Facebook direct access: log in faster!

Facebook direct access: how to do it? This is the most direct and fastest way to access the famous social network: what is it? Quiet it is not a complicated thing, it is just a matter of entering your profile without having to enter your credentials every time.

You have read it everywhere, you have seen it to a your friend, but you don’t know how to replicate on your smartphone. Don’t worry, our guide is just to show you how to do it. Read on and you’ll find out!

This is not a magic and it doesn’t even depend on whether your friends have a more up-to-date application than yours. Actually, it’s simply a feature that’s been around for a while, both on the mobile and desktop versions.

accesso diretto a facebook

Facebook direct access: how does it work?

Facebook is the most downloaded and used social application in the world: users are billions and every day they share news, events, announcements and so on and so forth. We always go fast, and we browse the social network in empty moments.

Facebook direct access you allow us to enter directly on our profile without having to time to re-enter the credentials and remember the password, which is no small feat.

When you want to access an application, you have to enter your login data each time, such as username and password : our memory gets tired in the long run and forgets something. We have thousands of applications and apps, remembering everything is difficult.

facebook login accesso diretto

This guide will allow you to understand how to make Facebook direct access, without having to use the password and username, showing you the steps to log in with a single touch.

You will then have all the knowledge to implement quick access both on your mobile device and on the computer. This way, you will really save a lot of time.

Facebook direct access: enter with one touch

Facebook direct access: where to start? No great computer skills are required, on the contrary it is a very simple procedure: if you use the phone we recommend uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, to be fully sure that the operation is completed successfully.

Once we have uninstalled and reinstalled the application, click on the Facebook icon to perform the first access to the profile by entering the phone or email address, password and clicking on the Login button.

At this point you will see the following message: Save the login information, click on ok under the message that will appear informing you that from now on just click on the profile picture to access . It will no longer be necessary to type the password and we will have obtained the much agonized Facebook Direct Access.

Facebook direct access from PC

If you are using the computer, the first step we have to to do, is to logout : to exit your profile you have to click on the arrow icon pointing downwards and then select exit.

After logging out, log in to Facebook again by entering your usual credentials.

A message will appear asking you to memorize the password and you will have confirmation that from next time, just click on the image to access Fecbook.

To get Facebook direct access with a simple touch, just click OK, just below the message in the ‘notice.

From now on, when you log in to Facebook, the system will ask you to click on the profile picture and it will no longer be necessary to enter the credentials as before .

These changes can be deleted at any time.

Regardless of the device in use, whether it is phone or computer, to log in again with the password you have to remove the stored profile.

This quick access is done by clicking (or with a click if you have your mobile phone in your hand) on the X located at the top left of the box.

With Facebook direct access, entering the profile will be a game of guys, not only for you but for anyone who can access your smartphone in any way.

In fact, it is quite known that among the methods to spy on Facebook there is the banal Temporary “theft” of the phone: the attacker would only need a few minutes to be able to easily access the profile.

This especially if neither protection has been enabled lock screen or Facebook password.

Today many smartphones are equipped with many prevention measures, such as a fingerprint with which only you or whoever decides to authorize , you can log into the phone.

facebook accesso diretto login

Is Facebook direct access safe?

We often leave the phone unattended and anyone you can watch it, and just as often you are afraid of being spied on, for these reasons we renew the invitation to increase the protection of your device and your sensitive data.

To avoid For these problems, we recommend that you read our in-depth study on the best authentication apps for Android and iPhone.

Not everyone is a Facebook user, but there is is one of the most searched phrases on Google in Italy is “ log in as a visitor to Facebook without being registered: even those who are not registered cannot resist the temptation to peek at profiles of others, perhaps of an ex or his new flame, or of the one who thought he was the best in high school and now you want confirmation.

And then the spontaneous smile question: c How can we combine being curious with not wanting to join Facebook? Well, one way, if I have to tell you all, exists and is perfectly legal.

I n this article we will not show you any method contrary to the law, but we will talk about little-known tools that Facebook itself makes available to everyone.

Why use direct social login?

In addition to not having to memorize credentials and being able to quickly fill the dead times, Facebook direct access is a quick way to access your profile whenever you want in a few seconds.

Maybe a friend has sent a message, or has posted something very cool that you absolutely want to see, or is close to the end of 24 hours and you have not yet looked at the story of the character you like.

