Corporate Youtube channels: Content marketing and Storytelling

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Youtube, a social network controlled by Google, is one of the most suitable platforms for developing Content marketing strategies or for planning corporate Storytelling initiatives.

companies, but also freelancers, can leverage
potential of Youtube channels to promote their activities,
as well as related products or services, by sharing
quality multimedia content.

Of course, sharing content on Youtube – but also on other social networks – represents the apex of a more complex strategy that will have to lead the marketing department to identify the most suitable content for the reference community as well as the signs, textual and visuals, to be included in each video.

As with any advertising communication activity, each content must be effective and efficient so as to allow the company to achieve the objectives set in the strategic phase and to retain, at the same time, a large part of its customers (discover the different types of customers in business marketing).

Therefore, taking into account the criteria of the effectiveness of communicative efficiency, marketers will have to plan Content marketing campaigns, oriented to the enhancement of the product (discover the 4 orientations of digital marketing) or corporate Storytelling strategies to be disclosed on their Youtube channel .

Youtube channels for companies: doing Storytelling

Companies that want to promote their products or services on Youtube must absolutely take into account the persuasive capacity of corporate storytelling (discover the differences between corporate and product storytelling).

to narrate what happens in the business system can be
essential not only to reduce the distance between the company and
final consumer, but also to involve the customers themselves in
business processes.

In the field of business marketing we have two types of Storytelling: the one aimed at the “enhancement” of the productive activity ( Corporate Storytelling ) and the one aimed at the exaltation of product quality ( Product Storytelling ).

In both cases, marketers will have to create multimedia content – professional videos, amateur videos, slideshows or other interactive content – capable of enhancing the corporate values ​​and the unique qualities of the product or service offered.

the good becomes the protagonist of the corporate narratives or gods
videos to share on different multimedia platforms.

Content marketing on corporate Youtube channels

Those who deal with communication for companies know very well that Storytelling is nothing more than one of the many Content marketing strategies (discover the 5S of content marketing) implemented by companies and freelancers to promote what they market.

Content marketing, unlike Storytelling, is one
a much broader discipline that includes a range of
different nature linked together by a single goal: to sell
by creating unique and original content.

example: on our Youtube channel we can publish tutorials on
how to best use a certain product or share
advice and recommendations on a particular object.

In both cases, the main goal is to create concrete benefits in those who follow us with affection so as to encourage word of mouth (find out how to do marketing with word of mouth).

with content marketing, content becomes a useful tool
to improve the daily experiences of its customers and for
promote, at the same time, the products or services offered on the


corporate Youtube channels you can do both Content marketing and
Corporate storytelling.

In the first case, marketers will have to identify those quality content capable of improving the habits (daily ed) of their reference community, while in the second case the company will be able to leverage on Corporate or Product Storytelling to “enhance” your business, and related products or services, on the social network controlled by Google.

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