Comment Bombing: The secret technique for growing on Instagram in 2020

It has become so difficult to grow up on Instagram that I had to invent the Comment Bombing technique!

I opened my Instagram @ monicpirozzi profile more than 3 years ago, when things were very different from now. Growing up was easy with a few tricks right.

I know guys who have made their dream of traveling the world come true and getting paid for it. I’m talking about the @ _dgtravel_ couple who now boast a following of 150k +, are Sony partners and go around the most beautiful resorts in the world pocketing insane bucks.

Do you also have a dream like this that you want to fulfill?

If it’s not traveling the world, then it can be having a life similar to that of Ferragni.

Don’t set limits and don’t try to look like someone else. The beauty of social media is that we ourselves can invent our own life.

Nothing has already been written and the secret to success DESPITE EVERYTHING is to do something different and put passion into it.

And by despite everything I mean even if the Instagram algorithm is rowing against us and increasingly reduces visibility.

If you want to grow your Instagram profile and can no longer see it drifting due to temporary freezes and constant updates, here I will give you what you are looking for.

I went through a moment of crisis when I thought I’d give up everything after the job and that Instagram was no longer for me.

I’m happy to tell you I had to change my mind and I’ll tell you why.

The best way to be successful on Instagram is to understand how the platform thinks.

Do you know why I couldn’t get anything done and my followers were dwindling?

Because I was trying to apply old techniques, outdated that no longer fit into Instagram’s new way of thinking. Everything has started to change and we too must evolve accordingly.

It would be like thinking of leaving for New York by ship in 2020 instead of taking the plane! Expensive, a waste of resources and you arrive at your destination (assuming you get there) exhausted and taking much longer than those who decide to take the plane.

Here, in this article I want to offer you a first class ticket on the plane that will take you to YOUR success on Instagram.

If there is really one thing that I have seen work and that I believe can be used in a positive way on Instagram in 2020, it is precisely this technique that I have dubbed as Comment Bombing.

In the next few lines I will explain what it is, what are the steps to make the most of it and why it will allow you to grow on Instagram without using BOTs or sponsorships .

aumentare follower Instagram

So what is this Comment Bombing?

In the darkest moments, when I thought everything was drifting away, I thought I had to come up with something. The solution came just when I stopped looking for it and started interacting sincerely with other accounts like mine.

At that point I thought – why not find a formula that would work for other profiles as well?

Inspired by Like Bombing, I thought of this technique in which the protagonists were no longer the likes, now eliminated and very mistreated by Instagram, but interactions of higher value such as comments.

Comment Bombing consists of bombarding a post with comments within minutes of being published.

That’s all. As simple as it is effective.

Because Comment Bombing is a technique that can work to grow on Instagram in 2020.

Being on Instagram is a bit like starting a love affair.

No. I’m not kidding. If you want to be there you have to really feel a crazy love that pushes you to understand him when he throws a tantrum and adapt to his constant changes.

On Instagram, as in a relationship, it’s important to understand each other.

What’s all this about?

If we don’t fully understand the mechanics of Instagram, whatever techniques we try to use to grow will backfire.

This is why comment bombing works, because it follows the direction that social media is taking right now.

Let me explain.

Quantity or Quality?

Until a few months ago, I was obsessed with publishing once a day. Everyday. Any day of the year (even at Christmas and August if you’re wondering!).

I thought quantity was everything and, in a way, Instagram is just what it was asking for at the time. He was developing, he needed content and rewarded everyone who consistently gave it to him.

But now?

Things are changing. We are getting closer and closer to what is the saturation point, that moment when users are no longer growing as fast as before and there is a lot of content crowding our boards.

If before, even lower quality photos could make their way, now you need to produce content that really stands out. If Instagram can choose which photo to show, it will show the higher quality one.

Not only that.

If previously a post lost its effectiveness after a maximum of three hours from publication, now Instagram is showing on the Explore page even posts that are a few days old.

Quantity is increasingly giving way to quality.

In content as well as interactions. If before getting a lot of likes it was fine to promote the post for free now … what should I do?

Get as many quality comments as possible. And try to receive them within 15 minutes of posting.

Testing on my profile, I found out just how getting 4-5 quality comments under my posts within 15 minutes of posting had a crazy effect on the people the post reached.

Not only is the photo pushed higher on my followers’ wall, but I ended up getting loads of views from the Hashtags and Explore page as well.

The goal is therefore to bombard the post with comments as close as possible to the publication.

Want to know how?

Far crescere un profilo Instagram

The steps to use Comment Bombing intelligently.

I warn you, this technique is a bit slow in starting but I assure you that once started it will give you great satisfaction.

But there is also another thing you need to know. This is a rather manual technique which will take you a little while. It’s not like a BOT that you set it up and go it alone (this is the drawback of not using automations).

There will always be a need for your manual intervention so it’s not suitable if you manage a lot of Instagram accounts (and you don’t get a lot of pay for it XD).

That said, the two of us!

1. Go looking for contacts.

In a previous article explaining how to have lots of Instagram followers and the 8 techniques that work in 2020, I stressed how important relationships are in your strategy.

Interacting with others and building links with similar accounts to ours can make a real difference.

Remember that we are not islands but we are within a system where we need others to grow.

In this first phase, this is exactly what you are going to do. Build your contact list to collaborate with.

How to do it?

Turn to Instagram, go to the Explore page and see suggested contacts. Start commenting under their posts. Then, open the list of people who have liked the last photo of some famous Instagrammer and leave quality comments under their latest posts.

Interact as much as you can, go social, get your hands dirty and take the first step. You can’t expect others to interact with you if you don’t do anything for them.

Now I’ll let you know what all this makes sense.

2. Create your account list.

After a few hours (or days) some of these accounts will come back to your profile, visit it and maybe leave a comment under your latest post.

At that point, you’ve spotted someone who is naturally playing the game. It’s not like a classic Instagram POD or comment exchange group where we are forced to do this.

Here we make people naturally reciprocate us by making the whole process truly organic.

Open a note on your mobile phone and copy the URL of the profiles that have returned the comment you left them by writing under your post.

You can find the URL by going to the profile page you have chosen, clicking on the three dots at the top right and then on Copy Profile URL .

This will take you slowly to building your contact list.

Always be on the lookout, build a list of dozens of accounts. They will be super useful at the right time!

3. Comment!

The contact list you have built will be your gold mine.

You have dozens of active, quality profiles similar to yours that are ready to interact with your posts as soon as you give them the opportunity.

You can use it this way.

30 min before posting a new post on your profile, open your contact list and leave a quality comment under the latest photos of all of them .

By quality comment I mean a caption that is inherent to the photo, that answers the question asked in the caption, at least five words and maybe even with some emoji.

No comments that seem fake, we need to take care of our list as much as possible!

This will take about ten minutes.


As soon as you publish your post, especially if you do it at a time when your contact list accounts are active, they will all start reciprocating and you will find the post full of comments!

All of this will be very favorably seen by the Instagram algorithm that will push your posts up and give them a lot of visibility.

It also begins to answer exhaustively to all the comments that come to you in order to encourage even more interaction.

Continue in the following days, even if you don’t publish any posts.

Comments have become the interaction that matters most not only to determine the visibility of your post but also to make an outside eye judge the quality of your account.

To see if a profile receives interactions, since we can no longer see the number of likes, we must necessarily rely on the number of comments!

comment bombing

What do you think of this technique? Have you ever experienced something like this?

I hope this article has opened your mind, but most of all that you will start experimenting right away. I haven’t heard much about it and we can be among the first to use it.

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