Differences between TikTok and Musical.ly

The world of the internet is increasingly dynamic and fast, things change quickly and you don’t have time to become familiar with an application, which is immediately replaced, because it is purchased or implemented by another. That’s what happened to Musical.ly.

Its users woke up one morning and noticed that the application had changed its name and graphics , this is because it was incorporated by another application, TikTok , very famous in Asia. And if someone turns up their noses in front of these sudden changes, which don’t even give the time to get used to the news, the audience they are aimed at won’t worry at all.

Our young teenagers, major users of the app, are accustomed to these rapid changes and have the chameleon-like ability to immediately adapt to whatever the web throws at us. For those who feel a little disoriented, because a little later in age, don’t worry: it’s normal. But what has changed and what are the differences between TikTok and Musical.ly ?

What is TikTok and how it transformed Musical.ly

TikTok is a now famous application that is popular with the very young and not among the people of the online community. It is a video sharing platform and its peculiarity lies in the use of special effects and the ability to create short clips to share .

TikTok was born from the successful idea of ​​a Chinese company that in 2017 decided to buy another famous application very similar, which was very popular in Europe and America, Musical.ly .

After a year of independence, in August 2018, the two apps have been merged, making all Musical.ly users migrate to Tik Tok, without any warning. The purpose of this merger was to unite two large catchment areas, which in a short time have registered dizzying numbers.

Musical.ly prior to its merger had exactly 100 million active users in the Western world, to use a geographic subdivision, while TikTok alone boasted a community of 500 million users in the eastern world. Combining the two apps means having a great social network, which has all the credentials to become a global competitor of video sharing social networks.

Differences between Tik Tok and Musical.ly

The karaoke application Musical.ly became famous because it allowed you to shoot short videos using the backing track or the lip-syncing function and to launch into performances while imitating your favorite singer .

A bit like when you danced in front of the mirror with the brush in your hand. Who has never happened to? We know that now all this is no longer reserved for the private sphere, but is shared.

The short videos could, of course, be embellished with different filters to make it as captivating as possible. Its operation was not so different from the most famous social photo and video sharing, with the ability to scroll through the gallery and find new people to follow and enlarge your community. The Musical.ly catalog included a great musical repertoire , with the best hits and great classics, comic dialogue and messages from other users. Once created, the videos could be shared on other social networks such as Instagram.

Things have changed a bit since it was taken over by Tik Tok. The most substantial difference lies in the expansion of video content, no longer just karaoke and musical performances, but openings to the most varied contents, comedy, sport, fashion, beauty, cuisine and the famous challenges that we talk about a lot in this period, where kids from all over the world take on the most varied challenges, some not really recommendable, to be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

For the rest, the functionality of the two social networks has remained almost the same with different implementations in terms of filters and special effects . The musical side loses its centrality in the new application, opening up to all the possibilities and facets that creativity offers.

How TikTok works

The TikTok application is really simple to use. The first step is to download it to your smartphone. There is both an IOS and an Android version, but at the moment is not available for PC .

Once present in your mobile phone, you can use it and explore it even without having an account and create it later to share videos, even by registering via Instagram or Facebook.

The recordings section is accessed from the Home Page , by clicking on the button with the “plus” symbol. At this point you can directly record a normal video, add a dialogue or some music to do some lip-syncing . It wouldn’t be a real social app if you couldn’t use filters, stickers and emojis, which are present in large quantities.

While scrolling through the gallery, the profile of the person who posted the video will appear, through a profile photo, at the top right, by clicking on it you will have access to all its contents and you can decide to follow it to be always updated on new posts.

A nice feature is the one that allows you to connect with other users and duet together . Through the search icon searches can be carried out using hashtags or keywords; this function is often used to search for challenges, which are very fashionable and are recognized by the use of particular hashtags.

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