COMPLETE INFLUENCER GUIDE: How to Become a Real Professional

Welcome to this Complete Influencer Guide . I decided to write it to help you understand how to build your professional influencer figure and what are the steps to follow absolutely to define yourself as such.

Over the past few years, I’ve worked with many influencers and brands in different industries. I met many girls who aspired to follow this path but often proposed themselves in a very banal and unprofessional way.

Unfortunately, there is still a culture that being an influencer is not a real job and that you just need to take a few photos to post on social media.

In reality there is a lot behind it, it is by no means a foregone conclusion.

Presenting yourself well in the market and making it clear immediately that you are on the right track is essential.

Don’t worry, I wrote this influencer guide just to help you understand the steps you need to take to be a pro in the market.

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Let’s go now, I have a lot of things to tell you!


What makes a profile truly professional

Having a few followers is not enough to define yourself as an influencer. An Instagram profile, to be called such, must have certain characteristics and be in a certain way.

Influencers are characters who manage to involve the people who follow them, to get in emotional contact with them and, consequently, to influence their choices.

Don’t just think about buying products, by influencing choices I also mean more “ spiritual ” things like embracing an idea or being part of a movement.

It’s not enough to post beautiful photos. It is not even enough to have a curated profile and many followers.

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Difference between personal profile and Influencer profile

A personal profile is essentially meant for ourselves and our friends. We don’t care about the people out there, we’re reaching out to the people we know.

All the rules of communication can be ignored because we are not building an audience for a specific purpose. We are just connecting with acquaintances.

In the case of the personal profile, therefore, there are no rules . You can talk about what you want and show all your interests.

The influencer profile, on the other hand, is different. This type of account has a message to communicate and a very specific purpose.

Each influencer has their own niche that allows them to position themselves as an expert in that particular sector in the eyes of their followers.

What you communicate as well as all the content you are going to post must therefore be studied and thought out a priori, following a certain strategy to make everything super coherent.

It’s not about showing your life and your passions, I know it’s cool but it doesn’t work in a world where everyone tries to do the same.

It’s good for famous people who, in fact, are already known and intrigued by their private life, who often want to hide from the eyes of the cameras.

But for a girl who wants to become an influencer, you need to find a specific topic that defines and characterizes the profile in a unique way.

Do you need a minimum of followers?

Yes and no. I’ll explain why.

In general, there is no minimum number of followers you need to have to define yourself as an influencer. Provided you respect all the elements of the checklist contained in this article.

The essential requirement is that people follow you and are interested in your content.

We all tend to be influencers in our circle of friends. Think about how many times your friend bought a product because you recommended it to her or when she behaved in a certain way following your advice.

An influencer has to somehow amplify this and reach a larger number of people.

Although engagement , i.e. how many likes and comments your posts get compared to the number of your followers, is the main metric for evaluating your profile, it is also true that having a account consisting of only your friends and relatives is not exactly the best .

To be considered an influencer, you must have at least 1000 followers .

Otherwise it will be really difficult to be able to forge partnerships even with very small brands.

But now let’s get to the heart. In the second part of the complete guide for influencers, I will explain the famous checklist that will allow you to become a true professional influencer.

Believe me, I’ve been to the other side, I’ve been looking for influencers for brands and I assure you that it really makes a terrible impact if the conditions below are not met.

If you make your own and apply them, you will have a much better chance!


Checklist for professional influencers

After a bit of experience in organizing influencer campaigns, with both a few thousand followers and millions of followers, I decided to share everything in a checklist, which I called influencer guide , for those who want to define themselves truly professional.

Make sure you check all the features below. It will be very useful to get more quality collaborations but above all to get paid for your work!

Let’s go !

1. Precise Topic

Choose one and only one topic, very specific and vertical, on which to focus your profile.

This will give you two results:

  1. Make brands understand immediately what you can offer them and what your specialty is;
  2. Become an expert in that area and stand out from the crowd.

Among the many things you are passionate about, choose the one where you see more opportunities and outlets within the market.

Take a ride on Instagram, see which brands are targeting influencers, think of new ideas and try to understand where you could give the best, for yourself and for those who decide to collaborate with you.

I know it can be very difficult to choose that one topic to cover on your Instagram. An influencer guide is not enough to solve this point.

If you want more support, you can take a look at my personalized consulting service.

2. NO Private Account

Your account MUST always be public.

Keeping your account private prevents you from accessing new people who can see your posts. Your metrics will be lower and you will get poor results.

Always check that you have disabled the feature when you decide it’s time to transform your profile from personal to influencer.

I know it may seem obvious, unfortunately I happened to evaluate micro-influencer profiles with private accounts in which I could not view the contents!

3. Switch to Business or Creator Account

Having a personal account prevents you from having access to the detailed statistics of your profile, which are very useful for brands to understand if it is really worthwhile to continue investing in you.

