Facebook Creator Studio: what is it and why should you use it?

The Facebook Creator Studio is a necessary tool for organizing, scheduling and publishing content on pages. Until recently, we were used to working on the corporate fan page bulletin board.

At most, external tools were used to schedule social posts. For example, you could use Hootsuite, still a point of reference for those who decide to work professionally on the management of the Facebook editorial calendar. But Zuckerberg took a step forward.

And he decided to give social media managers an advanced tool (hated by many) for managing the content on the different pages .

Why not delve into the topic? You probably use this tool too, so it will be useful to find out the details and features of the FCS.

What is the Facebook Creator Studio

It is a tool for the unique management of Facebook pages and Instagram accounts. Here you can find everything you need to publish any content and manage your professional presence on this social network. In summary, this Facebook Page Manager allows you to:

  • Monitor and exploit content.
  • Read and reply to messages.
  • Study page statistics.
  • Leverage Facebook audio collections .
  • Follow monetization on social.

In summary, here you have what it takes to manage your organic content strategy. While the Business Manager is addressed to the advertising , here you can activate video streams , upload clips, edit audio tracks, schedule posts and image carousels. In short, this is content marketing.

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How-to-log in and how it works

To enter this tool you can follow the facebook.com address or go to the single page and click on the tab of the same name . At the top left you will find the link to the Creator Studio, a solution that is suggested to you even before posting on the bulletin board if you want to program your article or video.

What are the main functions of this reality ? Why should you consider using the Facebook Creator Studio full time?

Publish a post

For sure this is one of the most anticipated and used features of the Facebook Creator Studio. To access the ability to launch, save or schedule posts on Facebook pages just follow the instructions on the home page . Here is a screenshot that shows you how to get around.

Pubblicare un post su Facebook creator studio

In the menu on the left you can choose the type of content you want to launch on the Facebook Fan Page and obviously decide between text post or images, video or live. There is also the option for cross-posting .

Audio content

Function that can only be used from a computer, but which remains among the great innovations introduced by Facebook Creator Studio. In this section, in fact, you will find music, soundtracks and audio effects for the uploaded videos.

Libreria contenuti audio

As you well know the quality of multimedia content is important to generate engagement and Facebook knows it well. This reality has every interest in keeping the public on its social platform.

But this is difficult if the video content is poorly curated. On the other hand, you can’t use proprietary music without paying royalties. Otherwise there is a copyright problem. the solution? Either create your own music or find and upload it from the Creator Studio library.

Managing messages

Another very interesting aspect: with Facebook Creator Studio you can work in one place all the private and direct messages of the company pages.

For sure this is one of the favorite features of community manager sector, since in this way you always have the conversations to face with customers, fans and potential lead .

Facebook Creator and Instagram

What can help you to positively evaluate the use of Facebook Creator Studio is the possibility of managing from this platform also the editorial work on this social network dedicated to images.

The reason? In this case you can upload content from PC to Instagram thanks to Facebook Creator Studio. And they can also be programmed or saved in drafts. The process is quite simple , you can find it here:

  • Enter the Creator Studio.
  • Enter the Instagram section.
  • Click on Create post.
  • Click on Instagram feed.
  • Select the account to post to.

Then add your content, a text and a visual (photo or video) that you want to insert. Remember that the caption has maximum 2200 characters available, 30 mentions and as many hashtag . The place is optional.

Obviously there are also other interesting functions than using the Creator Studio for Instagram (content library, statistics, publication on IGTV) but certainly the most interesting news is that proposed by the possibility of managing content directly from your PC or Mac computer.

Pros and cons of Creator Studio

News are not always accepted. Many have criticized the decision to move content management to this platform and are still looking for the possible advantages today. Why use Facebook Creator Studio? The benefits of this possibility are clear:

  • You have everything under control.
  • You can manage FB better.
  • There are new tools.
  • Speed ​​up various operations.

And then there is a basic choice made by Facebook that forces social media managers to use the tools found in the Creator Studio such as, for example, scheduling. of social posts.

Consequently, any negative sides of the platform such as difficulty in adapting and possible malfunctions take a back seat.

Facebook Creator Studio is a reality, it will increasingly become the main interlocutor for content management . So it pays to get used to it. And start taking advantage of this condition without hesitation.

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Do you use Facebook Creator Studio?

Let’s get to the evaluations. In your opinion is it a valid tool? Are you making the most of it to get the best results in terms of content marketing and Facebook updates ? Do you think it was better before?

Do you miss the old version of Fan Pages or do you prefer this solution? Evaluations are open: leave your idea in the comments, as always.

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