Download Instagram post: here’s how

How do you download Instagram post or download instagram video post also for app? Surely you have been asking for some time, but no one has ever explained to you in detail to sign how to do it.

Don’t worry, not everyone is ready to provide you with the right sources and in the correct way, because there are several courses in this regard.

Logically, we would never advise you to go out hundreds of euros to have you say the same things that you can find online completely free. Unfortunately, however, looking for the correct sites can be particularly difficult, which is why we have opened our blog dedicated to all the important tricks and notions on social networks.

As a result, we have decided to create posts dedicated to similar topics to help all those in difficulty. In particular, in this article, we will accompany you step by step towards what it is a very easy operation to perform but, at times, difficult to understand.

We are talking about the download post Instagram!

Download Instagram post or download instagram video post also for app. Do you think downloading Instagram posts is an impossible task? If you answered yes, know that – fortunately – you are very wrong!

In fact, using the right tools and knowing a few tricks, it can be done. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you! Let’s get started right away.

If you love the shots you share on your profile, you like the effect that comes out using filters, or you like the posts posted by others on instagram, you need to an app or program to download this content. For this it is necessary to understand how to download the Instagram post .

It is now clear to everyone, thanks to the wide range of effects and filters of all kinds and kinds made available by the grandiose app, the images we take become beautiful and artistic. Comparable to a professional shot. Precisely for this reason it becomes interesting to know how to download instagram posts, to be able to keep them, or share them with friends .

You must start with the perception that this operation is not not at all easy, in fact, in addition to having a function released by instagram itself, you can also take advantage of some applications to download photos with a few, simple, clicks. Furthermore, there are programs to download photos and content directly to your computer.

Here you are, the guide to learn how to download Instagram post .

Download post Instagram

Download Instagram post easily and safely

There are many reasons why you would like to download photos from Instagram. The first is related to your desire to make a backup of your profile. In addition, you can also use the downloaded content to make a video to show your friends to remind you of the good times and what you shared together .

You can then log in from your PC or from the official app installed on your smartphone and take advantage of the function made available by the platform itself.

If your desire is to download the Instagram post with your PC, it will be enough for you access the appropriate page and enter your page. Then just click on “Request download” and wait to receive the archive by mail .

So, to request the download post Instagram, directly on your Android or iOS smartphone, all you have to do is access the official application.

After that, you tap on the icon to access your personal account and then click on the now famous three dashes at the top right. In the menu, you will have to click on the gears, which represent the settings, and then you will search, among the items “Download data”.

The last action you will have to do is just that to leave your e-mail and request the sending of data. Once you have followed all the steps, all you have to do is access your e-mail and click on the link received from the system, so you can download the archive with your photos .

download instagram video post

App FastSave

From your smartphone or tablet, you can take advantage of the Fast Save for Instagram app , to be able to download all the photos and content published by each profile.

If you have an android device, all you have to do is search for the application on the PlayStore, even if for iOS unfortunately, this application has not yet been developed.

In reality, there is an almost identical application, right on the AppStore, which is QuickSave for Instagram.

download instagram post video

To use FastSave for Instagram you just need to follow a few simple steps. All the steps you will need to do are the following:

  • First of all, you will need to open the application
  • After that, just click on the Open item Instagram that will be in front of you
  • This way, you will have linked your app to your Instagram account so that you can see all the stories and posts of others
  • Then, proceed by moving the FastSave Service lever to On. This will speed up any type of download-related operation
  • Once you have downloaded the content, you will notice that in the device gallery it will open a new folder named Fast Save
  • Open it, and you will find inside it all the contents you downloaded!

Here is the procedure in a few minutes!

In a few minutes, you will have learned how to perform the download Instagram post! Nothing easier, right? But of course there are other, even faster methods.

When it comes to downloading Instagram posts , the first and easiest thing you can do is this: rely on dear old man. screenshot ! Quick and easy, this feature on your smartphone will help you get what you want in just a few seconds.

You can do the same thing from your personal PC, by accessing the web version of Instagram and taking a screenshot of the post ( use the Stamp key and then Ctrl + V on Paint).

You can also use the “Windows Snipping Tool”, or place the mouse on the photo, right-click and choose “Save image as”.

Download an Instagram post and print it

So you finally know how to download an Instagram post. By following our advice you can download the Instagram post with the aim of saving them in the gallery of your smartphone. In this way you can choose to print them and have creative photos as a souvenir unlike standard photos.