With Facebook direct access in a few moments you can do all this, perhaps while you are in the elevator or on a lunch break or are taking a walk.

A quick click and your social world will be open and at your disposal! How nice is life with technology huh?

Direct Facebook access in incognito mode

We come to the crucial point that is to access Facebook incognito and as a visitor. Many people want to log in without having an account to peek at people’s posts, look at company posts, or even be able to play a Facebook game.

A regardless of whether it is a personal or professional reason, you can log in incognito without anyone knowing that we have spied on your profile. Great for controlling exes, guaranteed!

First of all, it must be said that it is a mode of access, the incognito one, completely legal so don’t worry about anything. The only difference is that you cannot take advantage of all the functions that Facebook makes available to its registered users but I think you already know this .

For example, you cannot leave a like or you can not comment and many times the information of some accounts is obscured because the user has made it hidden and visible only to their accounts or registered people. If you want to interact where by necessity create a Facebook account .

work How do groups, profiles and pages with Facebook direct access in disguise

You can access the list of all people registered on Facebook by going to the official Facebook site and adding a slash followed by the word people; will open a screen with the letters of the alphabet and a text box where you can type the name of the Facebook account you are looking for. If you are lucky the information is made public to everyone and you can see the account .

As for the pages, the information is public as well as the posts and photos, given the commercial and business nature of the pages the default settings are these so you will have a high probability of viewing all the information that interests you about a Facebook page.

In this case you have to add to the domain official the slash followed by the word pages to see the list of published pages .

If you are interested in VIPs and famous people in general, the word to add to the domain is celebrities. The procedure is identical to those of the pages.

If you are looking for a specific person who is not famous, the situation is a bit more difficult because if you don’t know the profile link , a thousand possibilities will open to you. How to solve?

The easiest way in the world: by going to the profile page of mutual friends and looking for the person concerned. Social stalking always works, but be careful not to overdo it.

Access directly to incognito groups

Different speech is related to Facebook groups. In this case you cannot access the published posts because registration to the group is required and is reserved for Facebook account holders. I remind you that the group administrator can decide whether or not to accept your registration.

This is due to a question of internal group policies well defined in the description that is not always visible to non-subscribed users on Facebook. To access the groups you must add the word groups after the domain (always preceded by the slash).

In conclusion, what is the social login for?

If you are a user who uses the social network by entering credentials every time you log in, you will be tempted by the idea of ​​entering Facebook with direct access.

In practice, access Facebook immediately with a single tap , even more so if the procedure is easier than expected.

If you intend to proceed with this function by applying it to the App of your smartphone it is preferable, in order to have greater security of the success of the procedure, to delete the application and reinstall it from scratch.

Even if the platform is developed d to Facebook, however, has a separate life from this: who will use it will not have to force users to have an account on Facebook.

You can access it with the phone number and not with the usual password.

This is a very simple procedure that allows subscribers to use an SMS to login.

What does this new feature consist of? We will explain it to you immediately: if users have already logged in through the Facebook app for Android, the authentication will check if the phone number matches the one entered in the Facebook account.

If a match is found. login will be automatic without the need for the SMS code.

Direct Facebook login with multiple accounts on the device

Often many of us have multiple Facebook accounts: one maybe made at the beginning that we are sorry to close because it has contacts with people we like to hear from time to time, an official and sometimes a work one.

Access each one separately every time, it’s getting difficult: we can’t put the same password in for security, but remembering them all starts to get complicated.

No problem the solution exists, actually there are 3, let’s start to see them all!

  1. Direct Facebook access with multiple accounts : click on the 3 from the app linette at the top right and exit l profile. At this point, type in the password and username of the other account to log back in and repeat the procedure we saw earlier. In this way, changing profiles will be very fast!
  2. Download Facebook Lite : it is the same version of the social network, only lighter. In this way you can register two profiles on the same device and log in as explained in this guide.
  3. Log in via Google or the browser you use on your smartphone: you keep one profile available on the app and the other from the browser. For quick access, just go to the search page settings and click Add to home screen. By doing this you will have the direct link to your profile on the browser.

Login direct to Facebook: conclusions

In this guide we saw how to run FAcebook direct access, let’s recap what to do:

  • exit your profile
  • enter again following the instructions
  • for more profiles, register them all following the same procedure
  • click on the app to verify that everything is gone successful

Want to know more on Facebook? Follow the dedicated section of our blog.


Facebook accesso diretto: accedi più velocemente!

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