Food Blogger: what is it, what does it do, how to become one?

The food blogger sector concerns communication linked to food, recipes and the experience of good food: the passion for gastronomy is communicated through social tools. And not only with the blog .

Although the name suggests the use of a tool such as WordPress, Tumblr or Blogspot, today those involved in food blogging can also use a simple Instagram or Twitter account. Why is all this happening?

Simple, there is a real evolution of the communicative universe on the social web. Today the concept of blogging is no longer linked only to the presence of a website with an online diary. Blogger is also that person who uses images or videos to communicate their point of view and in this perspective the food sector offers dozens of ideas.

That’s why it’s even more important today to understand what a food blogger is and what they really do. And maybe we can also trace a little guide to understand how to be successful in this sector so coveted, loved but also inflated and difficult to intercept.

What is a food blogger: definition

This is a person who transforms his passion for gastronomy into an online communicative activity . Usually an online platform such as WordPress is used to create a website with articles that address the various themes (recipes, experiences in the various restaurants, itineraries).

This, however, is not a constricting step: today instagrammers and youtubers are also defined as protagonists of the food blogging world.

Cos'è un food blogger: definizione

The common thread that identifies the people who are part of this world concerns the ability to describe a culinary experience through a perspective personal and independent.

So not tied to a publisher. And here’s what could be the difference with a classic journalist or food critic . The food blogger is independent, he independently decides what to write.

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Why does food blogging work?

It is considered an excellent tool for digital marketing. In addition, the protagonists of this sector can address a specific theme :

  • That interests everyone (more or less).
  • Linked to economic experiences.
  • Suitable for all economic needs.
  • Able to thrill those who talk about it.

Food is one of the most popular topics. The theme of gastronomy has always been addressed in the media of the historical period and social networks are just the umpteenth extension that is used by experts to give knowledge. Except that previously this possibility was reserved only for the privileged.

Today everyone can become a food blogger, all you need is an idea and a minimum of competence. So companies notice you and you can start making money online. But is it that easy? Not really, here’s what you need to know.

What does a food blogger do?

Brief answer: communicate your point of view through visuals and text published on the various social web platforms, such as a personal or corporate blog or a Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter account.

This is the overall vision, the food blogger has a number of responsibilities to respect in order to achieve his goal . In the first place he must define the latter: what does he want to achieve from his commitment?

What are the points of arrival to be satisfied? I would say that at the base there is the need to transform one’s passion into a job. So get paid to describe your opinion of certain dishes.

When people ask me what the food blogger does, I also think about this passage. What exactly does a food blogger do when they post? Makes a clear decision about the topic you want to address.

But also the niche to be guarded. Because I believe that the idea of ​​abandoning a complete and compact approach towards the idea of ​​being able to deal with cooking in all its areas as a food blogger is now peaceful.

Then there is the actual communication activity. The food blogger takes photos, records videos and writes articles or captions (captions on Instagram) about his culinary experiences. Do we want to say it without fear?

Today food blogging is multi-channel and cannot ignore the visual storytelling that you can (and must) do on YouTube and Instagram. The kitchen also asks for this to emerge on the web.

On the other hand, how best to communicate a tutorial to prepare your recipe or the pleasure of being in front of a dish prepared with skill? Without visual there is no food blogging , this is an essential point.

Travel blogger and food blogger

Are they the same thing? In theory, no, they represent two separate worlds but in practice these universes often merge.

The travel blogger – a person who talks about travel experiences through social media – can also be food blogger and vice versa . Because narrating one’s activities while traveling also means narrating different cuisines, dishes and flavors. But always interesting for your audience.

How and how much you earn?

A sore point that, however, needs a clear and straightforward paragraph. How much does a food blogger make? Nobody knows , or rather: difficult to get a real estimate, there are no rates or basic prices.

It is better to underline the means available to the food blogger to monetize their business . How do you make money in these cases?

  • Promote products and services of companies.
  • Write and publish for other activities.
  • Add ADV on the website or blog ( AdSense ).
  • Working with Amazon-like affiliations.

Here are four ways to make money online as a food blogger. The most coveted: make sure that your name is added to the lists of the main influencer for a particular sector. In this way, companies that produce kitchen tools or culinary products choose you as a reference point to make inroads into a particular community.

