Competition on Instagram: here are the secrets

Sometimes famous brands and brands launch lotteries to participate in to win products; both multinational companies and small businesses use Instagram to launch a new product and to find new followers, and to do so they resort to competitions and lotteries.

But how should you create and organize a contest on Instagram? If you want to increase your visibility on Instagram or if you are at the beginning of your climb towards Instagram notoriety, opening a contest on Instagram is definitely a suitable tool for this purpose .

We all like to participate in a contest for the chance to win something for free. In the end, trying your luck costs nothing. So why not try running a contest to attract new followers? Follow our advice to structure a contest on Instagram in compliance with regulations and post quality .

Description, hashtag, photo, product, publication time are the variants to be taken into consideration for a quality post on a visual and visibility level. Then make yourself comfortable, read carefully what we are about to explain, and have fun!

Why organize a contest on Instagram?

There are many reasons for organizing a contest on Instagram, from attracting new people to profile, to increase interactions in posts, or even simply, to make followers who are already fond of the profile participate and happy.

But in particular there are two main objectives to be achieved. Let’s see which are the most interesting ones.


  • Exponentially increase the number of followers
  • Greater involvement of the public

Once these objectives have been established, how should you organize Instagram contests properly done? It is important, first of all, to offer followers a milestone, a win, a reward consisting of a product or service offered by you and, in return, ask:

  • To follow the your Instagram account
  • Like the contest post and share it
  • Tag their friends in the comments
  • You can also run contests with higher engagement if you ask your followers to share a screenshot of your contest in their Instagram Stories or upload a photo showing your product or service. . In these stories it is important that the page where the contest is launched is tagged, to make the name even more popular for future competitors.


Some tips on how to better organize

We have seen what are the main objectives to be achieved by creating a contest, and what are the useful actions that followers must follow in order to participate. Let’s go now to see some tips that you can follow to make your prize game work at its best.

The choice of the form of development of the contest will depend on the objective to be achieved. This will determine the conditions of the draw and the prize. If your goal, for example, is to increase followers on your account, you will have to press hard on the action of the ‘Tag friends’ in the comments.

Instead of giving a single person the ability to comment only once, recommend them to tag as many people as possible to increase your chances of winning.

  • Choose your contest prize

The reward depends on what your goals are. For example, if the contest is organized by a brand, it will be useful to award a new item, recently launched, or even not yet available to the public.

In this way, more and more curious customers will be attracted and eager to be the first to have something new.

Accounts that regularly organize contests on Instagram tend to grow fast, as they encourage the public to press the ‘Follow’ button to enter the contest.

Also, if one of the requirements to participate in the lottery is to tag your friends, the public will be more likely to do so and, therefore, you can reach more people. So these new people attracted by the contest in turn, will participate.

In this way, you get more engagement for your account and it will be easier to connect with a new audience that probably didn’t know you until then

Some awards include an example of pr product or service you offer, because if the winners like what they have won, they are likely to become customers later. They could also recommend your brand to relatives and friends, spread the word about their private account, get you some kind of free advertising, which will surely bring more and more curious people. Making contests is undoubtedly useful and productive!

  • Establishing the conditions for participation in the draw

You shouldn’t have too many requirements from followers if you want to encourage your audience to participate. Making it difficult to enter the contest could reduce interest and drive away potential accounts eager to win. In any case, the effort required must in any case be proportional to the prize that is drawn.


Decide the duration of the draw

How long your followers will be able to participate in the draw ? It is important to increase the desire around the contest, putting some urgency on the followers, but without even giving too short a time frame .

Set a date and a time limit adequate. The duration will depend on the number of followers you already have, and it is important to reason that, of course, others will arrive.

The time zone is another important factor to consider. If your followers include people who live in Europe, and others who live in America, obviously they won’t have the same time.

Not all your followers can be in the same time place, then the date and time of the end of the draw must be clearly determined .

Create an attractive post to announce the Instagram contest

  • Choose a image color suitable for your post , that is attractive and in line with the profile
  • Use the text efficiently to create the announcement
  • If the prize is a product, it makes sense that you include an image of it in the publication, in such a way as to attract more interested parties.

