

Sometimes I have been asked to mention the brand account in the first line of the photo caption or they have even written me entire pieces to be included in the photo caption.

Almost everything I didn’t do of course!

Why ?

You must always maintain your own style of photos, writing and in general your own personal style that distinguishes you.

That’s the only reason people follow you!

For your authenticity, for what you inspire and what you can offer them.

If you become just an advertising product, not only will people no longer follow you like they used to but your value will decrease accordingly.

What a lot of girls don’t understand is that by doing everything the brands tell them they may get more bad partnerships in the short term, but they are entirely at stake for the chance to grow , create influential accounts and collaborate. in the future with major brands.

Better a chicken today or an egg tomorrow?

# 6 Collaborating on Instagram kills your creativity

There were times when I felt overwhelmed by the demands of brands.

I was there, I wanted to take beautiful photos, express what I felt, my emotions, my way of seeing the world.

What about?

Who knows if they’ll like this photo. Now I make it a little warmer because it takes place during this period.

I didn’t realize that I wasn’t taking pictures for myself, but only and only for them to appreciate.

I was destroying my creativity for what little trinkets all this could offer me.

Wrong !

But you can only understand this if you are in that situation.

I’m not here to blame you if it happened to you too. I felt that way too.

But I realized that the most important thing was to express myself, take the photos I liked and share them with the world.

So I decided to experiment and do more of my own!

# 7 They alienate you from your followers

Do you know what the secret of success on social and blogging is?


Without relationships with people, you can’t go anywhere.

I know this point is the last, but don’t underestimate it. For me it is really the most important.

I care about every single reader of my blog , every single follower and I know that you are the backbone, the backbone of everything.

You are what I write for here.

You are here to seek inspiration from my adventures and misfortunes and I try to understand every day what I can offer to make you a better person.

It’s a reciprocal exchange.


Selling your image, your personality to a brand makes you lose this unique relationship with people.

You are no longer yourself and they no longer recognize you.

As a result, they will stop following you.

Ed an Instagram profile or a blog without people who love and support you becomes a simple, sad diary.

Be very concerned about the relationship with your followers and what you can offer them.

I know for a fact that if you give them 100% of you, they’ll reward you with something beyond that!

duomo di milano

How I intend to collaborate on Instagram from now on

From now on …

Something has to change!

The approach I had used so far, that is get collaborations on Instagram while you can , I can no longer support it.

I can’t.

Neither for me nor for those who follow me.


I decided to take a break for a while. I still don’t know for how long.

I will no longer contact any brands and will carefully evaluate all those who contact me.

I want to focus on creating more value for everyone.

Instead of wasting time and stressing myself out with the stupid requests of small brands that try to exploit inexperienced and inexperienced girls to earn some free advertising, I want to write more.

Focus on my creative process. Improve it.

Take better photos, more interesting articles. Create a podcast, understand how Spreaker and other such platforms work.

I want to make a difference.

If I really find some serious brand that wants to spread their value, that respects the work of influencers and is ready to join me to create something that my followers can really enjoy, then I will be happy to collaborate.

Otherwise, I’m sorry, but I’d rather focus on developing my creativity.

In the video below, I’ll tell you more about other aspects of collaborations on Instagram.


When I started writing, I didn’t think there were so many things to say.

I knew that collaborating on Instagram is a topic that intrigues many and I wanted to explain well a few things behind it.

The positives can be found almost everywhere.

Everyone is ready to wave them in your face for you to buy their courses and the like.

But nobody really tells you what all the dark sides are.

This is what I’ve been trying to do.

If you have any questions or curiosities, I’m happy to answer you in the COMMENTS below .

You know a lot of people are shy, or they don’t write to me because they think I don’t read the comments.

Know that I am on the blog every day and I read everything they write to me below before anything else.

Plus, don’t be shy about your ideas and what you think.

See you in the comments!

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