Fire in Notre Dame: How to use the tragedy to increase followers on Instagram

4 techniques to create followers on Instagram and blog visitors using the fire in Notre Dame

I’ll tell you all this because I don’t want to crash.

I want you to understand that often, especially on news sites, people who write don’t care about the fact itself.

They have to create chatter, news and bring visitors to their channels to monetize.

In the immediate or future.

But you too, in your own small way, can exploit this phenomenon.

Unfortunately, we individually cannot do anything against this.

Do you know what you can do instead?

Ride this phenomenon that we cannot control and turn it in our favor.


I’ll explain 4 ways you can increase your Instagram followers, increase the visibility of your posts and even bring more visitors to your blog.

You will be impressed by how easy it is!

# 1 Post Instagram stories by entering the place of the incident

Very simple.

Take one of the photos that run on Google or repost a news page post just published on Instagram and write your thoughts about what happened.

We want to reach new audiences, right?

So we have to make sure that other people besides our friends see it.

How is this done?

By inserting a geotag!

Just go to the top right of the additional story options, select the location and search for Notre Dame .

I know you are wondering why this should work.

Many people, like you, are looking for news of what happened.

Photos, anecdotes.

But above all, people like real, real stories.

They could then pour into the place and see photos and stories of the people who have been there in the last few hours to join in their feelings.

And that’s where they’ll find your story and discover your profile!

# 2 Publish a post on your Instagram profile

People want you to take a stand on a tragedy like the fire in Notre Dame.

They are always looking for new information and gossip even if there is nothing more to say.

And you have to be there to give them what they want.

Take a nice picture of you in Notre Dame would be perfect.

Make an album.

Your photo is the first, the others are more tragic images taken by Google.

Write your thoughts and share your thoughts with the community.


Remember to enter the right hashtags.

But I’ll tell you about that in the next paragraph.

What result will you get?

People will interact more with your photo.

More likes, comments and the photo will go up in the hashtag searches and feeds of your followers.

It is a self-feeding process.

Looking for info on the subject, new people will discover you, see your profile and why not, start following you!

Here’s an example.

Post instagram su notre dame

@danrubin, a photographer I follow on Instagram, posted this photo last night after it happened.

It has received many more interactions than the other photos published in the last few days (of the last nine the maximum was around 3500 likes).


# 3 Use the right hashtags

Now you need to maximize your story views and posts as much as possible.


Using the right hashtags!

What are they?

They are the ones that have had the most posts on the subject in the last 24 hours.

In this case, I went into the Instagram hashtag search and typed Notre Dame in the search bar.

The first ones that appear are the most active at the moment.

Here they are!

hashtag notre dame instagramhashtag instagram

There are photos of the collapse of the spire, the fire of Notre Dame, etc.

All images and videos with very high emotional involvement.

Select a few and include them in your stories and posts.

And the dish is served.

# 4 Post an article on your blog

Do you have a blog?

Why not use this to bring in some extra visitors as well?

What you need to do is something very similar to what news organizations do.

Realize that there are a lot of people looking for information on Google on a new topic, so there aren’t that many competitors yet.

Find the word you would use to search for what happened.

Asking friends and family is also very useful.

At this point, write your own personal article about what happened, talking about it in relation to the topic of your blog.

That’s exactly what I did here!

Will this work?

In the next few days I will share the results of this experiment in the comments.

I will write you the views received at the blog post and the interactions below the contents of Instagram.

The fire in Notre Dame is just one of the many news events that can be used in this way.

I’m not here to judge its morality.

I just saw that many people use it on the web.

And not unscrupulous cynics.

But newspapers and online newspapers.

I’m interested in making you understand how it works and, why not, using it to increase your following.

It’s always good to have a few articles and thoughts that stand out from the crowd.

What do you think of the way the fire in Notre Dame was presented on social media and the media?

I await your response in the comments or share this post!

See you soon.

Firma - Monica Pirozzi

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