Di Maio Facebook. Up and down between 2 million followers

Luigi Di Maio Facebook, or rather, analysis of a social phenomenon: politics that seeks to communicate in the world of young people and in their own ways. More that directly politicians, their social media managers and more generally, those who follow them in all respects related to communication and external relations. They render highly sought after key phrases like Di Maio Direct Facebook.

For decades and through many generations we have heard about press offices, ghost writers. That is to say. those gray eminences who write and communicate on behalf of influential characters. Today only the names and instruments have changed. This explains important changes that lead us to search for public figures by typing, for one thing, Di Maio Diretta Facebook.

Of course, because everything has moved to new media, social networks. It should also be considered that there has been a subdivision between social networks, for which some are natural habitat for political institutions, from which binomials such as Di Maio Facebook. The same thing that makes it frequent to read or hear the expression Di Maio on Facebook on TG and GR (radio newspapers), alternating perhaps with Luigi Di Maio live from the Chamber. So let’s find out more about this digital universe of social politics.

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Di Maio Facebook. So what has changed today in communication?

Talking about Luigi Di Maio on social networks means opening a window on a vast world. That is inextricably linked to a real phenomenology. The phenomenology that finally leads the last generations to relate to the digital world. This, as far as Italy is concerned, which is a deferred champion compared to the rest of Europe, means opening a parenthesis also on the entire Five Star Movement. But let’s go in order.

Who was there before social networks, influencers and Di Maio on Facebook who could represent the best potential link between young people and politics? Most likely they were – and still are – rock stars. Yes, just think about it for a moment. Leaving aside the fact that many rock exponents over the years have exposed themselves politically. And leaving aside the fact that the real rock stars of today capable of moving mass acclaim are actually rappers and trappers.

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Why guys are willing to listen to them and to follow an institutional figure who appears next to them? It happens because the music stars give those kids a voice through songs. And why do politicians want to reach out to young people? In short, why did we get to the point where you search for Di Maio on Facebook?

Very simple, and not only because they are the working and idealistic lifeblood of the country system. Above all instead because they are a great electoral potential, and, especially in the range between eighteen and twenty, they are still Floating Vows, that is, for the most part they have not yet taken a position.

Before Di Maio on Facebook. How has the relationship between young people and politics changed?

Let’s continue here the discussion that leads us to better understand the ‘entity and genesis of the social political relationship, and why today keywords like Di Maio Facebook mean trend topic. Over the last few decades it has happened that slowly, the kids who loved and came up with the music of those stars have grown up. Perhaps also inspired by those charismatic figures and the disruptive force of their pieces, they have chosen political careers on purpose.

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This was for example what happened in the early 2000s , on the eve of the international demonstrations for the abolition of Africa’s foreign debt. One of the main promoters of that movement was Bono , the leader of a historically committed band, the Irish U2. And among the biggest political supporters of weight is their fan – by his direct admission – the then British Prime Minister and head of Labor, Tony Blair.

Now , we are talking about different weights and proportions than saying Di Maio Facebook, we know. But that was the last step, the definitive momentum that then led to shifting the focus towards influencers. Think for example of the impact that Chiara Ferragni has had lately to encourage cultural tourism in Italy! There is a whole new young user base that is growing in social networks, and we need to move accordingly. The watchword is to intercept, immerse yourself in things and make them your own …. or maybe, it can become Di Maio Direct Facebook!

From Blog to Di Maio Facebook. What was the Leap of Species?

In the evolution of the context just described so far, the ascent Di Maio and all his other contemporary colleagues, represents a moment of transition that is double. The first goes to the influential artists and communicators who have literally raised all the thirties and forties of today who have followed the path of politics. The shift, in this first case, took place from their art forms, books, monologues and songs, to digital media.

This first shift does not change the figures of influence but the place, which become blogs and forums. The characters put themselves there in the first person, respond, launch questions, provocations and seek a dialogue, which gradually spreads like wildfire. If someone of you comes up with something, yes. In this lies the substance of the background. The pre Di Maio on Facebook.

facebook di maio

In this way a character who becomes very influential, the Genoese comedian Beppe Grillo, begins to create a movement through the network. They are young and old, precarious and tenured university professors, researchers, housewives… Together they form the healthy and constructive fabric of the country’s civil society. Here’s how, for the first time, the global network moves the waters. And the meet ups begin …

How we get to Di Maio on Facebook from the case Five Star Movement?

So how do we get to Di Maio Facebook? The beginning is a wonderful story, made by … Wonderful Boys. This was from the very beginning the expression used by the charismatic Beppe Grillo to present the first activists of the nascent movement during his shows. The meet ups following the birth of the online movement were the first truly striking example in Italy of activism on the web. A square open to dialectics, which is what the World Wide Web ideally exists for.

In very many, since the primary stages of the genesis of the Movement, there have been many citizens of every occupation, rank, gender and age mostly from the disillusioned left. At a certain point even the last remnants of intellectualism liberal democrats of that political party have lost all enamel and all sense of connection with the base.

A striking example was also the merciless dissolution into nothingness of the Girotondi promoted by Nanni Moretti. Here the new network seems to be able to go a step further. Beppe Grillo has more verve, grit, a sense of reality and a spirit of concreteness than Moretti’s perceived alien and elitist intellectualism. Maybe too much, even too much to fail to make his way into politics.

di maio su facebook

And if he didn’t think about it, someone else did. Someone who has given a new face and an identity to that Movement… Who created it, or, depending on the perspective, destroyed it. Getting to Di Maio Facebook means knowing the name of Gian Roberto Casaleggio. Thus begins the rise and fall of something that has been taken from its original purity and brought into the dirty and violent ring of politics.

