Communicating on social media at the time of the Corona Virus: some tips

After the live broadcast on Friday 13 on Instagram together with Roberta Creazzo on the changes that a Editorial Plan should undergo during an emergency like the one we are experiencing these days, I thought I’d write an article about it.

If many brands have put a stop to communication on social networks (Eg: Nutella, Airbnb and many others) since the state of emergency was declared in Italy, others have decided, instead, to adapt their contents to the situation. Who is right, then, who stops everything or who changes communication strategy? I’ll tell you my opinion.

Because I believe that continuing to communicate on social networks is important

Social platforms are the bridge between brands and end consumers, therefore represent a invaluable communication channel , which allows us to stay close to users, especially in moments like these, in which most people are forced to stay at home and – probably – it is easier to find them on social networks.

I also believe that by disappearing from the social channels, presided over until that moment, a very specific message is given: we are in trouble and you users are no longer our priority . It may be understandable, of course, but let’s then ask ourselves how many of those users we have kept linked to our Facebook page or Instagram profile to sell them our products will come back to follow us.

This, in my opinion, is the time to make a difference and above all to stay in people’s minds , giving useful informative and valuable content, and launch a positive message : we are here and we are with you right now!

Communicate on social networks yes, but with intelligence and common sense

If I believe that communication on social media by a brand should not stop due to the Corona Virus emergency, on the other hand I think even in this moment more than ever it is important to have common sense and we must dose the words well.

People’s susceptibility is skyrocketing and a wrong word or a misunderstood phrase risks creating a crisis situation at unmanageable levels even for a professional social media manager – obviously if you rely on a good social media manager it is difficult to happen, but if you take care of your communication independently, the risk is just around the corner.

The same goes for advertising campaigns: stop the irrelevant ones and limit those related to the sale (use common sense here too). If you are a travel agency, for example, avoid advertisements that invite you to book your next trip (even if you promise a refund without penalty in case of cancellation), it is still too early and you only risk creating a negative perception around your brand. .

Since a strong economic crisis is at the door, not only for Italy but worldwide, we try not to invest the money – in case we have it available, because we must also consider this – on obsolete sales campaigns (hardly people buy non-essential goods in this period), but rather let’s use it for the dissemination of useful content, that increase and affirm your brand awareness.

Here are some examples of campaigns that I find optimal right now:

Adidas Training offers its training programs to do at home for free.
The COSO COMODO home shopping service becomes free for the most affected regions, to facilitate compliance with the provisions to be part of the government. #iorestoacasa
This Pharmacy offers the home delivery service of drugs, in compliance with the regulations, in particular for subjects more at risk.

Some ideas to change the Editorial Plan on social media at the time of the Corona Virus

Here are some ideas from which you can draw inspiration to adapt the Editorial Plan of your business , which obviously will have to be declined on the basis of the type of brand you represent.

What to publish on social media at the time of the Corona Virus:

  • Updates related to your sector by sharing articles from newspapers or creating content for your blog (strategy that I am already applying with Visit Usa Italy)
  • If you sell services, offer advice to your potential and acquired customers in view of the return to normal (as I am doing with Welcomeasy , an app for managing guest check-in designed for those who work in the world of tourist rentals)
  • Advice in a nutshell, to better face life within the four walls of your home as, for example, Leroy Merlin
  • If you deal with tourism, cultivate the relationship with your users by sharing new itineraries and travel ideas from which they can take inspiration for their next vacation (we are doing it with Visit Usa Italy )
  • Live program to stay in touch with your audience (Ex: Jaya Yoga in Venice is holding one-hour Yoga lessons on its Facebook page or the Osteria i Rustegh i who with #aperitividigitali explains the characteristics of the wines on sale in his restaurant and which recipes to combine with them, or the violinist Laura Calcagno plays on Instagram to brighten people’s days … and then there’s me with #IlSocialAperitivo, a cycle there live on my Instagram profile to train with many professionals, talking about marketing and communication)


  • Revolutionize the content of your editorial plan by adapting the copy and creativity to the historical moment we are living.

Obviously, these suggestions are intended in general, but they must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. What I believe is that those who pause their communication on social networks risk, tomorrow, to recover the relationship with their customers with much more difficulty.

What is your opinion on the subject? Tell me about it in the comments!

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