Facebook Pixel: what it is and how to use it for your campaigns

The Facebook Pixel is a strip of code that , inserted within your site, is able to monitor the accesses coming from Facebook and record their actions. A very powerful tool if you think about it.

A code that can spy on us and follow our every step on the web. A little disturbing, in some ways, but definitely fascinating for some others, if you think that this way, your Facebook campaigns will be more and more precise. Facebook’s primary purpose is to “get the right message to the right person”, honing more and more of their knowledge about our habits and showing us only things we are potentially interesting to.

This is marketing.

The study of your target is essential to be able to achieve any goal we have set ourselves. The Facebook Pixel is a valuable tool for the social media manager , for creating effective campaigns.

How to create the Facebook Pixel

To create the Facebook Pixel , you must first enter your Business Manager , open the drop-down menu and select “Pixel”, as you can see in the image.

facebook pixel cos'è

As soon as you enter, this screen will appear, which invites you to create the Pixel .


Once created, Facebook will ask you to install the pixel on your site or blog, in order to start tracking visits.

pixel di facebook come si crea

I advise you to choose the second option , the one highlighted, because, especially if you use wordpressa, there are many plugins that you can use, easily.

How to use the Facebook pixel for your campaigns

Once the pixel is installed, you can start creating well-targeted audiences for your campaigns. The closer an audience is to your buyer persona, the more likely your product will be sold.

The Facebook Pixel tells us a lot about users who are interested in our brand . It tells us the age, the origin, the pages they have visited, those they have abandoned, the device they have used and much more.

But what does it mean to create public profiles?

At the top left, just below the name you gave your pixel, you will find a button that says “Create audience”.

pixel di facebook - pubblici

At this point, you will have a drop-down menu in front of you, with all the possible monitoring options:

  • All visitors to the website
  • People who have visited specific web pages
  • Visitors by time spent
  • From your event
  • Page view
  • General event

Let’s stop for a moment on the first two options.

By choosing the first option, you will be able to monitor all users who for some reason have come to your site, from Facebook. In the second case, however, you have the option to go deeper. I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say I plan to do a Facebook sponsorship campaign on my consulting service. What interests me is to intercept people who have visited my site and who could potentially be interested in buying a consultation with me, for their Facebook page. How do I do it?

I create a custom audience of users who have visited the pages that talk about Social Media Marketing on my blog, then I create a second audience, to exclude the people who l ‘have already requested.

To create this type of audience, you will need to select the thank you page you created for your product as the specific page. All the people who have visited that page have already purchased your service and are probably not interested in buying it a second time, right now. By excluding this audience in the creation of the campaign, you avoid that it receives negative feedback, from users who have just purchased your service / product.

Using the Facebook tracking pixel is a way to get closer to your target, increasingly refining the audience to which you will show your ads. This, consequently, should lead you to have an increase in purchases and, therefore, in income.

If you still have doubts about the Facebook Pixel, its functioning or the installation process, feel free to write me or book a consultation directly.

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