Create a PERFECT Editorial Plan for Instagram: Strategy and Tools

Creating an editorial publishing plan for your Instagram is what you need to change your profile.

It may seem that all the images and photo captions you find on the best Instagram profiles are randomly put together. Instead, they are often the result of hard programming work.

In this article, I want to explain just that.

What is an editorial plan, how do you build an effective one for your profile and communicate consistent information to your followers.

NEVER underestimate the consistency and consistency of what you communicate to the people who follow you because that’s what really makes the difference between a working profile and a simple jumble of photos.

There are far too many accounts out there trying to stand out by talking about “their passions” or “all the things I like” .

I don’t want to lie to you.

This doesn’t work and will never work if you don’t plan things to say.

If you haven’t done so yet, before you start I recommend that you read an old article I wrote How to find your niche on Instagram.

I’ll explain how to find your topic and why it’s important to be very specific, avoiding generic themes.

But now let’s get to the heart.

What is an editorial plan?

Great victories always prepare before battle!

With this I want to tell you that planning is essential , especially on social media, which can all seem like information published randomly.

To do this, it can be very useful to create an editorial plan.

An editorial plan contains the programming order of all posts and complete content to be published on Instagram.

As you can imagine, it is also possible to do this for any other social network in a very similar way, or create an editorial plan for your blog, and also keep track of all the content to be published on many different platforms.

In an editorial plan you can include EVERYTHING you need for the correct publication of the content.

The main information that should never be missing are at least:

  1. Date
  2. Photo or Video
  3. Caption or description of the content
  4. Hashtag

A very useful but also very easy to use tool is an excel sheet that allows you to put all this information together and organize it by date.

You can check all the topics that, from day to day, you will publish and diversify them in the right way .

Below, I’ll show you an example of an editorial plan I created for a client. It is a very simple excel sheet to scroll vertically in which there are all the upcoming publications of the Instagram profile.

Creare piano editoriale per Instagram

What do you think?

In the next few paragraphs I will explain all the secrets to creating one like this that can perfectly fit your Instagram profile and communicate your ideas in the best possible way.

Let’s go !

What is the purpose of creating an editorial plan for Instagram

I know it may seem like a very hard and professional thing to you, that basically you don’t need all of this to grow your Instagram profile.

In reality, creating an editorial plan with a specific intent is necessary to give a clear direction to your profile but above all to make it understood by the people who choose to follow you.

Here are 6 good reasons.

1. Program

Posting things randomly is never a great idea. Often it is simply a reflection of the lack of clarity of our message.

I know that sometimes you wake up with an idea in mind and would like to communicate it to the world.

I have to warn you that today, using Instagram as your personal diary doesn’t make much sense, there are tons of accounts doing the same thing!

Unless you’re a famous person, few people will care about your life. You have to make it interesting.

In this, making an editorial plan will be of great help because you will have very clear, at a glance, what messages you are going to communicate to your followers.

2. Create an editorial plan on Instagram to give coherence to the contents

Managing an Instagram profile is not easy, it is not for nothing that the job of a social media manager exists!

Each content, in fact, is made up of photos (or videos), more text, more hashtags.

Not only that.

We need to put them all together to create a gray that tells a story.

Creating an editorial plan for your Instagram profile solves this problem.

You will be able to organize all the contents so that they are consistent with each other but also with what you want to communicate.

I assure you, this is by no means a foregone conclusion!

3. Check and switch arguments

It happened, sometimes, to post a similar photo or a similar description several times in a row.

Imagine people who find themselves scrolling and seeing all the same content.

How boring!

If having a very vertical profile, that is, one that deals with a very precise and specific topic, can help you a lot to grow in the initial phase, we must still try to alternate the themes of the individual posts .

Just not to be too repetitive!

Within the editorial plan, in fact, I always insert a Topic column in which I sign what I talked about in that post.

That way, I can keep everything under control and avoid repetition, or pick up the same topic quite often.

4. Always publish the right content at the right time

It’s not enough to create a perfect post, you also have to choose the right time to publish it . Creating an editorial plan for your Instagram profile allows you to do just that!

It’s not just a sheet that tells you what you are going to publish in the future but also looks to the past.

It allows you to understand how the content you published in the previous months has gone and keep an eye on what has worked best.

You can decide which days of the week have performed great and mark the time of publication to do several tests.

In fact, testing is essential on social media. There is no one-size-fits-all rule.

The beauty is that each account is unique, the Instagram algorithm is customized for each feed and shows different content.

So it is we who, from time to time, have to find out what works best and we can only do it by trying many different things and marking the results achieved … in an editorial plan!

5. Create a homogeneous Instagram feed

You know how important it is to create a homogeneous Instagram profile. This is an incredible way to make a difference in the sea of ​​social content and grow your followers.

There is no other way to create a truly homogeneous grid of photos than to plan well which images are to be published.

This is a really long topic, which I already talked about in the article Homogeneous Instagram Profile: 6 Simple Steps to Double Your Followers for Free, to which I dedicated an e-book of more than 60 pages and the video course Photo Mobile Pro in partnership with @ anumphotography, which contains nearly 40 lessons.