To do this, you have two options:

  1. Business Account , is the one designed for brands and businesses. Use this if you want to completely detach yourself from your personal Facebook profile and sell yourself as a kind of brand . In this case, you will only refer to your Facebook page and, when you activate automatic sharing of stories on Facebook, they will be shown on the page.
  2. Account Creator , is designed for personalities who work on Instagram. In this case, you keep your identity as a person and always have access to the statistics. If you activate the automatic publication of stories on Facebook, however, they will be shown on your personal profile.

For both, you need to have a Facebook page to link to your Instagram account.

I recommend starting with a creator account, especially if your aim is to move only and only on Instagram.

4. Manicured Profile

Nothing to say, a homogeneous Instagram profile, which expresses your style and your identity is definitely a must to work on social media.

This allows you not only to be instantly recognizable, but also to attract brands that feel in line with the content you produce.

5. Professional Email

A very important contact channel to use if you want to be a professional influencer is email.

Avoid emails created with hotmail or with strange nicknames, create a new gmail email with your first and last name or something similar.

6. Bio Precisa

The description tells who you are and is the first thing a brand will read to see if it’s right for them.

It must contain, in very few lines, what is the topic you are dealing with and how they can contact you.

Therefore, it is essential that it is short and very clear, without special characters that risk not being visible on all mobile phones and without too many emojis that confuse the reader.

Write very simple, clear and precise text that is immediately understandable.

If you want to learn more, I talked about it in this article.

Two essential elements, however, must never be missing.

  1. Information on where to contact you explicitly entered in bio . You can enter your email, or, if you don’t have enough characters, you can write “ E-mail me for collab “, “ Email for collab ” and proceed with step 2.
  2. The E-mail button under the bio that allows you to contact you with a click. You can add it, if you have activated your Business or Creator profile, by going to your Profile -> Edit Profile -> Contact Options -> Now add your email. The profile button will automatically appear.

7. NO Answers in DM on Instagram

NEVER ask to continue the conversation in a private message on Instagram. This is also something that happened to me and it’s really unprofessional.

The chat can be useful, at first, to find contacts but the email is always the best tool to agree and decide what to do.

8. Learn about the Brand

Before answering any request, go to the brand’s website, social media channels and try to understand what it offers and how it communicates.

Ask questions, if necessary, this will allow you to immediately make a professional impression. No influencer accepts a collaboration blindly, even if it’s the first!

9. Aligned with Brand Values ​​

Once you understand what brand it is, you need to be sure that the brand’s values ​​are aligned with yours and that it fully embraces its mission.

No influencer, for professionalism and fairness towards their followers, must propose products in which he does not believe. Even on payment of an attractive fee.

This will have cascading negative effects.

If you don’t like the product, you won’t be communicating it well. Your followers will notice this and will lose faith in you, slowly decreasing your following.

10. Organize Activities

When you have 1-2 collaborations it can be easy to remember everything, but, over time, you have to think about a precise routine of organizing all the activities.

To do this, you can use Google Calendar which allows you to mark the publication dates or the dates in which to contact the brands.

This, combined with a excel sheet in which you enter, for each brand, all the information provided and the requests for collaboration, will really allow you to always be on the spot!

11. Respect the Deadlines

Another characteristic that denotes very high professionalism and that cannot be missing in a self-respecting guide for influencers is punctuality .

Meeting deadlines and being loyal to requests is always highly appreciated and can lead to termination or renewal of the partnership.

If you are not told by the brand, always ask by when you need to produce and post all required content.

They’ll love it.

12. Make yourself always available

During your collaborations with brands, you will find yourself dealing with the marketing specialists of the companies.

They usually have a very strict 9-19 work routine. In those hours, they have to do all the chores, get the necessary approvals and materials.

Always being available on working days is seen as great professionalism as well as speeding up the whole selection process.

13. Give yourself a Feedback!

For companies, only results count!

After the collaboration there will usually be a team of marketing experts who will evaluate how things went, not only from the relational point of view and the quality of the content but also the performance.

I’m talking about numbers.

How many people did you reach, how many were interested and also how many visited the website or bought the product.

Therefore, you must always give yourself feedback and try to understand how your business went. This will allow you to do better next time, reach better brands and get paid more.

There are two ways to give you feedback:

  1. Ask the company directly what the results are and if they have achieved their goals;
  2. Access the statistics of your Instagram profile and watch the performance of posts and stories.

Open the excel sheet, make a table and keep track of your metrics. This way, you can identify your strengths and the brands with which you have achieved the best results.

Conclusions of this Influencer Guide

I hope this influencer guide has made you understand what steps you need to take today to make your profile truly professional and prepare it for brand collaborations.

For any questions, you can write me in the comments. I will respond with great pleasure. If you need to change your profile, but you don’t know how to do it, you can request a personalized consultation directly with me.

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