Dear influencer, if I quote you, shit me!

Sooner or later everyone falls for “preaching well and scratching badly”, including the influencer. Eh, yes dear influencer, today I have it right with you and with your “lists of things to do to become an influencer” in turn, with you and your recipes for a wonderful post on Facebook and a Social Customer Service from fear and with your preach sharing and interaction with users and your readers.

Yes, dear influencer, if I quote you, try to live up to what you preach, because I don’t care about your poor “like”.

Who is the influencer?

Let’s clarify the concept of influencer first, so as not to make the mistake of confusing it with the testimonial. The influencer is that person who, in the world of the web, enjoys a certain credibility in a certain field, obviously he must be someone who has had the opportunity to spread his belief and establish himself as a point of reference in this area, through, for example , a blog, or a Youtube or Instagram channel and so on.

To clarify what an influencer is, I’ll give a simple example: let’s say I open a blog talking about my inability to cook, writing the simplest recipes in the world, which however save you from starvation and a impromptu dinner. In the world, there are so many people who cannot cook, so much so that if I write one good article after another, I will begin to have a certain number of followers and a growing traffic.

Once I have reached the first step and established myself as the food blogger with the most unlikely recipes, then companies will begin to take an interest in me as a key figure for the promotion of their products, through my recipes. It’s all up here, right?

You, reader and follower, have started to follow me and get to know me, you know that I’m not a star chef, but that I make do with what I find, just like you, when you come home from work at 8 pm and you don’t have done the shopping. You recognize yourself in me and you also recognize that what I am telling you through articles, photos and videos is the truth. No sooner said than done, that’s why I became an influencer.

This is pretty much what happens.

How do you become an influencer?

There is no magic formula, this is little but sure, what there is is a bit of skill and even cunning.

According to Dario Vignali, a well-known influencer in the world of Web Marketing, the ascent to Olympus involves the following steps:

  1. Starting to be consumers of information
  2. Become an information distributor
  3. Evolve into an information producer
  4. Becoming an information market entrepreneur

Have you heard what he says in the video? Here, all very true, but maybe I would add a little more, starting from the third step:

  • Don’t be afraid to insert external links to your article, to increase the added value of your text
  • Don’t forget why social networks were born, that is to say for sharing
  • Interact with comments, shares and likes depending on the platform

And once you become an influencer?

Actually, this is where I wanted to go. I have always been taught that once you get to the top, you should never forget how you got there, which happens constantly, even in the world of the web.

To become an influencer, following the steps described by Dario, first I have to start reading the contents of others, inform myself, then, then, start sharing them and, finally, write about them myself. Obviously, the information that I will have learned over time will come a little from my personal experience and a little from what I have read between one blog and another, therefore, it will be my moral duty to quote the sources … and courtesy in appreciating this act of honesty of mine.

Dear influencer, you have understood correctly, if I quote you, I expect some reaction from you.

When the influencer preaches good and scratches badly

To become an influencer you have to get noticed and it is not enough to write an article a day and share it on your social channels, behind there is a whole work of interaction with those who are already influencers and with those who, like you, are working in the same sector . The web is meritocratic, but in any case, we need a little help from authoritative sources, otherwise, Google itself turns the other way.

As I said at the beginning of the post, those who previously shared, quoted and interacted with those who for him were the influencers of the sector, hoping to be involved in conversations on social networks and thus start to get noticed, once arrived on the podium, and having become an influencer himself, he stopped doing it.

Dear influencer, did you forget how you used to tag and quote your idols all the time before getting where you are? Do you know that it is also thanks to this mechanism that you have arrived where you are? What gives you the right not to look down at those who, like you before, are just looking for their way?

In short, dear influencer, if you are mentioned, interact, and maybe don’t limit yourself to putting a skimpy like, which cost you less than a second, maybe without even reading the article in its entirety and focusing only on the part where we talk about you. Calm down, that if you are where you are now, it is above all thanks to the users, because you can write a masterpiece like the Odyssey, but if there is no one who reads it and then recommends it to others, no one will ever know it.

So, dear influencer, if you are there, give it a shot.

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