Facebook announces limits on the number of active Ads per page

Last November Facebook told us that it would place a clear limit on the number of Ads a Company Page can publish.

Now, almost a year later, the platform provides all industry experts with clear regulation, distinguishing four categories of advertisers and specifying for each the maximum limit of Ads active at the same time .

And if that seems like a limitation, Facebook doesn’t see it that way at all. Indeed, this intervention seems to be aimed rather at maximizing the performance of your advertisements:

When an advertiser runs multiple ads at once, each ad runs less often. This means fewer ads get out of the learning phase, and more budget is spent before the publishing system can optimize its performance “.

The platform’s intervention, therefore, is aimed at improving ad performance, rather than placing “cruel” limitations on your advertising .

We have found that four out of ten running ads fail to get out of the learning phase , and many of these ads are from advertisers running too many ads at once. For this reason, we are implementing an ad limit that each Page can run at once “.

Facebook Ads, the new limits for advertisers

According to reports from the platform, the limitations on ads could become effective starting from the first months of 2021. The new limits range from from 250 to 20,000 ads per page , based on monthly spending plus high by the advertiser in the last 12 months.

If you manage the profile of a small and / or medium-sized company, and you have invested less than € 90 in your highest spending month, you can publish up to 250 ads on your Page at the same time.

By the same principle, if you find yourself managing advertising for an account that invests over € 8,000 in a month, then you can even run up to 20,000 ads at one time.

In any case, the table provided by Facebook is quite enlightening for advertisers and Social Media Marketing experts. And considering that February 2021 is the month in which the new restrictions will take effect, you still have enough time to study and optimize the advertising strategy on your Pages.

But as soon as the new limits are official, the platform will notify you through the “Ads management” section.

We know that the platform’s choice to limit spending may seem risky, but it is clear that it was made to increase investments rather than reduce them.

If your advertisements bring you greater results, Facebook is pretty sure you will return to investing. And perhaps even to invest more.

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