Create reminder posts to share with your audience while the Instagram contest is active

If your followers follow many other accounts, it is very likely that they have not seen your draw announcement , so it is recommended that you periodically remember the deadline of the competition. In this way you can both bring new followers and remind those already loyal that the time to participate is running out.

Announce the winner of the draw

It’s time to find out who is the winner of the contest! Respect the day you communicated to be transparent and reliable.

Another idea could be to proclaim the winner live , maybe draw it together with the followers, to make everything still clearer.

Promote your competition

To get more revenue, you have to announce the draw in all your other social networks and, if you are looking for followers outside of Italy, use the hashtags # giveaway and #contestalert, among others.

If you’ve worked with influencers before, you can contact them to collaborate and promote your content , so their followers will be aware of the competition, and they will surely take a look at the profile at least.

Measure and analyze statistics of your contest

If you search the web there are free resources to monitor the results of the draw. In this way you will know what needs to be improved, what are the pros and cons of a contest on your account, what age or gender group was most present in the contest, and so on.


Organize a contest on Instagram: am I in good standing?

Sweepstakes on Instagram are the most used contests by social media managers and web agencies, because:

  1. Instagram is a constantly growing platform and manages to bring many users together;
  2. it is an easy and immediate operation, as with the help of hashtags everything is simpler .

Have you ever heard these phrases below?

To create a prize contest on Instagram, very few things are needed. In fact, it is an operation that has no cost, as only the contest hashtags are enough to view the participants. For those who want to be more fussy, they can rely on existing third-party software . ”


“The contests, then, despite being called sweepstakes on Instagram, are not full-blown, so there are no regulations or bureaucratic requirements to regulate them. In addition, everyone does it and it can be disclosed all over the world.

Once you have received the user data, you can use it for direct marketing (they have given consent).


Without all the necessary precautions, an Instagram contest can turn out to be irregular. On social media there are many of these contests every day, but most of them violate Italian law. The problem is that a social media manager is less and less familiar with the rules on prize competitions.

The possibility of getting away with it really exists, as few checks are carried out on these practices. However, a report from the competitors is enough to risk receiving penalties, even heavy ones.

How to create a contest on Instagram? Let’s find out together …

Prize contests on Instagram are the most used contests by social media managers and web agencies, because:

  • They give away items, products, promotions to users and everything that is free is well seen by social networks and users;
  • They have a great response in terms of numbers of likes , comments, repost;
  • The followers and comments are real and there is no risk of having a poor quality account.

It’s really true. The word free is still a bomb on the web and among the most followed and used hashtags there is certainly #free #free . When people see the word for free, they are attracted regardless of the product offered and therefore visibility grows exponentially.

When there is a contest on Instagram, comments, likes and all kinds of reactions are natural. and immediate. You will receive many comments, likes, hearts, repost from many people who want to participate in your contest .

To have visibility obviously you need to use the right hashtags related to the Instagram contest such they can be #giveaway #free #gift #concorso #contest and similar. Share the link of the post also among your friends on Whatsapp.

The Italian legislation for organizing a contest

To understand how to organize a contest on Instagram , a contest with prizes, it is necessary to start from the study of the DPR 26 October 2001, n. 430 and the FAQ of the Ministry of Economic Development which posts some indications.

  1. Instagram must join, that is, that the two companies are responsible in solid for the obligations assumed towards the promissory and for the payment of the penalties due. In the presence of multiple channels, however, the association of the social network is not necessary if those who want to participate in the competition, at the time of the competition are already registered on the social network .
  2. If a company intends to run a prize contest on Instagram, so a foreign platform, must use a mirroring system to collect participation data. And all the operations to identify the winners must take place on a server located in Italy. This means that the random system that allows us to identify users must be Italian.

Sweepstakes on Instagram: don’t forget the privacy law

Don’t forget that every activity you do it provides collection and processing of personal data must be subject to the new European Data Protection Regulation. This applies both to a prize contest on Instagram, and to everyone.

Today, make prizes on Instagram it is possible, as we have seen. With some limitations and some precautions, of course, but it can be done in a clear, legal and safe way.

Well, we have reached the end of this article where we talked about How create a contest on Instagram. We hope your contest goes well, and if you need more advice, you can always find it here on Visibility Reseller. See you soon!


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