Facebook algorithm 2018: what will change for pages

The news that the Facebook algorithm will change in 2018 has now reached everyone’s ears.

Surely there are those who are already tearing their hair, but there is no need to take it so tragically.

We assume that we cannot think that Facebook, like any other platform, can remain the same over time. We marketers should know this well, since much of our work is based on data analysis, to implement increasingly efficient improvements.

Having said that, let’s see what are the changes to the Facebook algorithm in 2018 and how to change our strategy on this social network.

1. Interactions between people will take precedence

If Mark had already announced the idea of ​​taking this path with the update of the Facebook Newsfeed , with the latest update of the Facebook we will see many more posts from our friends and the people we interact with appear on our feed than posts from the pages we follow.

But why this decision?

From the analysis of the economic data of the last quarter that Facebook published, it was noticed a decrease of 50 million hours every day, in the use of the blue giant by users, probably tired of being bombed by a million of posts trying to sell something and of low quality.

While Facebook’s advertising platform is second only to Google Adwords, on the other, real users are leaving and Mark has had to find a solution. No real users, no party. Let’s remember.

Without users, Facebook has no reason to exist, and if there’s no audience to show your ads to, it’s not even worth investing in. Facebook doesn’t want to get there, so it puts users first and companies second.

2. More attention to comments

We already knew that comments, such as shares and reactions, were going to affect the performance of our post or our advertisement, what changes is the weight of the type of interaction we receive.

To evaluate the involvement of users with content, Facebook decides to give greater weight to long, articulated comments which require a substantial commitment on the part of the user and therefore a genuine interest in the topic of that particular post.

So it is no longer only important to have a high engagement, but also a quality engagement.

3. Live Video

If until last year, Facebook was focusing on videos, this year the best performing videos become the live ones … and it’s not difficult to understand why.

algoritmo di facebook 2018

Live videos are engaging and extremely natural precisely because they are made live and without filters, cuts and modifications. The authenticity of the content is rewarded by users for its freshness, with real-time comments and immediate responses, which lead to timely user satisfaction.

At first glance, you would therefore want to include live videos as part of your strategy, but you shouldn’t rush too much.

4. The groups

With organic page reach declining, you’d almost expect this to happen for groups as well, but that’s not the case.

The posts of the groups to which we are subscribed will have no less visibility, mainly because the groups are made by people and not by companies and even if a group is owned by a company it is often a place where comparison makes as a master and therefore the level of engagement is very high.

Facebook 2018 algorithm: is it really that drastic for pages?

Now that we understand what the four big changes to the Facebook algorithm will be, let’s see what the consequences are for corporate Facebook pages.

There is no need to be alarmed, as already mentioned, Facebook is a machine always on the move, from which we must always expect changes and we must be ready to accept them, understand them and organize our work accordingly.

Surely the organic coverage of the posts of our pages will decrease, unless the work done previously has not allowed the creation of a very well profiled audience of fans, who constantly react with us, even without the need for any sponsorship. This, however, should not cause us to worry, but rather stimulate.

That’s right, stimulate.

Stimulate our creativity in creating more engaging and useful posts for our users and our desire to experiment with new formats.

Let’s talk about live video, for example, a format that you may have already tried, but which is not suitable for everyone. We have said that they will be one of the trends of 2018, but do we really need to equip ourselves with a camera, microphone and a great desire to appear, even if we do not know what to communicate? The answer is no.

If, on the other hand, the activity lends itself to this type of content, then it is appropriate to start devising a editorial plan that includes a series of live videos during the year, to support of the previously developed social media marketing strategy.

The same goes for groups.

The fact that the posts published within the groups reach more people organically does not mean that we must aim our strategy in that direction, especially if we do not have the sufficient resources to manage it.

In this regard, I refer you to a post by Veronica Gentili, about the advantages and disadvantages of opening a group on Facebook.

Facebook ads

I’d like to devote a separate paragraph to the question of Facebook campaigns.

Since the organic coverage of posts is destined to decline inexorably, I think it is really time to think about allocating a defined budget to the sponsorship of individual posts on the page, as well as for campaigns in dark, active throughout the year.

Many of my clients are skeptical when I propose to invest part of the budget to sponsor the posts of the page, because the ROI (return of investment) is difficult to monetize, when it comes to pure and simple engagement, but when, by investing that minimum necessary to make the page grow a bit, they start seeing comments, private messages, requests for information on products, etc., then they understand the real added value.

Also, always remember that you can create custom audiences based on the people who interact with the posts on your page and then create remarketing campaigns to show to users who already know you and who already they trust you and your product. In other words, an initial investment designed solely to increase the notoriety of your page, then creates the basis for sales campaigns that really work, because shown to the right people.


I think you’ve already figured out where I’m going.

I believe that the changes in Facebook’s algorithm in 2018 are not as drastic as many have led us to believe, but only a further step towards a different way of marketing.

We are simply witnessing a evolution of the platform , always.

I think quality content , be it a link, a photo or a video, performs well regardless of its format . Of course, you have to know how to adapt to changes and keep up with the times, but that does not mean that everything we have thought and created to date for our Facebook pages is wrong.

Furthermore, before thinking about a new social media marketing strategy, you need to deal with your resources and the materials available.

You can’t think of going for a walk in the mountains without pedestrians, to understand. What you can do is look for a path that is more suitable for you, less tiring, perhaps with a less incredible view, but that you can take to the end without being without soles and thinking about investing in a pair of shoes when you are ready.

And you?

And you, have you already thought about the changes to be made after this algorithm change? Share them with me and other readers in the comments, you could be an inspiration for someone!

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