Collaborations with companies on Instagram: How to get started right away while others are watching

Forging partnerships with companies on Instagram may seem impossible , but I assure you it’s easier than you think.

There are a lot of brands that are looking for capable girls who know how to offer their products at their best and in an authentic way. Influencers are now earning incredible amounts.

But first you need to explain something important.

There are two ways to partner with businesses on Instagram.

▶ ️ Receive free products . Clothes, accessories or maybe being invited to a hotel or to eat in a restaurant for free. All things that allow you to receive everything you want without spending a euro but that do not actually make you earn.

▶ ️ Paid sponsorships . With these you can enter the world of professionals on Instagram and turn your influencer hobby into a real job. You will create your business and your business and at that point you will enter into real monetary contracts with companies.

Which one are you most interested in?

The second is definitely a real dream, being able to finally receive some money is a great satisfaction. You can quit your job and focus on producing content full time.

But let’s go in order.

In this article I want to explain how you can start finding the first collaborations with companies on Instagram.

Read on if you have a well-curated Instagram profile of 5,000+ followers and would like to start doing something about it. But even if you still have a personal profile and want to start your climb to make money with Instagram.

You have to start somewhere after all!

Better to start having some free products or payments of a few tens of euros for a small collaboration rather than just watching.

What about you? Do you want to take the field immediately? ?

Then start reading now!

collaborazioni con aziende

Collaborations with companies on Instagram: Why brands want to collaborate with you

TV, newspapers, radio are all means that companies used up to 10 years ago to successfully sponsor their products.

What happened at some point?

Social networks have arrived, the world of the internet and everything has changed radically. A new powerful medium has been born on which people spend most of their time and where it is necessary to be present to grab their attention.

Because that’s the whole point of any sponsorship or advertising campaign.

Knowing how to capture attention.

And to capture the attention of people interested in the product or service to be sponsored, we need to go where people turn their attention.

Why Instagram?

People are more present in that place than anywhere else. We are at the bar, with friends, shopping, we can be alone in the crowd, we never give up a good shake on the feed.

And don’t think this is very far from you. Finding the motivation to apply for collaborations on Instagram and stop thinking “now there are so many bloggers and influencers why should they choose me?” starts from understanding this fundamental concept.

In 2019, brands prefer to pay influencers rather than go to the newspapers or on TV

This is really happening.

Rather than paying for an article in a magazine or a radio commercial, brands turn to influencers.

And the reason comes from what I told you a little while ago. We are more present on Instagram than anywhere else.

Not only is social media able to capture our attention but also to hold it back to the point that we spend an hour shaking and we don’t know how this is possible.

Has this ever happened to you?

I try to minimize the number of times I grab my phone to go to Instagram, precisely because it’s a deadly attention grabbing machine.

So what’s your role as an influencer with companies?

Knowing how to best capture this attention and direct it towards the product you are asked to sponsor. Hence the word influencer, which is a bit different from being a fashion blogger.

Knowing how to influence someone’s buying choices isn’t that easy . You must create a relationship of trust with people but above all be careful not to go beyond your skills.

I told you more about it in the free guide I give to all members of my community.

If you want to download the ebook for free in which I explain 8 techniques to increase your Instagram followers and create a following worth thousands of euros, you can enter your email below and you will receive it immediately in the your inbox! ?

What requirements must your Instagram account have to apply for collaborations with companies?

It happens to everyone “not feeling enough” . It happened to me too. I had already passed 10k on Instagram and I still didn’t feel able to ask companies for collaborations.

Then something happened to me.

I started seeing smaller, uglier profiles than me getting loads of free products a month. So I thought:

“Am I the only fool here? I have to try too! ”

Obviously not all profiles are suitable for collaborating with companies, receive free products or even get paid. But if you have all the requirements that I explain below, you will surely be a few steps ahead of all the others!

Talk about a clear and precise topic

There are a lot of profiles on Instagram that aim to offer advertising services. It is no longer like in the beginning that it was enough to talk about any topic and you were showered with money.

If you stick to very general topics like travel, fashion, food, you really need to have an account with lots of followers to hope to get some collaboration (and they don’t necessarily pay you).

Instead, aim to create a profile in which you talk about a specific topic . I already told you about it when I told you how to start an Instagram profile and find your niche.

You need to find a sub-category of the topic you’d like to talk about and stay super faithful to that.

That means 90% of your Instagram posts and stories have to talk about that. I know it’s tempting to start talking about anything that comes to your mind, especially when you start to have some success.

But believe me, this will bring you more problems than anything else, especially because, paradoxically, your chances of collaborating with companies will be reduced .

Your purpose on Instagram must be to create a community that is interested in a specific topic, no matter how big it is.

And now I’m talking about numbers! ?

Numbers matter

I can’t deny it.

