From karaoke to TikTok: why is singing short excerpts of famous songs so successful among young tiktokers?

TikTok is one of those social networks that leave some people very, very perplexed, while others get completely hooked. They open the app and in an instant two hours have gone by, including ballet videos, challenges and karaoke moments. It is these karaoke videos that have the greatest success . Excerpts of famous singer songs from small and big talents.

Anyone who loves music and has a good voice loves karaoke. It is a spontaneous and uncontrollable reaction, that of always singing. At the time of its birth, when Tiktok was still known as , it was a platform dedicated to talents and in particular to karaoke singers. The application has changed since its inception and now in the video sharing social network there is a bit of space for everything, but karaoke style videos continue to be a huge success.

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Passion for karaoke is nothing new. Over the years it has had some success and, especially in Asian countries, the karaoke evening is one of the greatest possible entertainment. Those who want to be more than just a spectator have the opportunity to go up on stage and show off, exhibit their talent or simply have fun in front of an audience. Finally, all those tests done in the shower with the shampoo bottle in hand make sense. According to some theories that come from the land of the Rising Sun, karaoke is such a pleasant practice that it can be addictive, but it is an addiction that has only positive implications. Singing karaoke would indeed be an excellent antidepressant. A perfect pastime for relieving tension, relieving stress, improving breathing and burning calories. Because when you sing it is inevitable to accompany the performance with a coordinated ballet.

The benefits of karaoke may partly explain its success on social media, coupled with the fact that using the karaoke feature on TikTok is a really simple thing to do. Users have a truly extensive music library with which indulge yourself. But its strength is to allow you to put your talent into play and also, above all, the possibility of becoming famous for your own musical performances. Don’t wait to be discovered by who knows what great producer, participate in millions of auditions for talent shows or television programs. If you are talented, social media rewards you, no ifs and buts.

TikTok becomes a real chance for musicians to make themselves known, grow their community, become famous and earn. There are tons of examples of artists who rose to fame overnight, simply because their Tik Tok video went viral.

And if you want to make sure you are successful and seen by as many people as possible, the best way is to use one of the most popular songs of the moment on the app. The power of Tik Tok is so extensive that some of the songs that become Hit owe it to the popularity they reach on the social network. There is no doubt that TikTok is an incredible booster for music and future young singers.

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