Collaborations with cosmetic companies on Instagram: Interview with Giulia Martucci

How do you get collaborations with cosmetic companies on Instagram?

How do you manage a profile and how do you build a following that really matters?

I’m glad you’re here because this is a one-of-a-kind article.

I am opening a new type of blog post to give you even more inspiration and motivation.

It might seem that starting collaborating on Instagram, becoming an influencer, receiving free products , are all far-fetched things, which only exist outside our reality. Influencers actually make a lot of money.

I follow a lot of really good girls who don’t just post photos but who try to value the community and the people who follow them.

All these girls risk remaining anonymous, submerged by the crush of Instagram.

With this new type of article I have decided to prune them in the open.

The idea is to interview micro-influencers and small bloggers who have managed to achieve, in their own small way, some success.

She thinks it’s great to draw inspiration from other people who have got their hands dirty and managed to get results.

Not only that, I want you to understand how everything I tell you on this blog is not made up but that there are people out there who apply these strategies and manage to achieve noteworthy goals.

Are we ready to discover the first guest?

Who is Giulia and why she is here to talk to you about collaborations with cosmetic companies

I didn’t start with a random person.

I had a thousand ideas, a thousand doubts about which girl to contact first.

You will probably know the chronic insecurity that assails you when you want to do something new.

Who knows if they’ll answer, if they’ll accept. What if they say no?

All these doubts led me to procrastinate and postpone the request for interviews for a while, until I came up with a very interesting topic to talk about .

As you have seen around the web, the world of cosmetics is becoming very popular with bloggers and influencers.

Cosmetic companies are really indulging in launching fantastic products that they advertise and distribute on social media.

You know, I always want to encourage you to do more, to make you understand that some things seen from the outside are impossible but that, after all, are within everyone’s reach.

I broached the same topic when I told you about how to partner with pixibeauty on Instagram.

The aim now is to go deeper into the matter.

I set out to explain how to get collaborations with cosmetic companies .

And get free cosmetics thanks to Instagram of course.

So I thought

Who better than Giulia can tell you how to do it?

A person I respect very much, with a truly impeccable ethics. Her advice is always accurate and sincere.

You really can’t go wrong with her when choosing a product.

Let’s go and see who Giulia is and what she is doing here on the blog!

Who is Giulia


Marketing student, she lives in Milan.

Beauty influencer on Instagram.

Vintage Aesthetic.

Feel free to click on the image if you want to take a look at her Instagram profile.

Giulia Martucci Profilo Instagram

Giulia’s experience with brands on Instagram

Her story is truly unique.

Do you know why?

Dispel one of the many myths about the world of collaborations with brands on Instagram.

You need to have a lot of followers to receive free products.

As you can see, with just 5,000 followers, it has already managed to make its way into this world and be appreciated by companies.

And I’m happy to have her here because it shows that everything I tell every day on my blog and on my Instagram profile is not nonsense.

I have stressed several times that you shouldn’t get discouraged or wait for big numbers to join the fray .

And for the first time, I won’t be the only one to say it.

Giulia is here to tell you all this.

What she will share will only be the result of her experience as a blogger and she will be able to give you practical ideas and a lot of inspiration to start your journey.

No philosophical disquisitions or far-fetched theories, just what happens in practice, every day, behind the mysterious world of Instagram , of which you are lucky enough to be a part.

Collaborations with cosmetic companies: I pass the word to Giulia

If you understand something about Instagram, you will have understood that by now the social network is saturated with content and accounts that try to emerge .

I already told you on another occasion about how to start an Instagram profile and how important it is to create your own unique identity.

Not only that!

Once you have found your identity, you need to express it and pass it on to people.

How ?

Through images and videos, which are the two tools that Instagram makes available to us in different ways.

If you’ve tried it too, you’ll know that creating original content and lots of it isn’t easy. I often try to inspire you by explaining how I organize my fashion shoots or how I draw inspiration from the events of my life to create photos to publish.

But that’s not enough.

You will soon have the opportunity to meet Giulia.

I tried to bring out, through the questions, what was her story and her journey on Instagram.

How she went through all those steps I often tell you about on the blog and define her style and her identity.

All this allows her to be constantly contacted by brands to discuss collaborations with cosmetic companies.

Thanks to Giulia for taking the time to dedicate to this interview and I leave the floor to her!

Last thing before you start!