It is true that what matters is how many people are really interested in what you post but it is also true that there is a lot of ignorance around when it comes to Instagram.

There are still quite a few companies looking for profiles with a certain number of followers, likes or comments and they don’t care about the quality of these numbers. They could have been obtained thanks to Instagram PODs or the account made one of these errors on the social network.

In general, you can manage to get partnerships with companies starting from a few thousand followers . Even 2000-3000 followers can already be good if they follow you closely and are interested in what you post.

The ideal, however, is to have 10k or more . This way, you have swipe up in the stories and can insert direct links to the products they ask you to sponsor. This means significantly increasing the value of your sponsorship.

But let’s move on, all of this must be linked to a good interaction from your followers with posts. Let’s talk about engagement which is a number that measures how much your followers interact with your photos.

Instagram always tries to reduce natural interactions under posts so that creators and businesses pay to reach more people. So that’s another number you need to be very careful about.

From 2% it’s usually already good, but obviously the higher it is, the more power you will have with the brand.

To find out what the engagement of your Instagram profile is, just go to Ninjalitcs and enter your username in the field in the center of the page.

It really takes 30 seconds! ?

Understanding the needs of the brand

You may have the best profile in the world, but if you don’t understand what the brand wants, you’re not going anywhere.

It is not certain that they are looking for immediate sales, they may also be interested only in creating knowledge of a new product or company.

Not only that.

The audience you target also matters. If you let them know immediately that your topic attracts people who have a certain affinity for the company’s product, they will be much more likely to collaborate.

Now I’ll explain how you can communicate all this information and find many brands interested in collaborating with your Instagram account!

Here’s how I got my first collaboration on Instagram!

I know it sounds weird, but until you throw yourself in and take action, you’ll never get what you want.

When I realized this, I knew I had to do something. I wanted to collaborate with companies and start turning my Instagram account @ monicpirozzi into a real job.

What was the first step I took?

I wrote a nice email , introducing myself as the owner of the @ monicpirozzi Instagram account. I explained what I was doing and what the main interests of the people who followed me were.

I asked them if they were interested in collaborating with my profile to sponsor their product and, finally, I added a paragraph in which I explained in detail why it would be interesting for the company to collaborate with me.

You have to try to write down all the reasons that come to your mind. Think about all your strengths that differentiate you from other profiles out there.

I’ll give you some ideas.

  1. I created very special photographic content
  2. You have a loyal audience and this is proven by high engagement
  3. What you talk about is very similar to the brand’s products (example, you talk about candles and you go to a candle shop)
  4. You have other channels on which you can share content (blogs, newsletters, pinterest, etc.)
  5. You can create captivating captions, thanks to an exceptional storytelling


After all, brands don’t collaborate with you because you have a good profile but for results. Write it clearly, this will surely increase the chances of a response! ?

Now go to Instagram and start looking for companies to send this email to. You have several opportunities.

▶ ️ Go directly to the search on Instagram and enter the words that are closest to the topic of your profile. If you are talking about bags, you could write bags in the search and see if there are small specific brands in this category.

▶ ️ Go to internet and look for shops, even in your city, that sell the product you are interested in.

▶ ️ The smartest and fastest way, go to the profiles of small influencers and see which are the latest brands they have collaborated with. In this way, you will have the certainty that the company is willing to collaborate and look for profiles with the same number of followers as you.

Please, don’t throw yourself into big-name brands. Looking at profiles similar to yours you can understand who you can aspire to, then it will be only your experience that will make you step up a level and start receiving money in exchange for a collaboration.

Now you just have to send this email to 10 companies a day.

Yes, you got it right! Most of them won’t even read your email, others will tell you that their team is already full, or that you don’t qualify.

Very few of them will say yes.

You have to play on quantity and consistency . I assure you that I did it too and soon I had a house full of objects that came from all over the world!

Ok, maybe I was a bit exaggerated at first I admit it.

But by sending 10 emails a day, for days on end, I made myself known to a lot of brands that were already collaborating with other girls like me on Instagram. If they were looking for influencers to expand their team… then I was playing bingo!

Seeing is believing! ?

Have you ever collaborated with companies on Instagram?

How about sharing your experience in the comments below? ?

I started about a year ago, just in the way I explained to you in the article (didn’t I hide anything from you?). Since then I have been able to make myself appreciated by numerous small brands looking for girls to show their products, reach an interested audience and create content for their social networks.

Some have contacted me and I have formed collaborations that still last today.

You know, the world of collaborations is a bit tough sometimes, so I decided to take a break for a while. I also wrote to you because I stopped collaborating with brands and companies on Instagram.

Apart from this moment of crisis, it is really nice to be able to offer our followers products that we like and that we will use them with pleasure.

I would be happy if you shared this article with some friends who have a few thousand followers on Instagram and would like to start collaborating with companies.

Here are the social buttons! ?

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That’s it with that. See you soon.


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