Fitness and nutrition: the Jen Selter case

Like every era, ours too has its favorite areas for someone’s name to start circulating and making itself known. often there are people who rise to prominence and become celebrities thanks to their image, a factor to which today a lot (too much?) attention is paid and which seems to get along particularly well with digital media.

It so happens that some people make certain physical attributes their strengths and manage to become real lifestyle promoters.
An example is the beautiful American athlete Jennifer Leigh Selter , known as Jen Selter , now twenty-seven, passionate and fitness expert, who seems to have staked everything on her particularly well-sculpted buttocks to achieve fame. What she did very well, so much so that in a few years she has conquered a prominent place among the “Internet celebrities”.

jen selter

Starting about ten years ago, first of all a rapid rise to notoriety through social media, as happens to many of the most well-known names today. From a very young age, sharing of Instagram photos of her amazing side B, then appearances in television programs, articles in the most famous international magazines, a great promotional campaign on digital media: this is how Jen Selter has conquered a disproportionate number of followers and around she recently became a celebrity in terms of fitness, as well as having climbed the list of the most desirable women in the world and, as many magazines have titled talking about her, having become the woman with the most famous butt on the net.

The fact is, today her name is among the best known in the field of body sculpting, considered the sexiest among fitness stars.
Obviously hers is a great commitment, and also a great encouragement to be motivated to achieve one’s goals; undoubtedly, then, from a professional point of view, an excellent example of effective use of social networks to make their way, gain public and consents.
“Health, Lifeslyle & Fitness”, we read on the home page of his personal website, in which Jen Selter welcomes users by offering a large number of different fitness paths to achieve different goals.

One of the sections to which particular emphasis is given is that relating to nutrition , with a rich range of information, explanations and detailed recipes, all because those who dream of having a perfect body like their can use the right diet.

According to Jen Selter, proper nutrition is an aspect that must never be neglected when you want to achieve good results in fitness.
Combine a hard workout with healthy cooking and balanced seems to be the winning combination. Avoid refined foods, consume often during the day small portions of foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins, choose natural foods, prefer fruit to complex sugars … It is only in this way that, according to the current “queen of fitness”, it can be obtained excellent physical shape with your daily workouts and make your body statuesque without the need for cosmetic surgery.

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