Take a look at her Instagram profile @giuliamartu, she will help you better understand the contents of this interview.

1) How did you find the topic to talk about on your profile?

I think the topic to discuss on my profile found me!

Surely it wasn’t a real choice, I just started photographing what I was passionate about (make-up in the beginning!) and gradually my profile transformed along with the my interests and tastes reaching a form similar to that of a personal blog in which to express myself more and less the products themselves.

In fact, I started sharing my favorite books, my travels and the art that I am lucky enough to be able to admire (but let’s face it, the selfies are still there!) and in this way I met beautiful people with whom to share opinions and I admire, in turn, stories and photographs.

2) How do you find new ideas and inspiration to create your content?

New ideas and inspirations come in very different ways .

Sometimes I’m looking for the “perfect” shot and I only find it when, tired and a little dejected from not being able to get what I had in mind, I start moving objects to put them back in order.

From the randomness of a more spontaneous and less studied movement sometimes better and (certainly) more authentic photographs emerge.

Another source of inspiration are undoubtedly the photographs and images I find on Instagram and Pinterest (an app that I particularly love!).

3) How do you create the images you publish? Do you use any equipment or apps in particular?

I don’t have any big equipment, I use my trusty Iphone SE and take pictures myself.

As for the apps I use for editing, currently on my phone there are VSCO, Bazaart, RNI films and Lightroom for photos, while I use 8mm and Unfold for videos.

4) How did you start getting collaborations with cosmetic companies and how do you relate to them?

I started collaborating about 2 years ago, when I won a contest on Instagram and was lucky enough to receive products to review on my profile, which was small at the time small !

In the past it was certainly me who wrote to the brands and tried to get a collaboration, now it is mostly the brands themselves who contact me by mail or direct, also because today I am certainly more selective and not so eager to receive products for the fun of it.

5) Do you remember a particularly positive experience you had when collaborating with a brand?

I can say that I have mainly had positive experiences with the brands I have collaborated with and that I have had free rein in creating content and reviews regarding their products.

Estée Lauder was the first brand I collaborated with and which gave me the opportunity to do so when I still did not have the “right” numbers and for this I can only say nice words.

It was my first experience as a “blogger” and they were the first events I attended, a wonderful experience!

Well, maybe events are my favorite aspect of my experience on Instagram!

6) Would you like it instead of sharing a negative experience?

Unfortunately, there were some not very positive experiences, especially at the beginning when I accepted collaborations that I wasn’t 100% sure of and when I still didn’t know how they worked!

Dispassionate advice: do not accept collaborations for products that you are not really happy and curious to try! If you are not totally sure about some point of the “conditions” set by the brand, try to talk about it immediately and find a meeting point! (Bargaining can and should not be felt “guilty” by doing it!)

7) Any advice for those who want to start on Instagram and receive collaborations with cosmetic companies?

The only advice I can give is commit, post regularly and try to make the most of Instagram to get to know people, places and things that we otherwise would not have been able to discover!

The competition is sky high and sometimes it seems that Instagram itself is rowing against you, but the important thing is to do your best and have fun doing it!

My profile may not be the most popular on the app, but it certainly makes me happy and allows me to get in touch with many beautiful people!

8) What are your favorite accounts on the platform?

The list of my favorite accounts could easily be endless, but if you have to choose, I recommend you take a look at the accounts of: @heyhegia, @sophiaippoliti, @_constance_d, @sarahjaneasquith, @commeununfairytale, very kind girls as well as beautiful and super talented !

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What do you think?

I must say that Giulia managed to get the words out of my mouth!

I fully share her point of view and I wanted to underline some particularly significant points.

A small checklist of what you can take home from this chat .

  1. passion is the push we need to undertake a new project
  2. Sometimes the obsessive search for the perfect photo leads us to create unsatisfactory content. Better to follow instinct and rely on spontaneity
  3. You don’t need cameras and professional equipment to take great pictures
  4. You can be chosen for collaborations with cosmetic companies on Instagram even with few followers
  5. Sponsoring products is a job and you must maintain a certain ethics but above all never forget that you are dealing with serious companies
  6. commitment will not replace any appropriate technique or trick!

Write your questions for Giulia in the comments below.

We will be happy to answer your questions.

Please follow her on Instagram @giuliamartu, and I’m sure you’ll earn a lot of inspiration to start your journey as a blogger and influencer.

Talk to you soon.

Namasté Monica Pirozzi



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