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Posting new content on Facebook is never easy. You definitely need creativity to do it, but that’s not all. You must know how to use emoticons and spaces correctly and be able to summarize in a few lines what you want to share with your users, trying to involve them by capturing their attention.

A painstaking work in managing your content, will bring to greater organic reach from your posts which will inevitably result in conversions. Whether your goal is to increase visits to your site or to sell a product online, little changes.

To express yourself at your best, it is also essential to stylize our text. To stylize, I intend to use italics for some words, or boldato to highlight a concept and naturally take care of punctuation. That’s why, in this short guide, I’ll try to give you the right notions to write bold on Facebook .

The operations to be performed are very simple and you can use this style both in posts than in messaging chats with your friends. But be careful, this function is not supported on Messenger and in Facebook chats from mobile, so keep in mind that when you use bold in this context, this may not work on the device that your interlocutor will use to view the message.

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Using bold in Facebook posts

First, let’s see how to insert the bold within a post . Unfortunately, there is no basic Facebook function that allows you to do this directly from the creation editor made available by the Social Network.

We will therefore have to use a third party service. All we need to do is convert our text into bold, copy and paste it into our post.

There are several online services that offer this possibility. In this guide we will analyze Bold Text Generator, a small, simple and free online tool made available by capitalizemytitle.com.

The procedure is really very simple. Just go to the site, enter the words in the input on the left of the screen, select the style you want and then copy the output. At this point you just have to go back to Facebook and paste it anywhere in your post.

Let’s see, in detail, the steps to take to insert bold in a post:

Simple right? In a few simple steps you will have made your content bold. The site also allows you to use other styles besides bold. Specifically, the options you have available are the following:

  • Bold
  • Small Text
  • Upside Down
  • Small Caps
  • Bubble
  • Backwards

Use bold in Facebook Chat

When chatting with someone Through Facebook’s desktop messaging system, you have the ability to easily stylize the text you enter. Consequently you can insert bold in chat . It is perfectly legal and easy to do, but there is no visual editor.

Facebook provides special codes that allow you to format the text within the chat. In order to insert the bold, in particular, in your text it must be found between the character asterisk , that is this *.

As I said in the preface , please note that text formatting is only visible from a computer and will not be displayed on the Messenger app on mobile devices.

Here is a series of commands that will allow you to better format the text in Facebook chats from the desktop:

  • _cursive text_ – Type a dash low before and after the text.
  • * bold text * – Type an asterisk before and after the text.
  • ~ Text ~ – Type a tilde before and after the text. (ALT + 126 key on the keyboard)

For the complete list, I invite you to consult the Facebook site at this link.

In the most recent versions of Facebook this method may no longer work, especially since the Facebook messaging system has completely passed under the management of Messenger. Don’t worry though, because there’s still the option to stylize the text.

Just use the same method we used for the posts, which is to use a third-party site like capitalizemytext.com to format the text and then paste it into the Messenger chat.

Here, then, are the steps you will need to take to insert the bold print on Messenger:


As we have seen, entering bold text and, in general, formatting text on Facebook is quite simple. In any case, I recommend that you not exceed too much in customizing a text.

Many times we make the mistake of wanting to insert graphic quirks in our posts. The massive use of formatting confuses the reader. The best thing to do is to use at most one type of formatting for each post and instead help yourself with the Emoji.

Facebook emoticons, in fact, help to simplify the concepts, create empathy between the reader and the person posting a content. They are easy to use and extremely youthful. Therefore, I recommend that you limit formatting, where not necessary, and increase the use of emojis within your posts.

In chats, however, the subject changes. You are free to use the formatting as you see fit, especially if you use messenger for communications with co-workers or colleagues. Bold can undoubtedly help emphasize some important concepts by quickly grabbing the reader’s attention.

If you know other ways to insert bold on Facebook, feel free to write them to me and I’ll be happy to add them to inside this short guide.

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