Flipboard 4.0: here’s what’s in the new version

Less than a year ago, I found myself writing a post about 2 latest Flipboard news , today, I find myself in front of a Flipboard 4.0 completely new and with really interesting news.

I had the opportunity to test it a bit in the last few days, following the launch of the new version, and here I am summarizing its new features. For someone like me who uses Flipboard in their social media marketing strategy , there could be a lot of advantages.

A more modern and fluid design

Let’s start with the design, with the visual impact that the platform has on the user. In my opinion, the organization of the contents is clearer , with a font with a little more character than the previous one and more suited to what Flipboard, in fact, is: an online magazine.


At the desktop level, almost nothing changes, except the menu at the top (customizable) which sees the section “explore” disappear , which we liked so much, and the “Following” section, which contained updates from the people and magazines we chose to follow.

flipboard-4-novitaWhat we find now, are essentially two items: “Cover” and “Select an interest” . The first of the two items has remained identical to the previous version of Flipboard, here the platform groups all the top topics of your interest, not necessarily of people you follow. The second, on the other hand, is a drop-down menu, which has the following interests:

  • news
  • technology
  • design
  • photography
  • business
  • sports
  • style
  • sports
  • travel
  • gastronomy
  • music
  • video
  • video games
  • engines
  • science
  • home
  • celebrities

These categories are nothing more than the ink that refer to the magazines that Flipboard itself creates , based on the topics and magazines with the most engagement (hearts, flip and comments) and with more followers.

Although I still don’t understand how the sources from which these mega-magazines collect the content are selected, I think I’m not that far from the truth with this assumption.

By clicking on one or more of these interests, these magazines will be added to your personal menu , between the item “Cover” and the item “Choose an interest”.


Since you no longer have the Following section, everything you decide to follow, which goes beyond the magazines created by Flipboard itself and the news on the cover, must be added to the menu like this:

  • search through the magnifying glass for the topic of your interest, for example “where to eat at” (Flipboard will show me all the contents that contain this sentence)
  • Click on “Follow”
  • by clicking on the 3 dots next to “follow” you can add this section to your menu (see photo).

Your menu bar can contain up to a maximum of 9 interests.


The mobile version has seen a few more changes, but that was no surprise, since this platform was born as an app and was primarily designed to be used via mobile.

The graphics are much tidier , the featured magazine covers no longer cover the entire screen, but allow lateral scrolling (just to move between the different menus). The method of scrolling news does not change, just “browse” the online magazine from bottom to top to change the article.


The “Select an interest” section differs from the desktop one, with the addition of an item “Or customize”, which replaces the magnifying glass (which notoriously indicates the search) that we find, instead, using Flipboard from PC.



I want to dedicate a small paragraph to this section, because it is one of the real innovations of this Flipboard 4.0.

Clicking on it, Flipboard gives us 3 possibilities:

  • To read specific sources (combine blogs, twitter feeds or other)
  • To share in a group (invite colleagues, friends and family)
  • To collect (collect and save items for you and your followers)


In all three cases, Flipboard prompts you to open a magazine , which you will customize with a name and description, as usual. Then you can decide to share it with whoever you want and create a multi-author magazine , where you and your collaborators can share content that is of interest to your business, but you can also create it with a group of friends, a magazine where you can share updates about cooking recipes or the latest in technology.

The profile

Not much has changed in terms of graphics, the profile always presents its 5 sections (Flip, Magazines, Appreciation, Following and Followers), this in the desktop version, because in the mobile version, instead, the one linked to Followers disappears (which is really a shame).


The name is more prominent, in bold, which makes it it goes even less unnoticed , especially to potential new followers of your magazines.

Under the “Following” section you will find everything you follow, from magazines, to hashtags, to people, etc.

The new edition of Flipboard is organized around your interests

This is what the title of the article published on the Flipboard blog says, presenting the new version of the platform, but what does it mean? Wasn’t it previously focused on our interests anyway? Let’s see what has changed.

As Google and Facebook are already doing, Flipboard has also devised an ‘artificial intelligence capable of identifying true and false news , how? Based on clicks, the time the user stays on the page, the number of likes and flips.

In other words, Flipboard observes our behaviors, what we click and what we don’t, what we mirror and what we don’t, what we read and what we don’t, and based on that, it tries to provide us with more and more personalized and precise experience on its platform.

In conclusion

I personally like the new version of the platform a lot, it maintains its simplicity and immediacy. I am only surprised that he has not put his hand to the statistics, which I still find a bit inaccurate and in-depth.

What do you think? Have you got to use Flipboard 4.0?

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