Having a photo album of your birthday but with special effects and filters can also be a nice gift idea for your partner, friend, sister or whoever it is. S open how to download an Instagram post as you can see can be useful for several reasons .

We all have a smartphone full of photos but we rarely go to print them. If we decide to do it, a nice idea would be to print the photos posted on Instagram because they are more original and creative .

Download an Instagram post and share it again on your personal profile

Have you ever want to download other people’s photos or videos? Surely you have seen some beautiful photos or videos that you would have liked to have on your profile . If you know how to download the Instagram post after downloading it, you can easily share it on your profile perhaps by tagging the owner.

In this way you will increase the visibility of your Instagram profile and by thanking the owner of the content you will give a hand to him too . If the owner of the content is well seen by Instagram users, your visibility can have an extra gear that takes strength from its notoriety.

You are now ready to download an Instagram photo

After reading this article you are all right to finally be able to download an Instagram post and decide what to do with it. S and if you have any doubts about it you can contact us and we will be happy to give you a quick answer and to present our services to increase the visibility of your Instagram profile .

With us you can buy followers, likes, comments, impressions, views… in short, everything that can really help your Instagram profile to be known and to create a network. Remember that investing in Instagram is a great choice because it is a free advertising tool that if you know how to operate it can make you earn quickly and safely .

That you want to promote yours company, your business, your profession or simply make yourself known as you are (because you love this social network) here you are in the right place at the right time. Read well what we have recommended, which apps to use and the methods to download Instagram posts from mobile and PC and that’s it !

Now you have no more excuses. Roll up your sleeves and get your profile off the ground with photos from other profiles posting quality content . We are here to help you grow your Instagram profile and offer you the best services related to social media marketing.

How to download a post with smartphone and pc

We are talking about how to download Instagram posts of videos and photos even with app.

Alternatively, you can use some apps on the Play Store: just search for “Instagram downloader”, to find many applications to download and use with ease. Finally, you can also find many free downloaders on your browser, thanks to which you can download the posts you have chosen directly to your PC. To download Instagram posts we suggest:


You will be able to find many others thanks to a simple Google search (always “Instagram downloader”). Most of them require you to go to the web version of Instagram. Then you will have to copy the URL of the post you want to download and paste it in the space provided by the downloader. Therefore, you just have to try them for downloading Instagram posts and find out which downloader is best for you. Once found, you can use it as many times as you like.

How can you download all your Instagram posts?

If you don’t care about other people’s posts, but want to know how to download video post instagram app, know that you can do it in an equally simple way. Let’s see immediately what are the steps to follow to download post Instagram video and more.

You will simply have to:

  • Go to the app,
  • Go to your profile,
  • Follow the path Settings> Security> Download data .

On this last page you can enter your email and tap or click on “ Request download ”. After that you will not have to do anything: it will be the same platform to send you everything that is yours! Within 48 hours you will receive an email with all the posts you have uploaded during your years on Instagram and you can keep them where and how you want. Also in this case, downloading Instagram posts will be the opposite of an undertaking !

How to download an Instagram post. Conclusions

In this short but detailed article we have discovered together how to download an Instagram post in different ways. It can be done from a mobile phone, with a screenshot, with third-party apps, but also from a computer.

Of course, these are not only the special functions of Instagram. Many people, in fact, might ask themselves how to repost or how to increase their visibility within social networks. In any case, however, it seems that downloading someone else’s content is one of the most popular questions of the moment.

On the other hand, how to blame users? Social media are born precisely to snoop around and learn the facts of others, at least for the average individual! Fortunately, however, there are many other reasons to download Instagram posts such as, for example, spying on your competitor and studying their publication strategies to beat the competition.

If in addition to downloading Instagram posts you are interested in knowing how to get more visibility on the social network , know that you can count on our help.

By connecting to the dedicated section here on our website web, you will be able to purchase low cost, but high quality increments, which will allow you to become popular faster than you might expect. As a matter of fact! Having said that, don’t limit yourself to simply downloading Instagram posts, but use the social network to make yourself known and followed by more and more people!

In this article we talked about download Instagram post or download instagram video post also for app.

To keep up to date on any news regarding Instagram and social media, you just have to take a peek to the other pages of our blog or visit our social channels!


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