Oggi Di Maio Direct Facebook. Yesterday the Movement is born

The change begins in 2008, when officially the blog of which Beppe Grillo is face and voice begins its political activity thanks to the civil activism network it has managed to create. This determines the leap that will lead to the political elections of 2013. Beppe Grillo is the political leader of the Five Star Movement coalition.

And here, again in 2013, Luigi Di Maio arrives, the youngest vice president of the Chamber of Deputies in the history of our country . We are in very recent years, in which social networks are already beginning to play an important role in corporate and also institutional communication. We already have Twitter, which is mainly used by public profiles, both of organizations and institutions and of individuals . Now we are really less than a step away from Di Maio on Facebook.

di maio diretta facebook

But let’s not forget that behind all this there is not only Beppe Grillo, who represents the direct interface with the public. There is above all the founder of one of the most important Italian marketing agencies, Gian Roberto Casaleggio, the late founder and CEO of Casaleggio & Associati. The man who built consensus through marketing, the one who leads today to search for Di Maio Diretta Facebook.

Getting to Di Maio Facebook means talking about the Movement and its contradictions

Of course, the word contradiction has indisputably characterized the Movement in its troubled politicization. It is a movement based on basic consensus and dialogue. Yet it has evolved into the substance of an authentic political party, while maintaining the status of a movement.

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They gather above all the disappointed leftists, only to find themselves literally invaded by a horde of functional illiteracy that does not allow many members to separate the fake news from reality. People who end up embracing dangerously indifferent and populist thoughts who flirt with the right. And the real problem, at one point, was having indulged certain gut logic.

Di Maio on Facebook and marketing that becomes politics

The perfect demonstration of having everything oriented according to La Pancia Del Paese lies precisely in the social communication of the Movement itself, as well as in the choices of the field, such as the alliance with the League in the first Yellow-Green government. Factors, these, even after the disappearance of Gian Roberto Casaleggio, but who continue the real logic, namely that of creating a user traffic incubator following the same marketing strategies.

Reason why everything pushes the axis towards a very basic and easily emotional thought, that of the majority of people, who through social media, especially those less stringent and careful policies such as Facebook, the more easily they let themselves go. Casaleggio made them see and hear what they wanted to see and hear. Here, getting to Di Maio on Facebook also means understanding this.

The Directory and consents inherent to Di Maio and social

The real nineties load, in this context that is starting to become difficult for many nudes and pure of the first hour, it is represented by the formation of a Directory, with strict rules and prohibitions. This leads to the paradox of expulsions that have the flavor of purification for many.

The Movement, which we soon found with its representatives on each broadcaster, for example, forbade appearing on TV. Many others leave spontaneously precisely because of the climate created. In all this, in the difficult moment of the Yellow Green coalition, it is Di Maio on Facebook to suffer a drastic drop in consents.

A man from the beginning of the Movement, criticized by many if not made fun of on social media both for his meager curriculum and for his absolute submission to Grillo, he is the key character. But, as with all those who become web stars, its weaknesses also become its strength.

Seen initially, and still today by many activists and citizens, as a symbol of purity, commitment and the young and respectable face of the country, on the other hand, becomes quite different in the perspective of the many and more detractors. Luigi Di Maio on Facebook and is not pointed out for his evident lack of preparation, which however did not prevent him from covering key ministries such as that of Labor.

The lack of command of him often extends to Italian. In fact, the Facebook page Luigi Di Maio Che Facesse Cose also gets very high interactions and engagement … In short, Di Maio succeeds on Facebook, he has managed in every way to truly transform himself into the meme of himself.

Let’s enter his social account Luigi Di Maio, and see how he presents himself

At the time of writing this article, Luigi Di Maio on Facebook obviously has an image cover both institutional and emblematic of the difficult international moment. Immortalized in three quarters, with the background in the background of what is presumed to be a military aircraft and wearing the mask, obviously tricolor.

A photo that communicates everything . His role as Foreign Minister, being in transit on a runway with an aircraft behind him. The mask, which indicates a sense of both personal and civic responsibility at the critical moment of the global pandemic. Prevention garrison in the tricolor of the flag to reaffirm patriotism, due to those who represent the State.

The direct facebook and other activities. Let’s see how many follow the minister in charge

Currently, his parterre on social media is made up of more than two million people who like it. To be precise, at the time of the article present here are a total of 2,330,472. Instead, going into detail, Luigi Di Maio on Facebook also has a substantial number of followers , or both of those who agree to receive update notifications to all its activities, for example Di Maio Diretta Facebook, publication of posts or other activities. In this case there are 2,639,072 !

After the dramatic drop and bleeding of followers and interactions at the end of 2019 , when Matteo Salvini, on the other hand, now opposite, it was massacre of proselytes on the net, the pandemic has overturned everything. Conte and the Five Stars have become the responsible soul of Italian politics, and of course Di Maio on Facebook and on the pitch has greatly benefited.

facebook di maio10

Looking only at the most recent numbers, his post on the referendum for the cut of parliamentarians scheduled for September, and on which he links an interview with Corriere Della Sera, reaches almost fourteen thousand likes and 68886 comments and 1917 shares. Of course, not all comments are supportive and esteem, far from it.

But it is part of the game of politics when it moves to the freer and more informal climate of social media. The problem here is that the trespass towards lynching and pillory, given the impunity that being behind a smartphone or a PC seems to guarantee, is always around the corner.

Now so that we have gutted everything there was to know about why Luigi Di Maio Facebook was so sought after. If you have other curiosities about it, you can read more interesting here too.


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