It’s not easy to work like this, that’s why it can be useful at first to start rounding with a little display ADV and banner object.

Without forgetting the possibility of following the affiliations sector which can make a lot of money if you work well on market niches.

Finally, the last option: you get noticed as a content creator and get hired – as an employee or freelance – to work as a full-time food blogger . Maybe for a restaurant, a hotel or a web agency.

How to become a food blogger

The way forward, in these cases, is never outlined and clear a priori. There can be dozens of conditions that allow you to become a food blogger, a lot depends on the medium you want to use to communicate:

  • Blog.
  • YouTube.
  • Twitter.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Pinterest.

In principle you can think of a multi-channel approach (without exaggerating) but it is also right to identify a single path to take up this profession. So, how to become a food blogger ? And most importantly, how to find the right direction to be successful?

Create your universe of content

Do you want to do food blogging with WordPress? Buy domain e hosting , maybe a professional theme and start writing your content trying to intercept the needs of the public with a good job of keyword research . To this garrison you can associate an Instagram account and a Facebook page, two indispensable entities together with Twitter.

But is blogging essential to being a food blogger ? No, but from my point of view it still represents a presence not to be ignored.

Find a niche

You can’t jump into such a large universe, or at least I don’t recommend it. The first step to start your career as a food blogger is this: identify a sector that is not too inflated and competitive.

Clearly today it is difficult to find , but the profitable niche is the one that allows you to avoid direct confrontation with the big players.

Find an industry that interests you but is secondary, less mainstream and more specific. Like the cuisine of a specific region or the dietary one for those who do a specific sport, such as running. This will bring you less income , you will earn less but it will be easier to emerge quickly.

Focus on continuity

Don’t expect to achieve great results with a month of publications. And not even with a year. The work of food blogger is made of continuity, as happens in all sectors. The same goes for travel bloggers and book reviewers, not to mention tech bloggers.

What to do in these cases? Create an editorial calendar and take care of the publications with painstaking attention. Identify the trends to ride, define titles or hashtag based on the type of medium used and above all define a constant publication pace . Always trying to acquire a unique, recognizable style. Copying who has already started is useless.

Publish visual content

This is a point that I have already emphasized but that cannot and must not overshadow. If you want to be successful as a food blogger you have to find the key to personalizing your online communication with the visual. And it’s not just about using apps to write on images.

ottimizzare le immagini che condividi sui social

You must have the right equipment – maybe even a small multimedia studio – to record videos, take photos and tell what you prepare in the kitchen through a work of visual storytelling.

Connect with the audience

The fundamental advice for those who want to become a food blogger: never forget to feed the community. Because your audience will make the difference: people will choose your recipes .

And they will do it because you will be able to give something unique, an extra touch to the combination of ingredients. But also a useful comparison in the comments.

Never skimp on this front: if you want to become a successful food blogger you have to be ready or ready to give your readers the best.

Examples of famous-food-bloggers

You want some ideas to follow to get clear references. I have already said that copying from others , in food blogging but in any other sector, is to be avoided. But that doesn’t mean ignoring the ideas that can come from looking at the work of the best food bloggers.

Marco Bianchi

marco bianchi

Let’s start the list of the best Italian food bloggers by citing the Facebook page of Marco Bianchi, loved by those looking for a healthy approach to cooking. Can we prepare good and light dishes? Sure, and this is a classic example of carefully studied targeting.


food blogger misya

Historical name of food blogging in Italy. It is probably the blog that has managed to summarize, better than others, passion for cooking and effective communication. With the right attention to the technical aspect. In fact, his blog is always well positioned for Google searches.



Another very interesting Facebook page to follow to learn the cooking secrets of Mauro and Antonio of 55Winston55, already present on YouTube as bloggers and active on the front of quality cuisine.

Chiara Maci

food blogger Chiara Maci

You can also find it on the internet under its nickname chiaraincucina . It is characterized by a fresh and innovative style, able to combine cooking recipes with lifestyle and travel . Which is a topic dear to food bloggers.

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Do you want to become-food blogger?

Great, it’s a good place to start – you already have a clear idea of ​​your future career. now you just have to roll up your sleeves and curate your community to tackle one of the web’s most important (and enjoyable) topics. If you have questions and curiosities, leave them in the comments, as always.

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