Facebook Audience Insights: how to use it and what it’s for

The Audience Insights Facebook tool was created to help us know our audience better. One of the biggest problems for marketers is precisely to identify your target audience in the best possible way, in fact, if we do not know our audience well, we can forget about creating effective advertising campaigns.

To support this text, there is the introductory phrase to the page of the Audience Insights of Facebook:

The more customer insights you have, the better you’re equipped to deliver meaningful messages to people.

Thanks to social media, brands have the opportunity to reach their target directly and therefore violate personalized messages or messages very close to what our audience expects.

How to use Facebook Audience Insights

To access the Facebook Audience Insights tool, you need to log into your Business Manager , the control panel for your ads provided for free by Facebook. In the drop-down menu you will have to select the item “Plan” (in English, while in Italian it is found under the item “tools”) and then choose “Audience Insights”, or you can reach it via the direct link .

Once in Facebook it will ask you to choose an audience to start from, but don’t feel obliged to select one of the two options, you can also skip it and take advantage of the data that is provided to you by Audience Insights anyway.

Audience Insights di Facebook

Once inside you will find a panel full of filters and buttons, which at first glance can be a little scary.

I know that the temptation to enter your Facebook page in the panel is great, in this way you may immediately find a detailed analysis of who is following you, but I’ll stop you right away. Unfortunately, if your page doesn’t have a substantial number of fans, the data won’t be enough to show you the graphs you crave so much, so you’ll have to carry on doing a, say, manual search.

First select the geographical area of your interest, then define the age range of your ideal audience and finally “play” with the interests, try to identify the topics that may interest the your target and the competitors they follow, a bit like you do when you need to identify a cold audience for your first campaigns on Facebook.

Once you have filled in all the fields, you will see a series of graphs appear on the screen, which now let’s get to know them together.

Facebook Audience Insights: How to Read Data

The data that Facebook’s Audience Insights provides you are divided into 3 sheets, in the first you find the demographic information of your audience, in the second the pages that appeal to the audience you have selected, in the third their origin and in the fourth some details about the use that these users make of the Facebook platform.

But let’s see them together.


This screen shows several graphs, the first is the simplest: it shows you the percentage of men and women, divided by age range, that populate your audience.

Audience Insights di Facebook

The graphs immediately following, on the other hand, show you what kind of education they have and if the users are in some relationship (obviously these data are not absolute, but they are based on the information that the users themselves have released to Facebook). / p>

The last graph shows you the type of occupation in percentage of the members of the selected audience, this too obviously in accordance with the data that Facebook has available.

Data on competitors and interests

This part of the data provided by Facebook’s Audience Insights is perhaps the most interesting of all, especially if you have to do a research and study of your ideal client. Here, in fact, Facebook shows the pages that people in your audience follow and their interests.

To give you a concrete example, analyzing my target (of which you too are a part who are reading this article and in which I think you will recognize yourself) I discover that Italians aged 27 and over follow the page by Ninja Marketing and Marco Montemagno, but the interests are varied: food, social, travel .. there is a bit of everything, this leads me to deduce that my target probably has a common interest in social media marketing, but comes from different backgrounds, such as food, travel and interior design.

Geographic data and public activity on the platform

I group these last two sections together because the data is easy to understand. In the first you find all the possible information about the place of origin of your audience and the spoken language, while in the second it becomes more interesting. Here, in fact, Facebook shows you the habits of your audience: how often they comment, when they often like, how often they click on the campaigns that appear on their feed, but also what type of device they use to browse ( extremely useful when you have to do a campaign, if you know that your audience engages more from mobile, you will do more campaigns for this device, for example).


Now I’m sure you understand the importance of Facebook’s Audience Insights in getting to know your audience better. You have to tinker with it a bit, certainly waste time analyzing different audiences, but once you have found the right target and identified the greatest interests and habits, that “lost” time will come back to you in terms of effectiveness. Your campaigns will go better and so will the posts on the page, because the more you know your audience, the better you can manage your communication.

You can make the best post in the world, but if the target isn’t right, you’re not going anywhere. Remember that.

Audience Insights di Facebook

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