Content Creator or Influencer? Who are these trending digital professionals on Instagram and TikTok

Digital professions are increasingly in demand, but which ones are the best known?

Surely, we have all heard at least once about the Content Creator or the Influencer : these are two digital professions, which are often confused, for some features they are quite similar, but not identical, even if in some cases they may overlap.

Let’s find out together!

Raise your hand who at least once in their life hasn’t thought that doing the TikToker or the Instagrammer would be the turning point in their existence?

It is in fact a common belief that those who work in digital, especially on social media, do nothing from morning to evening, at most post a photo or a video and earn exorbitant amounts: but is this really the case?

Does taking up the profession of Content Creator or Influencer really mean earning a lot without actually working?

The mindset of many people has been changing in the last period and if for millennials or generation Z pursuing a career in digital is nothing new, for baby boomers changing approach is not always easy even if it is now necessary in 2021.

While it was a trend in the 1990s to have a permanent job, in 2021 many want to pursue a career in digital or improve their skills by adapting them to digital.

Which-are the most coveted-digital-professions?

The most coveted digital professions are precisely those of Content Creator and Influencer , even if for many, to define themselves as such it is enough to post on social networks or make videos. / p>

There is still ignorance about it, in fact it is common to find on Instagram and Tik Tok , profiles with “influential character” or “content creator” written in bio “only to realize that that profile has nothing to do with these professions.

Let’s see in detail how to define these professions.

What does it mean to be a Content Creator ?

The Content Creator , is a content creator, a digital professional who produces content for social media, for a site or for a blog .

He can work as a freelancer, freelancer or for an agency and must have a good knowledge of the web, social networks, the digital world and be updated on the latest trends.

The Content Creator knows how to express the essence of the brand , creating the best content to highlight it using the right tone of voice : the Content Creator he is therefore an artist, endowed with energy and creativity.

His job is not to define the strategy of a brand, but to make it alive, real and empathetic, through ad hoc content, which relates it to the target , through the art of Storydoing .

There are several types of Content Creator , because the creativity, originality and declination of a brand have no limits, but basically it must be able to produce original content, which generates engagement with your community or with that of the brand or company you work for.

However, some Content Creators , who specialize in a specific area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise, identify themselves in the following professions:

  • Copywriter, i.e. the professional who writes text content for social networks, blogs and sites
  • Video Maker , i.e. the professional who produces audio visual content for a brand
  • Graphic Designer , that is the professional who produces graphic contents for a brand
  • Photographer , that is the professional who produces ad hoc photos for a brand

What does it mean to be a Influencer?

An Influencer is an influential and authoritative person in a certain sector, called a niche .

He does not necessarily have strategic or creative skills in the production of his own content, but often his personal branding is so strong that this is enough to establish a strong relationship with his followers, thus creating a community .

An Influencer , is usually linked to a social , has authority in its niche of belonging and a large following, therefore it does not offer services for a brand or a company, but the Influencer itself becomes a means to convey a brand with its own community .

The Influencer can be defined according to the number of followers they have and their niche, we will have like this:

  • Nano Influencer : they have from 1000 followers up to 10000 followers
  • Micro Influencer : they have from 10000 followers up to 100000 followers
  • Macro Influencer : they have from 100000 followers up to 500000 followers
  • Mega Influencer : they have from 500000 followers to over 1000000 followers

The hottest niches in 2020:

  • Lifestyle
  • Luxury
  • Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Business

What is the difference between Content Creator and Influencer?

The Content Creator deals with Content Marketing , is not necessarily influential and knows how to create content for multiple platforms.

The Influencer , on the other hand, is often linked to a social network, influences its own niche and community by representing the link between the public and the brand , especially in Influencer Marketing campaigns.

When can a Content Creator be considered an Influencer and vice versa?

When a Content Creator gains authority and creates a community around their personal branding and its contents, in that case we will talk about Influencer .

While, when a Influencer , who may have started their career by chance, decides to boost their skills and starts producing content of value and quality, we will also talk about Content Creator .

He will be a digital professional who will have authority and competence, that is the key to success in order to be considered a competent and known professional, not only in the digital world, but also in the real world, because the digital world is no longer a reflection of reality , but it is an integral part of it.

What do you think? What do you do? Do you believe in digital professions?

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