Later, I’ll give you some tips and tools to use to plan your grid , but know that, if you want to learn more, you can download the free extract of the e-book by entering your email below.

6. Optimize and free up your time

I guess you know how stressful it is to carve out moments, every day or even just a few times a week, to post on Instagram.

One piece of advice I can give you is to create an editorial plan to group this task in one go.

Think of all the posts you want to publish, order them consistently in an excel sheet and schedule them for publication.

I assure you that this will greatly optimize and free up your time as well as relieve you of stress.

Since I have been planning everything, I also feel a lot more creative because I have more time to dedicate to content production.

But now let’s see how you can best structure an editorial plan for Instagram!

How to create your perfect Instagram editorial plan

Here we are, I have prepared for you the 7 steps that will allow you to create your perfect editorial plan for Instagram.

After following them, I assure you that your grid and your content will change their appearance!

1. Decide every when you are going to create your editorial plan for Instagram

First of all, based on your time and schedule, choose the moment when you are going to create your editorial plan for Instagram.

I assure you that there is no fixed rule but it all depends a lot on what you communicate and your lifestyle.

I have chosen to create my editorial plan once a week, on Sunday, because it’s the day I have time to take and edit photos, as well as think about new publications.

In this way, I also try to maintain a little spontaneity in what I say.

If, on the other hand, you want to focus on a more informative profile that does not depend much on external events, you could consider creating the plan every 2 weeks or even once a month.

Consider making changes if you plan it for the long term, as there may be unforeseen events or topics that you will have to deal with!

2. Choose the publication frequency

Second step is: How many times a week do I go public? On what days and times?

Again, a lot depends on your profile.

I have chosen to publish three times a week to focus on the quality of the content . I like to switch between days to get the most interactions out of each post.

Usually public on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9pm.

To find the perfect days and time for you, just go to the statistics of your Instagram profile and see when your users are most active. In this way, you will maximize engagement in the first few hours of publication.

Although posting on a Friday night isn’t exactly the best, I still prefer to do it to have a post to feed on the weekend.

These are all choices that have to be made from case to case!

3. Select photos to create your editorial plan for Instagram

At this point, I’m going to choose the photos I will post next week.

Since I publish 3 photos, I’m going to define the first line of my Instagram feed . I’ve already told you about 7 layouts that can be useful for organizing your grid, I use the triptych!

One photo in the center which is a composition of objects and two photos on the side in fashion style.

To organize my grid to make it uniform, I use the Preview app where you can insert photos and see them as they would appear on your profile.

Alternatively, the Unum app also works the same way, but is only available on the iPhone.

4. Open your excel or Google sheet and create your table

Now it’s for real action!

To keep everything organized, I suggest you create an excel sheet that you will customize with the colors you like best.

The columns I personally use are the following:

  1. Week
  2. Day
  3. Topic
  4. Visual (photo or video)
  5. Copy
  6. Ads (if I foresee paid Instagram sponsorships for the post)

Now you have everything you need to go through the final steps!

5. Choose the topics to discuss and fill in the excel sheet

What I do is write me on the sheet of paper what are the topics I can cover in each post. I go right down with a brainstorming also based on the questions I am asked in private message.

Then I go to the Topic column of the excel sheet and distribute the various topics evenly, so that they are not too close together.

I recommend that you don’t talk about the same thing more than once a week and choose at least 6-7 different topics to maintain some variability.

Insert the images in the right column and write all the captions for your Instagram photos. I assure you that, once you are clear about all the things you want to cover, it will be quite quick and natural for you to choose a content and write a valid description.

6. Don’t forget the hashtags!

You can also choose these in advance consistently for each post to save yourself a lot of time. I wrote how to choose the best hashtags for your photos in this article: Instagram hashtags, how to use them best and get thousands of views to your posts.

At this point, you should have a well-structured excel sheet like the one you see below. You can also add a column for the publication time, which I omitted because for me it is always at 21:00.

Creare piano editoriale per Instagram

Another idea could be to add a column dedicated to the engagement of the post, in order to compare the ones that fared better .

In short, starting from what I showed you, you can really customize everything according to what you want to achieve!

We just need one very last step.

7. Put everything in Creator Studio

Creator Studio is the new Facebook tool that allows you to schedule posts on both Facebook and Instagram in one place.

It is a very practical way to free up your time and ensure that the right post comes out at the right time, without you having to worry about anything!

Whether you’re out and about with friends or at work, Creator Studio will automatically publish your editorial plan on Instagram.

I have written a complete guide on how to use this tool, in which I explain, step by step, how to use this tool to automatically release posts on Instagram: Programming Free Instagram Posts from Computer: The New Facebook Creator Studio .

Conclusion: How to Create Your Perfect Instagram Editorial Plan

I hope this 2000+ word guide has been really helpful for you to understand how to best organize and schedule your Instagram posts.

I wanted to share and tell you about the strategies that I myself have experimented and use at work to prepare the editorial plans of various clients.

If you have any questions, you can write me in the comments below, I’ll be happy to help you.

If you think this article might be useful to someone, you can share it with the social buttons below.

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Namasté, Monica.
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